Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Retirement to Leroy Hawkes who worked 38 years at the Plumstean Inn

What makes Media, Pa so special are the ones in this community who make it that way.  Many fill those roles on all different levels, but this month we're losing one to a well deserved retirement.  You might know this man from his very popular music performances, but Leroy Hawkes is officially retiring after 38 years from the Plumstead Inn.  That also retires the local mystery of why you couldn't get a Plumstead cheesesteak with hot peppers when Leroy was in the kitchen.  I bet you didn't know that.

What some would call a controversial measure, and at times often debated, Leroy did not want hot peppers to alter the taste of other dishes he prepared on the grill. Believe me, it took a full sit down to talk through and understand what was a Media myth for many years, but it made a lot of sense.  This is an example of what makes Leroy who he is.  His authenticity, passion, heart and soul are the personal touches that made his food and music so enjoyable.  He'll be greatly missed as he makes plans to move to Delaware to continue his very successful music career.

This Tuesday at around 3pm, Leroy will be shedding his apron one last time.  If you're in Media, c'mon down to see Leroy off and find out if  hot peppers and cheesesteaks will return in harmony to the Plumstead Inn!  Either-way, thanks, Leroy for your many years of service that made the Plumstead Inn an all time favorite!  I'm sure there will be quite a crowd Tuesday afternoon!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Remember when the Wild West was as close as Glen Mills? Long Horn Ranch!

If you were lucky enough as a kid to have your birthday here along with other family celebrations, you were on top of the world.  If not, at least on top of the life sized plastic bull they had at the entrance.  The restaurant was "Texas" size huge.   It was only a few miles away from Media located in Glen Mills on route 1, but back then in the 70's it seemed like the gateway to the wild west.  Heck, they even wore cowboy hats and carried six-shooter cap guns.

It was the best ever and one of my all time favorites!  Here's some archived photos and a menu from 1966 that was recently sold at an auction in 2013. Check out those prices!!!!!!

Guess what Media's Food Bank got for Christmas?

Coming off a stellar food drive this Thanksgiving with the help of Nativity BVM CYO and PREP, Media's Food Bank brought in 311 frozen turkeys and A LOT of other food items.  That might have been a great haul by any record, but the same team came out again and did another holiday drive this month for food, toys and clothing.

The bountiful efforts of Tim Broadhurst who led this organization created a challenging problem of just where to store all this food, especially the refrigerated and frozen variety.  Well, no sooner did that challenge present itself, did a solution quickly follow!  

Ladies and Gentlemen, Christmas came a little early for the food bank this year with Tim and his crew donating a commercial sized fridge to help store all the donated food! WOW!!!

Here's Paul and Tim trying it on for size!!!

Sligo Ribbon Cutting for new location in Glen Mills



Media, PA – December 18, 2014 – Sligo Pub & Restaurant celebrated the official opening of its new Glen Mills location with a ribbon cutting ceremony, tours, and a special toast.

Ed Lawlor, successful Media businessman and restaurateur, recently opened the doors to the second location at Concordville Town Centre.

Lawlor was joined by local dignitaries, his friends, dedicated staff, and Sligo regulars who are all celebrating his success. 

Special Guests included:

Colleen Marrone; Delaware County Council

Tore Fiore; Executive Director, Delaware County’s Brandywine Conference and Visitors Bureau

Kevin O’Donoghue; Concord Township Board of Supervisors

Sligo is a popular eatery and gathering spot – the original opened in 2005 in Media and has become one of the Borough’s greatest hotspots for family dining, live entertainment, and fun times with friends and family.

It’s just three months ‘til St. Paddy’s Day!  Stay tuned!


Photo Caption (L to R): Tanya Blair, Sligo Staff; Colleen Marrone, Delaware County Council; Kevin O’Donoghue, Concord Twp. Board of Supervisors; Ed Lawlor, Sligo Owner; Tore Fiore, Exec. Dir. Brandywine Conference & Visitors Bureau; Jennifer Wolfrom, Sligo Staff

Site Plan for Jefferson Square in Media

Here's a recent site plan showing the layout of the homes being built at Jefferson Square (location: Edgemont and Jefferson Streets).  It looks like this will be done in a few phases with the first phase including units 9 thru 20, which will be built parallel to Jefferson Street.

Pricing, floor-plans, standard features and amenities are expected to updated on their website in the next few weeks.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Houtman Park gets welcomed make-over

If you've been following the project at Houtman Park, you'll know it's shaping up to be a very nice setting with the recent construction work.  I had a chance to get down there over the weekend to see that this isn't just a clean-up, but a full-fledge makeover of the entire park.

Check out the pictures of what appears to be an overlook, bridge, a new sidewalk and ample amounts of well used space that is tastefully landscaped.  I like it, and hope it gets used.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Jefferson Square at Media

Things are coming together quite quickly at the corner of Edgemont and Jefferson Streets with what will be called Jefferson Square.  It's being advertised as "Downtown Luxury Living" with 26 townhomes being built at the location.  Here's a screen shot from the website that shows a nice, but yet tall look for these dwellings.  No floor plans yet, but these are expected to sell around $400,000 range.

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes has been off the grid for the last few weeks because I've been off the grid.  In fact, I've been working on a whole new project over the last few months that deals with wind and solar power and to a lesser extent, livable sustainability.  During that time I've been traveling to Annapolis, MD to get this setup and ready for the spring. 
No, I haven't become a prepper, but more of a new hobby I think may provide enough content for a whole new blog with more video production(as if I have time for that...). But the more important part, is the fun involved.   If you're in to that kind of stuff,  and I really wish Media did more to promote this, you can check out the video below of some of the neat equipment out there and how people are using it.  My setup is more marine grade, but this is a pretty cool company whose products I like -

Citizens Bank in Media Robbed
This was the big news this week as we had an armed robbery of Citizens bank on Baltimore Ave.  I haven't heard any further updates since the robbery happened, but I do know this: Media and county police enforcement do a great job at tracking this stuff down while keeping everyone safe.  I had no idea how hard they work and the danger they face until I listened to a scanner for a week.  Media is pretty quiet, but there are a lot of burglaries, robberies, fires, assaults and almost anything else you can think of that I never knew happened and not reported in the local paper.

Riddle Memorial Hospital Time Capsule
If you missed it, it was quite thrilling to watch the Facebook video Riddle Hospital released revealing the contents of time capsule they found recently.  You can watch that here.

Rehoric House Tea Tour - Today 1pm - 4pm
If you haven't yet caught that Christmas spirit, then head on over to the Rehoric House Tea Tour that will help you catch it.  Monika certianly has a knack for this stuff and I think you'll agree it's one of the nicest decorated holiday houses in town.  Also, the $15 contribution goes to help the Media Food Bank, so now you have two reason to go!

Holiday Outreach for those less fortunate
Mark you calendars for Monday, December 15th 6pm to 7:15pm as the Nativity BVM CYO and Prep will be collecting food, toys and lightly used clothing for a host of families who are in need.  They make it easy, you just drive up to Gayley and Jefferson Streets with what you have and they unload the car for you.  This was a brilliant idea for the last November's turkey drive.

Media Lions Club - Santa Visit
Nice to hear there was a good turn-out for the Media Lions Club who held a "Meet Santa" event at the Media VFW.   This group along with the VFW does a lot for the community so I'm always happy to help them promote their events.  Nice Job!

Here's something to get you the Christmas Spirit
When I was told about this house, I didn't believe it.  Here's a quick video of a house in Upper Providence that is quite an eye opener.

Zoning Hearing for West End of Media
I just heard this on Friday, but people over by the west end of Media by State Street have recieved a letter regarding a zoning hearing towards development in that area.  I suspect that may entail the housing proposed for the property where the old dive shop is, but I'll have to get that confirmed.  It's looking like 2015 will be a busy year.

Media Wawa
What is going on the fourth year, I finally thought a decision would be made on the outcome of the Media Wawa proposed at the Rt 252 and Baltimore Ave.  Having been to the Media Zoning hearing on December 4th for a few minutes, I'm not so confident this will be decided any time soon.

Despite Media Borough Council voting in favor of 5-2 in not sending the solicitor to obstruct the applicants variance at the zoning hearing, the Vice President of borough council seemed to have other ideas and sent out a personal letter opposing Wawa's applicant.  Some of you may have received it.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Nativity BVM's CYO and PREP are collecting food, clothes and toys Monday, Dec 15th 6 to 7:15pm

Nativity BVM's CYO and PREP are collecting food, clothes and toys to assist families in need. No need to park, just pull up and drop off Monday, December 15th from 6 to 7:15pm.

Video highlights reveals the contents of a recently found time capsule at Riddle Hospital.

Video highlights reveals the contents of a recently found time capsule at Riddle Hospital.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Victorian Holiday Tea and Tour in Media, PA - Sunday, December 14, 2014

If you’re able to fit one more Christmas party into your schedule, I can honestly say you want to consider this one which is happening at the Rehoric House on Sunday, December 14th.  This is being hosted Monika Rehoric who you may remember organized last month’s Santa Parade.   In addition to the great food and traditional victorian setting, you may even be lucky enough to enjoy a seasonal taste of gluhwein, which is some of the best I’ve ever had. 

A donation of $15 is requested and will go to helping the Media Food Bank.  

Victorian Holiday Tea and Tour

Sunday, December 14, 2014

1:00 – 4:00pm

Come join us for a Victorian Holiday Tea and Tour

in one of Media’s Holiday Decorated Victorian homes

116 North Lemon Street, Media, PA

All proceeds to benefit 1st United Methodist Church  Outreach Programs

Tickets are $15.00

Kenny’s Flower Shoppe /610-566-6162

 1st United Methodist Church Office / 610-566-3172

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

((((( BREAKING ))))) Media Police seeking two men in armed robbery up of Citizens Ban. Last seen fleeing on foot by Franklin Street.

Update as of 12/11 6:41am;
Media Police are looking for two men wanted for the armed robbery of the Citizens Bank yesterday. The Deloctimes provides a full report of the incident.

Update as of 6:31pm:

No news yet on today's bank robbery at Citizens Bank in Media, as reported by the Daily Times, though the Media branch has posted the following closure notice which could be seen on their front door as of 5:30pm this evening.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

((((( Community Alert ))))) Important Update from Nether Providence PD

For more information and updates, check out Nether Providence PD on Facebook

Big Game Tonight as Penncrest Boys Basketball takes on Lower Merion at Penncrest. Game starts at 7:15pm

All Things Media PA will be streaming live tonight's Penncrest Boys basketball game against Lower Merion. Game is at Penncrest and starts at 7:15pm. The dance team and Penncrest drum line will also be performing during the game. GO LIONS!

The Penncrest Dawg Pound is calling for a Whiteout, so dress appropriately.