Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tech Week is coming to Media next Thursday (May 5th) and here's what that's all about.

A great way to inform Media of community projects and development

Communicating with the public on current and upcoming projects is an important part of keeping the community informed.  It may not seem like much and easily overlooked, but timely updates and where to find them go a long way towards clearing up confusion.  It also helps with convenience and safety.

Here's a great example of what Philadelphia does for such issues.  I would recommend Media and/or developers currently beginning projects, provide a similar method to notify residents and businesses.

Three locations come to mind: Third Street Bridge, New Wawa (Providence Rd and Baltimore Ave.) West End Flats/Walk.

A great way to inform the public of community projects and development (minus the graffiti).

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Restaurant Coming to Media, PA

Preparations are underway to bring Media's newest restaurant to State Street. No official word yet, but it's believed to be Chinese cuisine.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The former Media McDonald's is knocked down

As expected, down goes the building that was formerly known as Media's McDonald's on Baltimore Ave. It's not clear yet, what if anything, will occupy the space. Might not be a bad place for the Media farmers market.

Voting Locations in Media, PA

New to Media and not sure where to vote? Here are the locations and precinct boundaries. 
Polls are open from 7am to 8pm.

Heroin Drug Bust in Media, PA

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Parking Meters on State Street
What happened to the ability to use your credit/debit card to pay the parking meters on State Street?  I was curious to find that the meter I tried no longer accepts them (i.e. it doesn't register the card), as did the 4 other meters I tried.

As process would dictate, I then tried to open a ticket with Media's incident management site, Public Stuff.  That's not working or accepting new incidents either.

Media's Starbucks Moving to a bigger location?
Don't be surprised to hear that Starbucks might quietly be looking for a new, bigger location here in Media.   Maybe even one with a drive-thru.

Lukoil on the corner of Baltimore Ave and Providence Road may be packing it in with the upcoming launch of the the Wawa (Dec 2016) just across the street.  What better place than to have a Starbucks with a brand new building on the site of the current Lukoil gas station.

Urbanization coming to Media.
When I saw this video last week of a conceptual overview of West End Flats, I noticed a name I hadn't seen before - BET Investments.  I find that interesting as they are the group that is also doing the development of Granite Run Mall.

I've heard good things about BET, but don't know why I haven't seen their name mentioned before about West End Flats.

Media's Farmers Market.
Apparently it's just not Pinocchio's restaurant that wants the Media Farmers Market moved, it's as many as five other businesses and the Media Business Authority who want it moved too.  So what does council president Brian Hall do at last Thursday's council meeting?  He decides to do nothing and let it stay where it is and have the same people oversee it that led to the initial allegations of unfair business practices, parking issues, traffic hazards, food trucks, public urination in yards and other unsanitary issues. 

I'll have more about this later in the week.  I'm also reviewing a financial report that I believe might be of interest too.  

ATM Helping the Community
Thanks to those who submit events and announcements they want posted on ATMpa.  Even though thousands of people run through this site weekly, it's not about money - I make $0.00.  I do it for the interest of the town.  So if there's something I can do to help, please feel free to reach out.

Laxapalooza is Coming!

Penncrest 2014 State Champs

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Popular Restaurant Owner Requests Media's Farmer Market be Moved. Citing: unfair business practices, parking issues, traffic hazards, food trucks, public urination and other unsanitary issues.

Councilwoman, Amy Johnson fails to address complaints (i.e. public urination) about Media's Farmers Market
At last month's (March) Borough Council meeting the owner of Pinocchio's restaurant addressed council on complaints against the Media Farmers Market.  He cited: unfair business practices, parking issues, traffic hazards, food trucks, public urination in yards and other unsanitary issues.  He requested it be moved to the borough community center.

When the farmers market liaison, councilwoman Amy Johnson was asked to comment on the issues, and who also received a letter about it in advance, she stated the the farmer's market president emailed a response to the restaurant owner.  I suppose the obvious question is, if Amy read the email and understood the situation, why couldn't she summarize the response during the discussion? Secondly, council president Brian Hall - or anyone on council for that matter - should have spoken up and requested the farmer's market be postponed until a comprehensive health inspection can be done of this event. (C'mon, Paul Robinson!) Public urination?  I can't even believe that goes on there.  The question was even raised, "how do they wash their hands?"

Where's the oversight, the management and leadership on this matter?  There hasn't been any since day one!  Here's the political cronyism that led to the mess.

(Note: The president of the Media's Farmer's Market, Adeline Cianella is also the wife of councilman, Peter Williamson.  Councilwoman Amy Johnson is the farmers market liason and neighbor of council president, Brian Hall)