Thursday, September 18, 2014

Media angry over proposed survellance cameras on State Street by Mayor McMahon.

Dining Under the Star via Surveillance
Mayor Bob McMahon's latest project regarding surveillance cameras on State Street led to public outcry and confusion at tonight's Media Borough council meeting. Resident alleges intimidation and lack of due diligence by Media Borough Council.  Public Safety Chair, Paul Robinson at a loss for important answers on how video and data will be facilitated.  Poorly handled by Mayor McMahon, as McMahon back pedals with resident stating this can be handled off line. Mayor McMahon, no it can't!

Here are a few questions that still haven't been answered:

Tracking capabilities of proposed surveillance systems
  • What is the core objective of this project and what statistics are there currently that justify the effort.  (i.e. is there an immediate need for this technology based on prior issues?)
  • How sophiticated are these cameras and where will they be placed?
  • What's the resolution and field of vision?
  • How much of a residence will be seen for people who live on State Street?
  • Will law enforcement be able to view live feeds from patrol cars?
  •  How long will the data be held (i.e 30 days) and who verifies it's deletion?
  • Will this system to tied into Homeland Security or other federal databases?
  • Statements made say video will rarely be viewed live.  What's rarely? (one day a week? 10 minutes each hour?)
  • Will the community be given a live demonstration of the technology?
  • Will the program to be expanded to include other streets?
  • Will the system be used proactively to leverage Intelligent Video Analysis for such things as loitering and illegal parking?
  • Will public signs be posted identifying the surveillance cameras?
  • Can they be provide in N. Olive parking garage?

Strath Haven Band to play at Eagles Half Time show this Sunday.

Congratulations to the Strath Haven Band who will be playing at the Lincoln Financial Field for the Eagles half time show this Sunday (9/21)  Nice Job!

Franklin Mint Property Gets a Visit

It's either develop it, or sell it.
A decade after the Franklin Mint was formerly closed, it's still not clear what will happen to the property that has been plagued by a slow economy,  stiff resistance from local residents and a drawn out legal battle among developers.  With recent news regarding plans for Granite Run Mall, movement pertaining to the Franklin Mint property has been suspiciously absent.  

That's not to say nothing is happening with the site; in fact there is. There's a Fortune 500 company who's shown some interest in the property.  Whether that is in collaboration with the current developers or a purchase of their own still remains to be seen, but expect some news on this soon.

Delaware County's 225th Anniversary. Big event planned in Media.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dinner and a Movie on Olive Street - Thursday, September 18th 2014

Delco Park and Recreation Movie Night at Rose Tree Park - Friday 9/19/14 7:15pm

Wishing Alexander a speedy recovery

"Friends for Alexander"

Sadly, on Friday night September 5th, our long time student, 14 year old Alexander Wynn (shown in this picture on the far right), suffered from a brain hemorrhage while performing with his high school band at a football game. He has been in the hospital ever since in a fight for his life. We don't know the full prognosis at this time, but we know it is going to be a long struggle. A group of BBDA parents have set up a fund for him and his family at TD Bank, and the donations we collect will go toward purchasing practical gifts for the family to make life a little easier during this difficult time. If you are interested in contributing you may do so in person at the studio during office hours, by mailing a check (made payable to "Friends for Alexander") to Broadway Bound, 600 N Jackson St. STE 5, Media PA 19063, or by making a deposit directly into his account at any TD bank (doing it this way will make you donation anonymous. To do this tell them you make to make a deposit into the "Friends for Alexander" account. No account number is needed). Thank you, and please keep Alexander and his family in your thoughts and prayers!  Alexander's Facebook page.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Gubenetorial Candidate Tom Wolf and State Senate candidate John Kane campaigns throw people out at Media's Community Center

John Kane campaign gets inappropriate
It appears Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate, Tom Wolf along with State Senatorial candidate, John Kane made a surprise visit in Media today to take part in the Planned Parenthood Rally at the Media Community Center.  Those who preferred not to sign up for the "free" event at the booth, but were looking for something to do between garage sales; were followed by campaign staff, questioned and physically forced to leave.  Even so far as to have the door slammed on them.

WHAT? Media residents thrown out of their own community center!

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Concours d'Elegance at Radnor Hunt
I get to go to a lot of events, but this is by far one of my favorites.  Gates open at 9am and the event goes to 4:30pm. (get there closer to 9am, there are long lines)  Tickets are $50 at the door, but you'll understand why when you stroll around the grounds and see some of the world's most iconic automobiles.  Here's a Porsche 959 from last year's show. 

Good idea, will it happen in Media?
Kudos to police superintendent, Mike Chitwood for his innovative thinking towards public safety. He's putting together an evaluation committee to review the feasibility of cell-phone sized video recording devices to be used by patrol officers.  

Where's the Media 5 Mile Race Money?
People have been contacting me about this for a few weeks, but I don't know the answer.  For the longest time it was thought this was a sanctioned Media Recreation Committee event, but apparently it's not.   So exactly who is getting all the 10's of thousands of dollars this race generates?  What are race expenses and who's on the payroll?  Where's the 501c tax return for this group and why isn't is easily accessible? 

Penncrest News Network
In this day and age of social media and communications, I really like what Penncrest is doing with their student produced daily news video.  I hope they can include sport clips and coverage of big school events in the future.

Media Bowl Penncrest vs Strath Haven
Wow, there was a lot hype leading up to this game on social media and even a neat intro teaser by  Luckily, as a Penncrest alumni, the Lions went on to win a very exciting game at Louis Scott Stadium 27 to 21.

A Boutique Hotel is Media's only chance.
To this day, I still don't know why their isn't one bed and breakfast in Media.  There's Sweetwater farm in Glen Mills and Alpenhof in Upper Providence, but nothing in the borough surprisingly. 

As for the Hampton Inn that was proposed and zoned 8 years ago, it's not happening.  Some are delighted in that news, others disappointed.  But the question that comes up, what is Media really doing to facilitate an effort that would bring a hotel?  A boutique hotel in downtown Media would work very well, which would probably struggle to have more than 12 rooms, but it's a possibility.  Though I doubt there seriousness, there have been rumors from time-to-time of such a project.

Rose Tree Park - Movie Night this Fall
Come out Friday September 19th for Rose Tree Park's "Movie Under the Stars" show that will feature the Lego Movie.  Bring blankets and chairs for seating.  There will be concessions for sale.  Showtime - 7:15 to 9pm.

Reconsidered Home has a Blog Site:
Check out what's hot at Reconsidered Home via their new blog site.  Their latest post, "How small is wow"

Atlantic City, Mayor to visit Media for speaking engagement
With Atlantic City making national news over the closing of four casinos and the economic challenge that poses, this speaking event by the city's mayor should be a very interesting presentation.  Check out Dom Guardian as he comes to Media on Sept 17th for an event hosted by the Philadelphia Press Club. Doors open at 11:30am.  Price: $15 for members, $20 for non-members.  Please register in advance.

State St. Surveillance cameras, not "video" cameras

Had it not been for the report in the Delcotimes last week, I'm not sure anyone would have known the borough was considering security cameras for State Street.   There was ZERO about this on, let alone public input that many people have complained has been lacking.  Did Mayor McMahon just think he was going to do what ever he wanted, again?  How about the numerous questions I raised this week on who, what and how this video will be handled?

I doubt anyone on borough council has the leadership to speak up about this issue and ask the tough questions that MANY people in this community have.   They've not addressed anything about this, as social media on the matter has generated hundreds of comments.  Speak up, Media borough council!

In the article McMahon speaks of what a great deal this, "McMahon said full scale equipment and installment for such a project could be about $100,000 to $150,000. In this case, the borough has an opportunity to obtain the equipment for an initial cost of $13,200 upfront, and another $18,200 after six months."  I don't have much experience in security systems but this seems way to good to be true, with the article going on to say  "McMahon felt the much reduced cost may relate to the companies’ interest in the Delaware County market."  May relate?  In what way?  

Last time Mayor McMahon got us an "opportunity" we taxpayers wound up paying $20,000 for what we were told would be a prominent highlight on a national tv show.  That never happened and instead we got was a Youtube video that any kid could have done for $300. What's worse, it was brought to the attention of Council President Brian Hall and Mayor McMahon that the company they were dealing was investigated and fined by the Florida Attorney General for fraud, they chose to proceed anyway.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Media Bowl Tonight! - 7pm at Penncrest

Tonight's high school football game between Penncrest and Strath Haven was once known as the Burger King Bowl.  Back when I played for Penncrest we'd meetup the night before each  game as a show of team camaraderie.  There wasn't a whole lot to do back then, so this was a big deal. 

Because this former Burger King was located at the corner of Baltimore Ave and Providence Road, Strath Haven showed up too for their night out.  Times sure have changed, as there is a bank there now, but the rivalry is bigger than ever.

Penncrest won last year, but I think Strath Haven may hold the overall record for wins. Either way, check out what will be a great game this Friday at 7pm (Penncrest) to see who will win the bragging rights of Media.

Rose Tree Fire Company #1 Ladies Auxiliary is Sponsoring a Tag Sale (Sunday, September 28, 2014)

Thursday, September 11, 2014

In remembrance of September 11th

In remembrance of September 11th, Jamie Santora recognizes our hometown Heros - Firefighters, Police officers, Medics and Military. A great video on Delco worth a few minutes of your time.

September 11th Memorial Video from Allure Films by: Video One on Vimeo.