Sunday, October 23, 2016

Chris Quinn has a Plan for Open Space Preservation

Penncrest Alumni and Middletown resident, Chris Quinn is the only candidate 
with a plan for smarter growth and open space preservation.  Vote today Tuesday, July 12.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

Mayor Bob McMahon is out of synch with public safety priorities.

Media Borough lacked knowledge to operate radar signs
As we roll through October, there’s still no clear direction by Media Borough on what needs to be done to curb speeding in the borough.  It was April, when concerned citizens on 5th and 6th streets organized a petition to request something be done about the speeding and stop sign roll-throughs.  It wasn’t until July that we saw one radar speed display installed on a borough street, only to have Media borough concede that they didn’t know how to use the data gathered from the display.  Here we are well into Fall and not a single update on what’s going on with this effort.  As Media Borough struggles with technology, the real, blatant problem seen by residents every night on any street corner, continues unabated.  

This isn’t a one time thing, it’s a pattern.  Back in January of this year Mayor McMahon was asked about adding cameras to Media Police patrol cars, as well as, officer body cameras.  As with the speeding issues, that still hasn’t been addressed or even an update given.  Unfortunately, the lack of effort, and/or concern is grossly misplaced.  Mayor McMahon has no problem expediting a $20,000 Youtube video or being front an center for local events on State Street.  

As I wrote back in July: Is this really the solution residents on 5th and 6th streets petitioned for regarding speeding?  Or is it, "Lets just hope residents see we attempted something, knowing that it does nothing to address the problem  maybe they'll just stop complaining." It's becoming quite clear it's the latter.

A Media First! Pairings Cigar Bar to open on State Street very soon.