Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Not quite a household name, but the DCTMA (Delaware County Transportation Management Association) has gone to great lengths to share and advocate the many transportation resources we have in the county.  Whether it's programs like Bike-To-Work, awareness campaigns, job expos, transportation safety for schools, or collaborations with SETPA; this group makes an impact.

I was especially impressed with their latest endeavor with SEPTA called, "I SEPTA MEDIA"  This is a neat program that was kicked-off last week showing the ease and benefits of using SEPTA to get around town, especially after having a few drinks. 

Will it take off as an alternate means of getting around?  We'll have to wait and see, but this group provides a lot of good information that many of us, especially me, wasn't aware of or knew that it even existed.  Check out their 2013/2014 report.  You can tell DCTMA has a lot of enthusiasm with what they do, and it shows.  Nice Job!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes
Thanks to those who reach out week after week with questions, observations about Media and requests for help with promoting an event.  I enjoy them and usually get back to people within the day.  What's really worked out well are messages sent to either @mediapanews on Twitter or to the ATM Facebook account.  Reached that way, I can usually get back to you within an hour.
I typically try to get this piece out every Sunday morning by 9am, but sometimes life gets in the way. So without further adieu, here's this week's ATM M2M!

What's up with the fence on N. Monroe?
N. Monroe Street, mystery fence.
If you've been by N. Monroe street you may have noticed what looks like a squared off fence in the middle of a yard.  Someone asked me what that was all about, as it looks like someone's own dog park.  From what I understand, one of the tenants that lived in the adjacent house had setup the fencing.  I don't know that for sure, but if anyone would like to solve the mystery, please comment.

As for the bike in the same vicinity that was locked up to a pole (left side of the picture), I'm not sure what that was all about.  The bike has since been removed. 

Glen Providence Park Improvements
Kudos to Delaware County Park and Recreation services for the storm water run-off work they've completed at Glen Providence Park.  I know storm water was an issue for residents down stream of the park, so hopefully this re-mediates that issue.  What I appreciate is the time and quality of the repair.  As you can see, the retaining wall was nicely done, as was the fencing.

Unfortunately, the fencing erected halfway down the hill will obstruct a clear path for sledders in the wintertime, but other than that, it looks great and was badly needed.

Edgemont and Jefferson
No development for Edgemont and Jefferson
There hasn't been any notable update on the construction of condos at the corner of Jefferson and Edgemont Streets.  I understand the original owners had been shopping the property around and have all but abandoned the original construction plans.  If you happen to like the excavated hole at this location, you may get to see it for a long time to come.

I love Media - Promotional Campaign
As I've been saying for years, Media needs a short, concise and easily understood promotional campaign built around social media (30 seconds of DUTS would work).  Media Borough and Mayor Bob McMahon clearly didn't understand this when they led the borough into creating an infomercial for $20,000 with a shady company from Florida.  How many people saw that video on TV? Most of that $20,000 went to the voice over by Terry Bradshaw and the misleading statement "it'll be shown nationally."

What ended up happening was that the video went to Youtube where it was seen, but didn't have much use for much of anything else.  Nobody could really tell who the video's audience was (i.e. community, business, residents, etc).  It was also way too long (~5min) which is an eternity when it comes to online video

Anyway, there is a project in the works that appears to be developing a new promotional video on Media.  This will be produced locally by a group who's work I've seen and who gets Everybody's Home Town.  I think it'll be pretty good.

Media Fire Company Fundraiser
Nice job by Media Fire Company with putting together their annual fundraiser at Rita's Water Ice last week.  I had a chance to stop by to check it out.  I also like their updates on Facebook regarding the calls they make here in the borough.  It provides a great perspective of how busy this group is and how important it is to get people involved to help out.

Made in Media - ION Sport Juice
It may not be as popular as some of the new eateries set to open in Media (Sterling Pig, Berry Fresh Cafe, Maggie Hook's or Garden Cafe), but it may be bigger!  This week ION Sport Juice exceeded their initial financing goal conducted via with support of the Media community.  Media, with focused awareness could be a hub of technical innovation and business development, and this is an example of the potential this town has. 

3am Saturday Morning 7/19
I was asked if anyone heard anything peculiar around 3:00 am EST around the area of 5 points in Media.  I didn't hear anything, but someone said they heard what sounded like gun two shots or maybe firecrackers during that time.  

Biking in Media
I never really got into biking even when mountain biking craze took off in the 90's.  I thought the bikes were really cool, but always preferred to walk or ride a motorcycle/moto/scooter.  I've been reading up on community bicycle lanes and think they'd be great for Media. We also have quite a few groups in town who advocate pedal power.  And not only that, we have Cycle Sport at 5 points who are a world class bike shop and even manufacture custom bicycles.  That's pretty cool and made in Media too!

Rose Tree Park
Delaware County's Summer Festival has been a smashing success this year.  I had a chance to swing by last Saturday and was impressed by the turn-out and the first rate production by the Upper Darby Stage Shooting Stars. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Deals on State Street gets a Makeover!

Deals in Media at the corner of State and Olive Streets is getting a new makeover. 
Nice paint scheme.

Berry Fresh Cafe coming to State Street in Media, PA

Berry Fresh Cafe to open at this location in August 2014
In addition to the big announcement this week regarding news about Sterling Pig Brewery, yet another business is making plans to open another eatery on State Street.  Located on the westside of town, preparation are underway for the opening of Berry Fresh Café (former location of My Three Sons Hotdogs).  From what I understand, this place is scheduled to open in August and will carry smoothies and meals influenced by south american cuisine.

Berry Fresh Café, welcome to Media, PA and good luck with your store.

Media, Pa company ION Sport Juice exceeds their KickStarter Campaign!

This is a story I've been following closely since hearing about it a few weeks ago, which involved a small business here in Media called, ION Sport Juice.  What intrigued me about the effort was that they were producing a product right here in everyone's home town and was looking to the community to help fund their business plan.  

I liked the idea, but loved the opportunities this could provide for both the company and Media.  ION Sport Juice provided a concise business plan that was well positioned with a video on 

Economic investment in Media is often overlooked and not well communicated in terms of it's importance, but in this day, it's actually easy to spread the word to raise awareness and money for these companies.  Here's proof: ION Sport Juice did just that and this week exceeded their initial funding of $15,000 and their not done yet with a recent stretched goal to $20.000.

Nice work and congratulations to ION Sport Juice for reaching their initial funding goal and making Media a great place to start a business.

2014 Rose Tree Colts Registration!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I SEPTA Media Happy Hour - Thursday, July 17th 4 - 6pm

Media Borough Council found in Contempt of Court. Community Embarrassed

The recent ruling by Judge Proud has found Media Borough Council in contempt of court over Third Street Bridge.  Media resident, Michael Jordan writes letter to the editor expressing embarrassment over the matter.

Media's lack of leadership and political agendas by local officials continues to make the news while taking a toll on the integrity of the borough.  As things are going now, the Wawa project will also most likely be handled the same way - decided by a judge.

Monday, July 14, 2014

How Proposed Sidewalks May Affect Your Property - Discussion to Take Place Thursday 7/17 at 7pm at Borough Hall

For those that have contacted me, here's more information (pg 42 of Comprehensive Plan) on Media Borough's plan to include sidewalks in parts of the borough that currently doesn't have them.   If you live along one of the listed streets and would like to speak for or against the matter, there will be an open discussion about the plan starting at 7pm on Thursday at borough hall.  As I reported earlier, at least one neighborhood has been allowed an exemption after speaking out against the plan.

I'll be reviewing this in detail and sharing highlights, but I'd also encourage Media residents, businesses and adjacent communities to review the proposed comprehensive plan for 2014.  There was an online survey released at some point requesting input to this plan, but less than 4% of Media residents participated.

Media Newest Restaurant - Sterling Pig Brewery Opening Spring of 2015

There's been rumors swirling about another brewery coming to Media for almost a year, but today it's been finalized.  The Sterling Pig Brewery will be coming to Media by well known restauranteur, Loic Barnieu.  If anyone can pull of a cool brewery, it's Loic with a multitude of experience in the restaurant industry.   The location will be at the end of State Street where it intersects with Baltimore Avenue on the west-side of town.

More details to come, but congratulations to Loic and his continued investments in Media, PA.  Check out the Sterling Pig on Facebook!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Beer Here - Cool video from 320 Market
I really like what 320 Market is doing with these videos.  They run them from time-to-time on their Facebook page, which really gets across a great message of what they're up to, what they're working on and why you should give them a try.  I'm not a beer guy, but nice marketing campaign explaining to someone like myself the complexities of beer.  I now know there's a lot more beer can be paired with than just wings, pizza and pretzels.

Swiss Farms and 320 Market get Online
A recent report I saw this week stated that 56% of are people preoccupied with their smart phone while watching TV.  And another stated that more than a 1/3 of all pizza orders are now done online.  So why wouldn't you be online.  Neat project going on with Swiss Farms and soon to be released 320 Market Cafe Online.  I'm fascinated about these efforts and how they are marketed and implemented.

How about ordering your Wawa hoagie from the car?  That's not yet a reality, but technology is quickly becoming the norm instead of the exception. 

You flip your car on State Street, You're popular.
You want to be popular?  I mean REALLY popular?  Then flip your car over on State Street and you'll be the talk of Delaware County.  I didn't think it was such a big deal when it happened Tuesday evening; but thousands of people swung by to check out the picture and thought it was the most bizarre thing they've seen.
What Media Restaurants should be keeping an eye on.
What I like to call Media's Food Court movement has no doubt doubled down and pushed all their chips into the center of the table when it comes to dining business.  Compare what's going between the restaurant and food scene, to what was at one time retail and small business here in the borough and there is no comparison.   In fact, I caught up with a well known businesswoman(retail) on Friday who told me that her business doubled since moving out of Media 5 years ago.  She said parking was the factor.

Parking is always going to be a challenge in the borough, but what's about to get more interesting is the competition that will be coming from the Granite Run Mall this time next year.   Here's an interesting article about a new restaurant concept to open at Exton Mall.  Dining is trendy, and it's important to be in front of the right trends.

The 6,000 square-foot Red Star Craft House, scheduled to open in the Exton Square Mall in October, will have a 3,000 square-foot patio with an outdoor bar, fireplaces, and will have 80 out seats, 150 dining room seat and 40 indoor café-style seats.

Twisted Oak at the The Deck
If you like something different and on the water, it looks like the newly opened Twisted Oak(The Deck) in Essington is well worth a try.  They've revamped the whole place to include a new look and feel, to the new menu. 

Solicitors in Media Borough
One of the subsequent topics that came up from this week's suspicious person report, was the solicitors that have been apparently going door-to-door in Media.  I've not experienced this myself, but many of you have from the comments I've received.  I beleive technically, a permit is needed for any kind of solicitation, but I'm not sure how strongly that's enforced.

If you do come across these visit, you may want to ask if they have a permit and perhaps even call the Media police (911) if it becomes a problem.

Media Borough Website = FAIL
It's bad enough that was redone 3 years ago for $15,000 and TOTALLY missed the social media and mobile aspects that so many rely on today; but to keep it poorly maintained and not updated proves it's worthless.  Worst yet, the community has no confidence in it's operation.  It's not asking a lot to at least properly update and share information on Media's Family Movie Night.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Media Family Movie Night is BACK! This Saturday July 12th (2014), at Barrall Field

If you and your family like the outdoors and watching movies, well you're in luck.  Media Family Movie night is back at Barrall Field this Saturday evening (2014).  The featured movie is shown on a two-story movie screen that brings back the look and feel of a drive in movie theater.

This is a well liked event by Media residents, so make plans to get there early.  For whatever reason, the movie title that will be playing has yet to be released, so you'll have to wait for that announcement or call the recreation office at 610-566-5210 x255.  Movie starts at dusk.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The County of Delaware is recruiting residents to join the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

The County of Delaware is recruiting residents to join an exciting national initiative geared toward encouraging individuals to volunteer to assist during public health events. The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a branch of Citizen Corps and offers medical professionals and other non-medically qualified volunteers the opportunity to receive FREE training and to be part of a team of disaster volunteers who support a broad range of emergency/disaster responses to help our fellow citizens in the county.
Volunteers possess a diverse range of skills, but the willingness to volunteer is what really counts! Please join us to learn more about the Medical Reserve Corps.  Our next orientation is on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 from 7 pm to 9 pm at the Delaware County 911 Center, 360 N. Middletown Road, Media, PA 19063. Go to this link to register:

For more information contact the MRC Coordinator, Ed Kline, at

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Car upside down on State Street

Car upside down last night on State Street.  No word of injuries or just how this vehicle ended up in this situation.  May have hit a parked car and flipped.