Monday, March 30, 2015

Check out the new renovations at Houtman Park

Check out the renovations going on at Houtman Park.  They're almost done in time for Spring!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Gambling Comes to Media
Don't expect Media to become the next Atlantic City, which is probably a good thing, but Media does now have gambling.  Jack's Tavern on State Road last week unveiled the one and only gambling license in the county.  If fact, of the five Pennsylvania counties surrounding Philadelphia, only 3 of these licenses have been issued.

What you first notice when you walk into Jack's is a big machine that looks a lot like the kind you find for scratch-off tickets.  I put in a few dollars and out came the tickets.  I naturally began scratching and quickly realized there was more to it than that.  A little confused,  I quietly looked around Jack's for some clues on how to play the game.  After a few minutes, I noticed on the back that there were peel-back instructions.  I had never seen this game before.

10 dollars later I still hadn't won anything, but I will say, these ticket are like eating peanuts - you can go through a lot of them.  Better luck next time I suppose, but another interesting aspect of this license, is that it allows the establishment to have a monthly 50/50 raffle.  It's the kind you're probably familiar with; half the pot going to the house, and half to the individual winner.  However, speaking to the owner, Jerry McArdie he believes there is a great opportunity to help out the community with the 50/50 raffle.  To back that up, he's indicated that each 50/50 raffle will not go to the "house" but towards a community effort.  Media Little League, Rose Tree Colts and other youth leagues were a few he mentioned.

I don't know how much the 50/50 raffles will raise, but it's a heck of a nice gesture and one that shows what a local business is doing to help the community.

Lastly, I still think they have some of the best food around at prices that are unbeatable. Give Jack's Tavern a try! You might win and it you don't, you'll like the food.

Wow, the generosity speaks for itself!
I've been following the Jimmy Stuhlman Memorial Fund throughout at the week and was flat-out impressed with how much it continues to raise.  Great work, everybody!  As of today, it's over $16,000.  Click here to donate.

The Best of Media?
Has it really been 5 years since I did a "Best of Media"?  Not quite, I also did one in 2011, but haven't done one since.  Someone posted a comment last week asking that I do another for 2015.  It'll take me most of Spring to check my notes, do a few evaluations and hammer out the 2015 list, so bear with me.  In the meantime, here's the 2010 and 2011 BEST OF MEDIA!

Has Maggie Hook's Fish and Grille Closed?
If you believe what people are saying, it looks like this was the last weekend for Maggie Hook's on State Road.  Not sure what happens to the Draft Room, but time will tell.

Help out the Media Girls Softball Club
Media softball coupon for  Modells. It is good for 15% off purchases and Modells donates 5% back media softball

It can be used at granite run, Clifton and Exton.  You can show the cashier your phone or even just mention media area girls softball.

President's Citation

A few week's ago the Media Rotarian's presented me with an award for the work I did with the Media Food Bank.  I'm humbled, but I accepted it on behalf of the many of you who stepped up and supported the food bank.  I may have brought some awareness to the cause, but it's the community who literally put food on tables of those in need.  Well done, everybody.

And a special thanks to Dana Mancini and the Media Rotarians for such a distinct honor.

Wawa Pettiness by Borough Council (Part 2)
Media Borough Council can't even agree on, what they agree on.  Pettiness? Dysfunction? 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wanted: Consultant who can put up signs in Media for $40,000

Having trouble finding your way around Media?  Need a job?  Media Borough Council is looking to spend $40,000 on a consultant who can put up signs! (No, Taxpayers we're not kidding!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Comcast Newsmakers highlights Rose Tree Park with Parks and Rec Director, Marc Manfre

Check out what's going on this year at Rose Tree Park.  Delaware County Parks and Recreations Director, Marc Manfre gives an interview on Comcast Newsmakers describing the events planned for 2015.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Media in Two Minutes - It's Back


I haven't posted a MtM in a few weeks now and didn't realize what a detriment that was until I heard from readers.  Some felt lost, while another said that they don't read the local newspaper, but this site! WOW, and THANK YOU! 
The lengthy absence is mostly due to time constraints I have to sit down and write this Sunday update.  Truth be told, I have a sailboat in Annapolis I'm preparing to move and that's been taking a lot of my focus 
Good news is, I'm hoping to write these updates a few days in advance so you have them bright and early on Sunday morning.  I'd rather 100 people love this site than a 1000 think it's just so-so, and that's why it's back on Sundays! 

Sligo is getting "longer"
That's right! Not necessarily bigger, but Sligo I've heard is making plans to expand the existing bar they have at their State Street location. I think that's actually a very good idea, as I've tried to sit at the bar a lot more times than looking for a seat at a table.  I believe they are also putting in a few more high-tops and maybe a small stage.

How good was Media's Restaurant Week?
Despite the fact that frigid temperatures dominated Media Restaurant Week(s), I didn't think the whole marketing presentation was that good.  I saw a couple posters on restaurant windows, and the banner at the west end of Baltimore Ave, but it lacked any kind of measurable enthusiasm or sizzle. The premise was to offer multiple courses for $30 or so, but how's that any different from any other night? A social media hub fully explaining the effort and what value it has for diners, would have helped, and so would have a little ambition

Here's a great campaign Main Line Restaurant Week did for 2014.  They don't make it just an announcement with window posters, they make it feel like a destination, which I'm sure both diners and restaurant owners appreciate.

Broozer's to play at Glen Providence Park?
I hope so, as what better way to ring in Spring than a performance by the Broozer's and maybe Jimmy Shoe and the Shine.  We'll see where that goes but I'm quite sure that would be a very popular event.

You can post on ATMpa!
A lot of people ask if they can post on ATMpa and the answer is YES and it's free for the community!  Send me a message of what you want posted and I'll be happy to help out.  If you can, make sure you have a electronic poster or graphic and a brief description of the event.  I usually have it posted within 24hrs.

Does Media Borough offer a special pickup for Winter debris?
It would be nice if Media Borough announced a special pickup or two for branches and debris that has fallen in yards during this winter season.  Kind of like the Christmas tree pickup, but for lawn clean-up.

Sunoco A-Plus Gas Station to Close
Rumor has it that this gas station is set to close once the new Wawa comes online.  I know nothing about that and haven't heard anything definitive.  However, it wouldn't surprise me if they did.  "But what about the new Subway sandwich shop the just renovated for?"  What about it?  I don't think that makes or breaks whether this store remains open.

When it comes to Media Borough Council, there's always a story behind the story that many people never hear of, and they certainly don't want you to know about.  With one party having an exclusive majority, why would they be tranparent?  They have ZERO oversight.

Here's the latest saga that now deals with Wawa and has been for 3 years now.   What was written this week with Media Borough council tabling a decision to move forward until paper work and more questions were answered, is something I don't believe has anything to do with it - they've had plenty of time.  

Media borough council has resorted to pettiness over the matter, now that they were cleverly out maneuvered by the developers who no longer need a variance from the zoning board.  I only assume they are stalling in an attempt to find a loophole to kill the project.  That illustrated further by a letter back in December from the Vice President of Media Borough Council.  You can draw you own conclusions, but don't tell me this council hasn't been trying to undermind the whole project since day one, while stringing along the community.  It's no surprise borough council was taken to court **again**, and why this is going on for the third year. 

(NOTE: Paul Robinson who wrote the letter is also Vice President of Media Borough Council.)  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Dog Day Afternoon - April 26, 2015

Get that certain (4-legged) someone in pictures!  
Here's a great deal with a portion of the cost going to the Delco SPCA

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Penncrest High School is proud to present The Apple Tree - 3/20 - 3/22

Mark your calendars: THIS WEEKEND! Fri 3/20 @7PM, and Sat. 3/211 @2PM & 7PM, Sun. 3/22 @2PM. Penncrest High School is proud to present The Apple Tree, a vibrant musical (from the same songwriters who wrote Fiddler on the Roof) depicting humans' timeless struggle with temptation in three lively acts. In "The Diary of Adam and Eve," a snake's offer of knowledge tempts the first humans living in the Garden of Eden. In "The Lady or the Tiger," jealousy harms Princess Barbara's ability to help her forbidden love survive. In "Passionella," a fairy godmother's magic allows a chimney sweep to become a glamorous movie star, but only during the evening hours. Can our heroes find love and fulfillment without succumbing to sin, envy, and conformity? Ticket prices are $12 for adults, $10 for students, and $8 for children/seniors. People may reserve their tickets by calling 610-627-6804 and leaving their name, performance they wish to attend, and number of tickets they wish to reserve. $1 off tickets for groups of 20 or more.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ladies of the Media area are invited to participate in the Fabulous Shoe Night to purchase wigs for women in need who are going through chemotherapy, radiation and also alopecia. March, 23rd 2015

Ladies of the Media area are invited to participate in the Fabulous Shoe Night to purchase wigs for women in need who are going through chemotherapy, radiation and also alopecia. 100% of the proceeds go to pay for wigs for women through the Lovely You wig shop in Media. The event is on Tuesday, March 23rd from 6 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. at Spasso in Media. Your $30 ticket goes towards appetizers and a fun night out. Tickets are only available online in advance at the below link. Be sure to bring extra money for their exciting raffle prizes.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Here's Why Middletown Township Fire Department ROCKS!

Great news coming out of Middletown! Congrats to this group for looking after our communities!

Our firefighters received one of three Theodore Epright Memorial Unit Citation Awards from the Delaware County Fireman's Association at their annual awards banquet Saturday evening.

The award cited their efforts in the successful rescue of a father & his two young children trapped in a minivan that was washed off the flooded Mt. Alverno Rd during a storm on 4.30.14.

FF's Malone & J. Campbell representing Sta. 50, were congratulated by Chief Ed Mann who served as PA's State Fire Commissioner at the time of the rescue.
 — with Charlie MaloneEd Mann and Jason Campbell.