Tuesday, October 6, 2015


State and Local Elected Officials Talk Transportation Topics
Media, PA - The Delaware County Transportation Management Association hosted its Annual Legislative Breakfast Friday, October 02, 2015 at the Towne House Restaurant in Media. Guest speakers included:

Congressman Pat Meehan, 7th  District of PA
Senator Tom McGarrigle, 26th District of PA
Rep. Tom Killion, 168th District of PA
Councilman John McBlain, Delaware County Council
The political dignitaries addressed a packed room of DCTMA members, and discussed the latest transportation issues facing the county and the state. Topics included the county's aging bridges and roadways in need of repair, and the many projects underway to upgrade the county's vital transportation infrastructure. They discussed how Delaware County's vast transit network helps boost the vitality of our economy. In addition, they gave special recognition to SEPTA for their latest efforts in making the Papal Visit as smooth as possible for the Greater Philadelphia region. 
All of the 50/50 event proceeds benefit a special Engineering Scholarship coordinated by DCTMA. The scholarship will be awarded to a student enrolled in an engineering program at one of DCTMA's member colleges or trade schools. The award will be given during the 2016 Municipalities Conference and Trade Show to be held Thursday, April 7 at Drexelbrook.
Legislative Breakfast sponsors included Crozer-Keystone Health System, Urban Engineers, and Delaware County Transit, Inc.
For more  information, contact Marketing Director Lauren Avellino Turton at
610-892-9440 or lturton@dctma.org.

L to R: Eric Ostimchuk, Councilman John McBlain, Rep. Tom Killion; Dennis Wolf, Cecile Charlton, Congressman Pat Meehan, Sen. Tom McGarrigle, Grant Gegwich

How much is Media changing? This list provides a good idea.

Plumstead Sold

Bad news rides a fast horse, and it certainly was galloping down state street last week at lightning speeds.  If the news about Plumstead, rumored to be sold wasn't shocking enough, it didn't take long to knock that off the front page with the blockbuster Towne House announcement.  That's sold too!

Well, despite the swirling rumors about the Plumstead being sold, I'm afraid it's now true.  It looks like the last formality and official statement of "nothing's been signed", has now been, well, signed. That means you have about 90 days until the Plumstead closes for good, which takes us to about the end of the year.

Looks like Brick and Brew of Havertown will be the new occupiers.  I don't think they've yet made an announcement. Either way, expect extensive renovations to begin sometime early next year.  I'm hearing they are looking to gut the whole place to bring yet another brick oven pizza and microbrew format.

Plumstead Inn on State Street - Media, PA
It's hard to put into words when I was thinking on how to write this piece, as I couldn't put my finger on what the Plumstead really meant. Sure, in my opinion it was the best bar in America and I had some of my best times there, but it was more than that.  I remember asking owner Chuck Margis one time, "How do I get a Christmas Card displayed on the wall during the holiday season with all the others I've seen throughout the years?"  I marveled how they hung each and every year for decades. Chuck said, "Mail it to the Plumstead on State Street."  I noticed he didn't give a street address, then realized EVERYONE knew were this place one, even the US POST OFFICE.  Sure enough, I came home from Texas and saw it hanging there during Christmas time, and every year since (15 years).

It wasn't just that though, during special Phillies games Chuck would make a sign out of cardboard announcing dollar hotdogs during the game.  What a deal!  Especially when Phillies where deep in the playoffs that led to a World Series.  Wow, did we have a good time, especially with the boxing-ring bell that people would wail on.  Or the great community generosity that the Plumstead was known for.  Want to have a special party on a Sunday for a big event?  Bring in the crockpots, hoagies and desserts, the Plumstead handled the rest because that's
how much appreciation there was for the community.

Well, it didn't hit me until someone sent me a text, that I knew what it was I was looking for to describe my favorite Media establishment.  The message said, "It's the last place in Media I felt at home at."  And that folks, perfectly describes what this place was and how much Media is changing.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Here's what will happen to all the pictures, lamps, overhead lights, antiques, and other memorabilia from the Towne House

After what could be considered a lifetime of memorabilia consisting of pictures, lamps, overhead lights, antiques, and other memorabilia from the Towne House, many are asking what will happen to all that stuff once the building closes.  That's a good question and one I had too.

I reached out to Fred D'Ignazio who said dozens have already stopped by to literally ask for items off the wall.  Until the restaurant officially closes at the end of the year, everything must remain in tact.

However, if you really, really want a piece of this one of a kind restaurant, you may just be in luck and here's what you need to do:

There will be no promises made, but General Manger Joe Kirkwood has has asked everyone to write him, c/o "Joe Kirkwood, General Manager, The Towne House, 117 Veterans Square, Media, PA 19063" and tell him the item they are interested in and its location in the restaurant. He said he will deal with each written request after the restaurant closes in late December. 

Basketball Coaches' Clinic (free) @ MYC October 24, 2015 from 1:00-3:30pm

Basketball Coaches' Clinic (free) @ MYC
October 24, 2015 from 1:00-3:30pm
Don't miss out on this great opportunity! This clinic is open to the MYC Community -- returning and prospective winter basketball season coaches are highly encouraged to attend Confirmed Speakers to Include:
  • Penncrest Boys Basketball Coach, Mike Doyle
  • Men's Basketball Coach at the University of Delaware, Monte Ross
  • Swarthmore College Men's Coach, Landry Kosmalski
  • PSU Brandywine Men's Coach, Ohmar Richburg
  • PSU Brandywine Women's Coach, Larry Johnson
  • MYC Basketball Coordinator, Lewis Johnson

Topics of discussions will include defense individual work, offensive skill work, time out management, team offense, team defense etc.

King of Prussia Town Center "Gets It", but will Granite Run have a similar vision?

Rendering of the upcoming King of Prussia Town Center
As far as town centers go, the one being built in King of Prussia seems to be on track with getting people excited about the possibilities these shopping and dining experiences can bring.   Here's a recent marketing campaign that does a great job of that.  If fact, it's piqued my interest enough to even describe it as, "pretty cool!"  And positive word-of-mouth conversations are the best marketing of all.

Here in Media, it might be time well spent to see something like this presented for the upcoming Promenade at Granite Run.  Hopefully, that may be coming this Fall, but it just illustrates the importance of sharing the vision of what will be the biggest do-over in the area in terms of shopping, dining and modern, livable communities.

I don't think what's planned for Granite Run will be a "Class A" mall experience which a lot of investors like, but it's going to need to be pretty close and have an excitement like King of Prussia's Town Center video.

Small fire broke out at Media Theatre last night that drew a lot of equipment at about 7pm.

Small fire broke out at Media Theatre last night that drew a lot of equipment at about 7pm.  The fire was quickly extinguished with no notable damage.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

D'Ignazio's Towne House Restaurant Releases Official Statement by the Family on the Closing of this Iconic Restaurant

I received the following statement from Fred D'Ignazio this morning.  I don't know if I could have said it any better when quoted for an article about the Towne House earlier this year.

Media lifelong resident Tedman O’Hara is a Towne House regular and has spent much time there. 
“D’Ignazio’s Towne House isn’t just one of Delaware County’s best family-run establishments, it is family,” said O’Hara. “Whether celebrating christenings, birthday parties, first dates, graduations, alumni banquets, wedding receptions or retirement dinners, as a longtime resident of the area, many of us grew up with this place and share a lifetime of special memories with our friends and family.”
- See more at: http://media.thetowndish.com/2015/03/towne-house-restaurant-celebrates-65-years-of-success/#sthash.wyoEbGd0.dpuf

Closing of D’Ignazio’s Towne House Restaurant, Media Landmark for 63 Years

The D’Ignazio family announced on Wednesday, September 30, 2015, that their restaurant, D’Ignazio’s Towne House, will close in the latter part of December, 2015, after 65 years in business at the same location – the corner of Baltimore Pike (Route 1) and South Avenue, in Media.  The restaurant was founded by noted local businessman, Babe D’Ignazio and his wife Libby, in 1950. From its early days as a single-room bar (the Stag Bar), until its present form occupying most of a city block, the Towne House has been one of Media’s leading businesses and has employed thousands of local residents and entertained tens of thousands of customers over more than a half century in which it has done business.

The D’Ignazio family wishes to thank all of its customers and its employees for their loyalty and service for so many years. Many of the Towne House’s customers and staff members have been with the Towne House for more than 25 years. 

The restaurant will cease a la carte service in the latter part of October. 

The Towne House will stop serving banquets, weddings and other parties in late December.

The closing of the Towne House is due to the sale of the D’Ignazio’s family property on both sides of Baltimore Pike to a high-quality buyer. The D'Ignazio family is confident that this company will be a good business partner with the Town of Media and local residents.

“Our Mom, Libby D’Ignazio, passed on May 29th of this year. Our Dad, Babe, passed away on November 24, 2008,” says Fred D’Ignazio. “They were the motivating spirits of D’Ignazio’s Towne House. Once our parents passed away, all four of their children felt it was the right thing to move on. Like an athlete still in his prime, we felt it was better to make the decision now rather than to wait any longer. We make this decision with great sadness, but we feel it is the right thing to do. We want to honor our Mom and our Dad and do this thing the right way.”

On Wednesday, September 30th the Towne House staff was informed of the decision to close the restaurant by the General Manager, Joe Kirkwood. Joe, his staff, and the D’Ignazio family are now in the process of calling all their major customers and local officials to inform them of the family’s decision to close the restaurant.

For more information, please contact Babe and Libby’s four children and the General Manager of the Towne House:

Fred D’Ignazio                                   919-244-7601                     fred.dignazio@gmail.com
Tim D’Ignazio                                     215-760-6774                     timdignazio@gmail.com
Lisa Carnie                                           610-246-0886                     lisatanker5@gmail.com
Owsley D’Ignazio                             215-520-8571                     owsley55@yahoo.com
Joe Kirkwood                                     267-251-0285                     joseph@townehouse.com
Towne House GM

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sources reporting uncertainty of the future of the Iconic Towne House Restaurant

Received reports from many sources that the iconic Towne House Restaurant is preparing to close for good over the next few months. Looks like part of the restaurant will be closed Oct 31st and the banquet facility to close Jan 1st. No official statements yet, but very, very sad developments for Media and Delaware County.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Media in Two Minutes - Pope Edition


Media wonders where crowds are for Pope visit.
There's no doubt that Fall has arrived this morning with a chilly temperature of 61F degrees, but the crowds everyone was anticipating for the Pope visit, still haven't shown.  In fact this morning, there were more law enforcement standing around the Media train station than actual people boarding the train.  Last Sunday I wrote "Despite a lot of preparation and information posted on the upcoming Pope visit this week, I'm not sure what to expect as I don't have much to compare it to."  Looks like a lot of others were in that same situation, whether they wanted to admit it or not.

Penncrest Football Beat Harriton - Goes 2-2
Nice win by Penncrest Football on Thursday beating Harriton 42-0.  That puts the Lions at 2-2 going into this week's Friday game against Upper Darby at Louis Scott Field.

Today's Media VFW Sunday Breakfast has been postponed until Oct 4th
Today marks the last Sunday of the month and normally that would mean the Media VFW breakfast today, but due to the anticipated Pope visit, that has been postponed until Oct 4th.

Delco Fall Festival - Oct 11th
I don't remember Delaware County doing this last year, but there sure is a lot of interest in this years Fall Festival at Rose Tree Park.  Hayrides, Face painting, Fire Engine, Paint a Pumpkin, Fall Treats, Music and More; this event has it all.

The Plumstead Inn?
Thursday afternoon someone was jogging past my house and yelled, "Tedman, is it true about the Plumstead?"  I didn't even really look up before answering, "There are a lot of things that could be true."  This is really big news for the town, but I'll let what may or may not happen to the Plumstead work its way through the channels and wait for an official announcement when the time is ready.