Sunday, April 13, 2014

Granite Run Mall Gives Deadline to Vacate Dec 31st 2014

The end of an era - Granite Run Mall to Close
This weekend I learned that things are progressing with the closure of the Granite Run Mall.  From what I understand occupants in the interior mall area have been told the mall will close on December, 31st.  Some businesses are in the process or finding new places to relocate to, but it's unclear if others will do the same or decide to just close.

I heard Margart Kuo's plans to stick around and is interested in opening a new restaurant when the new center is ready.

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

My deepest sympathy and condolences on hearing of the passing of Shawn Brodie during the tragic fire in Chester on Saturday.  I knew Shawn as "Brodie Bear" and he was one of the most likeable guys you could meet.  I never saw him without a smile on his face.  He will be greatly missed.


Having been to opening day for Media Little League yesterday, I now know why Media has state champion teams; it's one of the best run organizations around.  From the fields, to player, to coaches and the many who support this program on a host of levels; it's TOP NOTCH.  

Yesterday's ceremony that included hundreds of people was excellent.  Thanks for the recognition and providing an important program that everyone is proud of.

Please support the Conquest Family whose house was ravaged by fire this week.
Thankfully, no one was hurt in the fire on Summer Lane this week.  However, the family's house was totally destroyed which would be a hardship for anyone.  If you can, even a $5.00 donation can add of quick to help a family in need.

ROTARY Does it Again
Everywhere I seem to  turn, I see Media Rotarians out and about helping the community.  Yesterday was the 48th Annual Media Pancake Breakfast.  Even at 8am there was a line forming to get in and looked to be huge success.  Great Job!

MC Automotive for Motorcycles
Media, you're in luck if you ride a motorcycle and need repairs.  I found out after knowing someone who knows someone; that Media does indeed have a motorcycle repair shop right here in the borough.  Craig down at MC Auto did an EXCELLENT job on my bike and the recommendations he had for tires on my '08 KLR 650 were spot on.  Thanks!  I'll have a few more coming your way. 

Media Fails to Notify Community about Olive Street Garage

The ask was easy: Put signs up in Olive Street Garage warning people of the effects of rain run-off leaking through the seams.  And yet again nothing is done by Mayor McMahon and Borough Council.  Yesterday, I was contacted AGAIN about damage incurred to a car because of this problem.  It's not just dirt, it's the harsh substances that make up concrete that is being carried by rain water onto people's cars and destroying the paint and finish. 

Delaware County has an Edge!
I see these kind of videos all the time and I don't usually watch pass a minute or so, though this one was produced extremely well and resonates with viewers.  If you're interested in what this county has to offer and what direction it is going in, check out the video.  Well done and produced by a company in Media.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

What You Need To Know For Media's Little League Opening Day Tomorrow

Opening Day is tomorrow 
(Saturday, April 12th)!

Between 8:30 and 8:45, everyone will line up on the far side of Springton Lake Middle School (the side which faces the Babe Ruth Fields).ALL Players should be in full uniform and will line up by Team (from T-Ball up through Major). Parents and Siblings welcome to walk - but only players and Team Staff are allowed on the field.

Please park up at the Middle School - NO Parking will be allowed along the parade route NOR Beyond the Continental Field.

The Parade will follow the Fire Trucks and Police Cars, around past the school, down along the road - past the Rookie and Continental Fields, around past the Major League back fence and onto the ML field.

We will have three special visitors during the event:

The Camden Rivershark

The Philly Phanantic

Special Philly Player!

Helping the Media Food Bank
We are collecting for the Media Food Bank BEFORE the Opening Day Parade, up at the Middle School.
There will be a truck (or trucks), with signage, parked off to the side for collecting all the donations. They will accept almost anything: non-perishables, frozen meats, and paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, tissues). Families are asked to bring whatever they can to help, whether it is one can or one case of food.

The Media Food Bank (MFB) is a federally funded service run through the First United Methodist Church on the corner of State and Lemon Streets. They received notice that there would be no federal delivery for April, which means they are relying on local support. They serve people in Chadds Ford, Rose Valley, Aston, Media, Concord, Swarthmore, Thornbury, Middletown, Brookhaven, Parkside, and Nether Providence. The families that use this service during hard times line up 2 hours before the doors open just to feed their families. The volunteers there work tirelessly to help these families are always extremely grateful when the community comes together to help. We ask that all information gets shared and passed around to everyone and anyone in the area to make a big impact.

Our Fourth Annual Beef and Beer Celebration will be the evening of Saturday, April 12th, from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.
  • Once again it will be held at Saint Mary Magdalene School (2400 North Providence Road).
  • Tickets can be bought at the door that evening, from your Manager or a Board Member, and will also be available during Opening Day festivities. All proceeds go to support Media Little League.
  • We are also looking for donations (autographed items, home services, tickets, outings, refreshments, etc.) to be auctioned off during our Silent Auction. You can reply to this email if you have anything to donate. Any and all donations would be greatly appreciated!
  • We will have Dancing, a Silent Auction, Raffles and Food.
  • Dress is Casual.

Your 2014 Media Little League Board

Copyright © 2014 Media Little League, All rights reserved.
Your child is Playing with Media Little League for the 2014 Season
Our mailing address is:

Media Little League
344 West Fourth Street
Media, PA 19063

Add us to your address book

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Granite Run Mall Update: Demolition to begin soon.

Work to begin soon on Granite Run Mall.....

Granite Run Mall Update: BET Investments was in to review their updated plans with Council's Land Planning Committee. Pending Plan approvals, BET hopes to begin demolition in February for a one year + rebuilding of the entire interior of the Mall. The entire Mall will receive a new facade. 
Plans remain for an outdoor, Town Center, walkable facility with JC Penny being reduced to a single (ground) level, a movie theatre moving to the second floor with apparel, dining and a bowling alley on the list of potential tenants. Sears and Boscov's will remain. High end luxury apartments remain as part of plans. 
Council should see BET back with a Zoning change proposal and preliminary land development application in the next few months.  Update Provided by Middletown Township - Delco, PA Republican Party Facebook Page

Important Ruling on Third Street Bridge Expected May 9th 2014

18 Years of Non-sense from Media Elected Officials
After 18 years, Media may be on the verge of a decision regarding the future of the third street bridge repair.  May 9th is the the expected court decision from Judge Proud.

There's a very good chance the determination comes down to one of two scenarios:  1) It's built as a two-way roadway.  2) It's built to Penndot's specification of a two-way roadway, but is legislated as a one-way street.

There's still questions as to whether the financing for this project is still available from the state, and if Media will be found in contempt of court of the original ruling.  Both of which could be costly to Media taxpayers.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Last Week's Penncrest Play - Little Shop of Horrors
My experience, and at the time, interest of high school plays didn't go much farther than the after-parties I was invited to as a student.  Boy, have I missed a lot.  I was able to attend last Sunday's showing of Penncrest's Little Shop of Horror's and can say I was utterly impressed.  The singing, performance, staging and sets were AMAZING.  It's too bad this ran only one weekend, because it was that good.

A tremendous thanks to Penncrest for putting this show on.  I've never seen anything like that before.

Playball!  Barrall field is now OPEN!
Thanks to all those who worked towards getting Barrall field back in playing shape.  A special thanks to Borough Manager, Jeff Smith and team who did a great job of staying on top of this. 

Local Lady Blogs from Paris
They say there is no place better than Paris in the springtime, however I'll  take St. Tropez in the Summer anytime.  Either way, there is a local girl who will be spending some time in Paris this Spring and is sharing the experience through her blog.  Check it out. 

Permafrost at Penncrest?
Heard a report that at least one game was cancelled last week due to problems with Penncrest fields draining properly.  I'm told It appears there may be a level of permafrost that is causing the problem. 

What a Mayor should do!
Unlike Mayor Bob McMahon, local mayors in this county routinely give what's called a "state of affairs" for their municipalities.  Here's one reported on featuring Upper Darby's Mayor, Thomas Micozzie.  This basically highlights the achievements of the year prior, as well as, a roadmap of issues, challenges and projects that the community can be aware of in the coming year.  

It's too bad Media is continuously left in the dark about what is important to this mayor and borough council.  Wawa?  A Hotel?  Third Street Bridge?  Olive Street Parking Garage?  Parking Meters? The list goes on and on.

Brookhaven Knows Social Media!
Kudos to Brookhaven municipality for using social media to alert their community of the recent incident involving razor blade found taped to playground equipment.  People were made aware of this in minutes, than waiting hours to hear it reported in the news.  They also effectively used their borough website to explain the matter and provide details of what was being done.

Business Opportunity Development is Time Well Spent
I'd like to recognize C-City Blogger, Stefan Roots for bringing awareness to business opportunities Delaware County communities should be aware of.  I wasn't able to make the meeting I saw on Stefan's blog, but the write-up seems quite comprehensive and encouraging of the opportunities this state has with the vast reserves of natural gas. 

Parking Meters - Here's an Idea:
Here's how one community leverages the use of communicating via their parking meters.  I still like the kiosk idea, but the brief messaging like "Free Parking" really is helpful.

Transportation Bill Details
If you're looking to see the details of the transportation bill that recently passed, and what that means for the area, check up the write-up by

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Springton Lake Middle School Competes in National Geographic Bee

Did you know?.....
Springton Lake Middle School 8th grader Helen Barsz competed in the National Geographic Bee yesterday in Harrisburg. Helen won her school bee at Springton Lake, and then had to take a qualifying exam. Only the top 100 scores got to go to the state bee and Helen qualified for the state competition and was invited to today's competition.

In Harrisburg, the contestants were broken up into 5 groups of 20 where they competed for 8 rounds. Helen made it 7 rounds before she finally got one wrong. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to advance to the final round. Helen's mom Maria Wanenchak said, "It was really nerve-racking! Even the parents were on edge, shaking their chairs, rubbing their temples, closing their eyes, wringing their hands... it was really intense!"

15 students overall got all 8 questions right. Then they whittled those down to 10 then 2 then 1. The girl who won was from West Chester and this was the 5th time she had made it to the state bee. She will now go to DC to compete in the national bee.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Delaware County Council Chairman, Tom McGarrigle Brings Awareness Towards Preventing Child Abuse

Kudos to Tom McGarrigle and Delware County Council for bringing awareness towards preventing child abuse.  

Here's a public service announcement worthy of your time.

Media's 48th Pancake Breakfast - Saturday, April 12, 2014

This looks so good I wish it were today, but April 12th will be here soon enough.  
Hope to see you there.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mismanagement by Media Borough Council may have lost funding for Third Street Bridge!

You don't know if the money's available, Media Borough Council?
For the last two years, this town has been hearing "It's being handled by the courts" by Media Borough Council regarding the matters over Third Street Bridge.  Well, as suspected, that statement is turning out to be nothing more than a profound deflection of responsibility. This Monday there was a meeting between Judge Proud, Delaware County, BLCC and Media Borough that subsequently exposed how ill prepared and dysfunctional Media Borough council has been with the project and state funding.

Over the last two years it is now coming to light that Media Borough has done absolutely nothing towards resolving this issue - No engineering designs, landscaping plans, traffic studies, discussions, etc.  I suppose the town hall meeting, surveys and CAC committee were really only for show and nothing more than a waste of time and money. Pennsylvania's top-ten most dangerous dams and Media blatantly disregards the safety of the town by failing to do anything.

Media borough council has essentially disregarded their fiduciary responsibility and instead decided to roll the dice with taxpayers money on whether they'll be held accountable for the bridge. That's turning out to be a bad bet,  as a decision on the contempt of court ruling is expected in the coming weeks.      

What's worse but not a surprise from this group, is that when the person representing the borough was asked if the state funding was still available for the project, the reply was essentially that they didn't know.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Help Needed In Finding Family's Lost Cat Named Mickey

I was contacted this morning with a picture of a lost male cat named Mickey.  Mickey has all of his shots and has a micro-chip. He has distinctive markings (white patch) on his chest and has green eyes.

The family who submitted the request would appreciate any help from the community in finding their pet. I'm not sure of the location where it was lost, but be on the look out.  The family can be contacted at this email, and will come pick the cat up.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

I want to take a few seconds to briefly address the outcry a few people had with the upcoming demolition of E. 5th Street.  This property was bought by a family who after much consideration, did not feel it salvageable in it's current state.  In turn, they've decided to build a new home modeled after the existing structure.  I not only think it's a good idea and prudent, but also applaud their commitment to this town and the consideration of a very sizable investment for Fifth Street. 

If people still have issue with that, I can only recommend you consider who you voted for and ask why aren't they doing more to advocate historical preservation and discussing it with many who have questions on this topic.  I doubt they are even aware.
I like highlighting issues I know are important and of interest to residents and share when I can, but I'm not the one you should be holding accountable for answers on a matter that's much bigger than a single house on a street in Media.

ATM SPOTLIGHT: Last Wednesday's Food Bank Fundraiser was a smashing success.  The biggest problem was carrying out all the food that people had brought.  The food, people and event made for a great evening at Picasso's.  The Nutella crepes are still a big hit, btw.

Congratulations to everyone who helped out, especially the Media Rotary Club.

Middletown on Track to Get Traffic Light at Forge Rd. and Rt. 352 (Middletown Rd).
When Old Forge Road was closed due to the repair of the bridge, a temporary traffic signal was placed at Forge and Rt. 352 to handle re-routed traffic.  When the bridge was fixed, the light was removed to a lot of people's dissatisfaction.  

Last week I got an update that this traffic signal will be brought back as a permanent fixture. The hold-up regards the grants needed to pay for the costs, which are expensive.  Either way, this is money well spent for the safety of travelers on this road.
The Parking Mess in Media!
This topic could probably have its own exclusive site, but first-thing-first.  A couple months ago we were told there were discussions taking place by the mayor and MBC on enforcing parking on Saturday's.  Well, what happened?  Looks like that plans were dropped and parking on State Street WILL NOT BE ENFORCED on Saturday's.  Who knew?

Why are Media's Parking Meters Displaying "OFF"?
I'm at a loss at even trying to come up with a comparable analogy that would describe Media's latest debacle over solar powered parking meters.  I do know this: someone needs to be held accountable over not doing the proper due diligence for this project.  As of now, these meters are displaying an "off" message which someone also needs to explain.

When you have no leadership and accountability, by a single party with an exclusive majority, this is what you get.
The 8th Annual Elwyn 5k Run and 2.5k Walk
If you're looking for some training prior to Media's 5 Miler Run, here's a great warmup 5k happening at Elwyn Institutes on Saturday, May 3rd 2014.

Barrall Field Update!
I'll try to get an update each and every week on this, but as of today, this is still on track to be completed before baseball/softball season.  From what I understand, a sewer junction box had deteriorated, which led to the sink hole.

Little Shop of Horrors presented by Penncrest
You can catch today's show at 2pm, which I plan to do.  I appreciate those who consider my recommendations for these great events, especially those that support our community.  It's hard to attend all of these, but this group did a really good job and I plan to check it out myself.

Third Street Bridge Update:
There may be an update on this as soon as this week pending the meeting with Judge Proud. The cost over-runs and lack of effective resolve have made this a political disaster for Media, students, and our first responder services.

Abandoned Sleighton Farms Dorm Burns
This property has been closed for years and to the best of my knowledge is still owned by Elwyn.  There's been a lot of speculation that this was to be developed, but I've not heard anything recently regarding firm plans.

Here are pictures by Middletown Fire Company showing Saturday's fire.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Delco Ranks 2nd in State for Park and Recreation Facilities

As reported by the Daily Times this week, Delaware County is doing quite well when it comes to park and recreation services.  As stated below, we have the second best access in the state to parks and recreation.  
Delaware County residents have the second-best access to locations for physical activity. About 95 percent of residents have adequate access to a park or recreational facility.
“That’s huge,” Malinowski Weingartner said. “Just about everybody in Delaware County has that access.” March 2014
That's quite an achievement!

Speaking of parks, Ridley Creek had quite the crowd for today's opening of fishing season in Southeast Pennsylvania.  Despite the rain, many were having bountiful days.

Friday, March 28, 2014

The Passing of Media local, Dr. Bill Lucas

March 7, 1962 - March 25, 2014 
It's with a heavy heart to share with the community the passing of Media local, Dr. Bill Lucas on March 25th.  I knew Bill and often saw him on State Street from time to time.  He was not only a well liked resident, but a very interesting person who was an expert in his field of virology technology.  He also had a BBQ business that was easily the best smoked food this side of Texas.

My deepest sympathy and condolences to his friends and family.  He will be missed dearly.

For more information and funeral services, please visit Bill's obituary.