Friday, February 24, 2017

Big crowd turns out for the last weekend at the legendary Campbell's Boathouse in Upper Providence, PA.

Big crowd turns out for the last weekend at the legendary Campbell's Boathouse in Upper Providence, PA.  The party goes all weekend long until the taps run dry, so if you haven't stopped by tonight, tomorrow might be the last day.


Media New Wawa Humming Along Nicely

After six long years from originally being proposed, and times where Media Borough balked at the plan; things are humming along for Media's new Wawa expected to be completed in the coming months.

Below is a video of the former Media Inn which was torn down to make way for Media's new Wawa

Tyler Arboretum Pancake Breakfast this Saturday 2/25. All-you-can-eat pancake and sausage breakfast. Adults: $12, Children (ages 3-12) $8; children under 3 FREE.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Ridgewood Real Estate Partner looking to build 150-160 dwellings on form Edgmont Country Club property

150-160 dwellings coming to former Edgmont Country Club property
Having been purchased last year, Ridgewood Real Estate Partners are devising the early stages of what will be 150-160 dwellings on the former Edgmont County Club property on West Chester Pike.  With zoning being the main focus at this point for the 190 acre property, not much is expected in actual site plans until that’s sorted out with Edgmont planning commission. County Press reported, Susan Serbin covers the story in detail from earlier this month.

The next presentation by the developers hasn’t been scheduled yet, though here’s their website with a section specific to the Edgmont property.

Great work by the Media Police Department and others who assisted.

Great work by the Media Police Department and others who assisted.  We wish Officer Bardo who was injured during the arrest, a speedy recovery.  Thank you for your service.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Good advice if you have questions regarding Door-to-Door Solicitations

Last week I had a door-to-door solicitor knock on my door at 7:30pm.  I answered the door and asked if I wanted to make a donation to this person's group he was representing, which I believe was Support a Child Foundation or something along those lines.  I politely declined but as he was walking away, I asked if he had a solicitation permit.  He said yes, but was too far away to pursue the matter further.  I then looked up the approved door-to-door canvassing page on Media Borough's Website where no such group is listed as having been approved.

Media Borough should consider and comprehensively define what you can do, your rights, what to look for and how to report a problem is one occurs.  Though this was posted by Clifton Heights Police Department, it's good advice for all.

Facebook Post by Clifton Heights Borough Police Dept:
With the pleasant weather comes door to door solicitaion. Over the weekend police received several complaints about this. Currently only SFE Eneregy and Power remodeling have a valid permit to go door to door for sales. 

Complaints ranged from sales persons misrepresenting themselves as PECO employees to generally being over persistent. We are presently communicating with SFE Energy to address complaints about their sales people. 

While we do not attribute all these incident to SFE Energy in this post, other non-permitted compainies were reportedly in the area.

What you need to know:
All solicitors must have a valid Clifton Heights Borough Photo permit on their person while going door to door. Not being held by someone else or any another excuse. 
You ARE NOT required to show anyone your household utility bills.
DO NOT sign any paperwork unless you intend to purchase any products. 
When in doubt, call 911. Our officers will verifty the identity of any suspicious individuals in the area. 
Lastly, do not engage with a solicitor if you are not interested in their product, simply close your door.
If you feel you have been slammed, unknowingly switching your utility provider by deception or fraud, you can reach out to the PA Attorney Generals Office at…/Bureau_of_Consumer_Prote…/

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The last day of the legendary Campbell's Boat House is this Saturday (2/25/17)

UPDATE Wed 2/22/17 8:30am EST: I've been told the Boat House will close on SATURDAY 2/25/17.  These things are hard to predict.  When the liqour/food runs out, that's usually it.  Get there early.

You might want to re-arrange your plans this weekend if you were a fan of the Campbell's Boat House.  We've received word from few sources close to the matter that "The Boat" will close for good this Sunday 2/26/17.

A special thanks to the Campbell family for the wonderful times and the tremendous impact the restaurant has had on all of us.   A "Family Restaurant" like this is what makes the fabric of the community, but unfortunately, we're losing them quickly.  The memories will not be soon forgotten.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Questions need to be answered by Media 5 Mile Race Committee

Questions need to be answered by 
Media 5 Mile Race Committee

Many people have not been made aware of this, but the Media 5 Mile Race Committee hasn’t been affiliated with the Media Borough Recreation department, who originally oversaw the event, in many years.  Despite requests by me and others to local officials, Media Borough can’t provide any reasoning as to how and why this transitioned from a borough event to one that’s now hosted by a third party.  They simply state, "it’s not a borough event" and go on to say they can’t help. I thought that very interesting as this race brings in well over $60,000 or more in a year from fees and sponsors! And no one seems to know who runs it?  

I inquired to in 2015 and last year twice, but was never given a reply.

By reviewing, there is no indication of who is on the board, when/where they meet, by-laws, donations made in dollar amounts, payables, business/family affiliations or most importantly recent 990s filings that 501c non-profit organizations are supposed to report. In fact, the last 990s form anyone can find for this group was from 2009. There's no listing of this entity on the IRS site when searching for the name or last known EIN: 26-4232784.  Conversely, the Media Upper Providence Library, another 501c non-profit has all of their forms in order and available for review.

Why was one filed for 2009, but not since?  We’ll gladly post if anyone has them to clear the confusion, but since 2009, no one has any idea where, as much as, $420,000 ($60,000 x 7yrs since last filing) has gone!

Perhaps as bizarre were retweets that were sent last year via @media5milerace advocating gun control legislation.  When I inquired about their political re-tweets that can affect a non-profit's status, I was falsely accused of hacking their twitter page by Bob Simpson who is the husband of former Media Borough Councilwoman, Monica Simpson. 

The question was never answered and I'm not sure why.  I understand people may not know how to use Twitter and may not realize what they posted was public for all to see, but the way this was handled was unprofessional.  

Why is the Media 5 Mile Race committee re-tweeting positions about gun control?

A false accusation of hacking by a Facebook account 
associated with the Media5Mile committee, when questioned about retweets.

To summarize:
  1. Why was this race committee moved from being a sanctioned borough event by the recreation department, to now being run by a  third party who appears to be led by a former Media Borough Councilperson?
  2. How come 990s forms that 501c non-profits are typically required to file, have been not been available for review? There's no record or this group or forms via a search through the IRS site.
  3. If exemption status was granted for not filing 990s forms, where is the accountability for as much as $420,000 over the last 7 years?
  4. Who makes up the board of directors and what are their roles, by-laws, methods of election and meeting dates?  Why hasn’t this been openly provided to the community to participate?
  5. How are vendors chosen and why hasn’t Bryn Mawr Running a Media business been involved?
  6. How are recipients of funds chosen and where is a list with dollar amounts?
  7. Were the politically associated re-tweets a mistake?

A Gun Law Seminar, hosted by Philly Firearms Academy will be back at the Media VFW again to host another workshop on March 1st.

A Gun Law Seminar, hosted by Philly Firearms Academy will be back at the Media VFW again to host another workshop on March 1st.   This is their second event in three months having been here back in late December.

The event is $10 for non-member and registration and details can be found on their website.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Media in Two Minutes

Media in Two Minutes

Wawa starts to take shape
It still has a ways yet to go, but the structure of Media's new Wawa is taking shape quickly.  The lot didn't really convey how big this footprint was until the framing went up.  From the road, the site overwhelms the Starbucks store.

Chester Creek Trail and lack of parking:
With the weather warming up, especially this weekend, the popularity of the Chester Creek Trail is exploding.  As we know, parking is an issue.  Nothing much I can say or do about that, but it is a situation the Chester Creek Trail group and local officials are aware of.

Tagine Renovations on State Street
I can't really tell what will happen to Tagine restaurant on State Street, but renovations of some sort are definitely going on inside.  It looks like a total re-model with exposure of the brick walls on either side of the restaurant.

A Beautiful view of Traffic
Prices are starting at $400s but that includes an amazing view of traffic just feet from your front door.  I doubt that'll be included in the marketing material, but the West End Walk homes are literally being built just feet from Baltimore Avenue.  No matter how nice these homes are, I don't know how they downplay this issue.  Coming out of Media at night must be even worse with headlights hitting these properties at all hours.

Suboxone comes to Sixth St.
When you pick a discarded Suboxone wrapper that someone left on your lawn, it really begins to sink in just how bad the opiate epidemic is.  I found this laying on the side of my house on 6th St last week.  I'm not sure how it got there, or if others have come across them in Media, but it's a troubling find.

Having known people who died from an overdose and others that fight these addictions, I have a lot of compassion for the issue.  I'm not insensitive to the needs of those who need Suboxone, but I write about this as an observation and concern for the community.

Swarthmore on the verge of something great
I'm quite impressed with the campaign has launched to bring liquor sales to their borough which has been dry for decades.  There's a lot of economic benefit by Swarthmore doing this, which will be most apparent towards the draw they would have for restaurants and eateries.  I'd even call it a potential economic renaissance based on what has happened to Media's State Street.

I think they are almost half way to the needed 1,000 signatures required to have it on the primary election ballot for the community to vote on.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Media's new Wawa is making strides towards completion

A lot of work was done this week on the new Wawa coming to Media, PA at Providence Road and Baltimore Avenue.  The framing is well underway with a new sidewalk running along parallel to State Street.

Expect to see the Wawa completed and ready to open sometime this March or April.

New Wawa coming to Media, PA

Friday, February 17, 2017

Media's own Dos Gringos Mexican restaurant located on Olive Street is now selling its popular homemade salsas through Swiss Farms.

Media's own Dos Gringos Mexican restaurant located on Olive Street is now selling its popular homemade salsas through Swiss Farms.

An incident report needs to be filed against Media's Incident Reporting Website - Public Stuff

Back in 2014 Media borough launched an effort called Public Stuff to assist residents and businesses with submitting incidents that needed the attention of the borough.  Typically, these dealt with overgrown trees, street light issues, dangerous conditions and environmental issues.  The concept had great promise and is used successfully by many muncipalities.

Unfortunately, Media Borough never took the time to adequately explain their Public Stuff incident management service on any level.  Those who did submit issues have seen them sit for months before anything was even addressed.  The concept of the tool is to provide efficient communication and status updates of issues being worked on.  It's not clear if the borough wasn't properly trained or if the service faltered due to lack of resources to manage it.

Sadly, the service found at with a section dedicated to Media, PA, is useless. Despite the month-long delays in acknowledging the issues, some have been flat-out closed without being fixed.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Congressional Rep. Meehan working on behalf of the 7th District

Here's the first Wawa in PA to sell beer.