Sunday, August 2, 2015

Iron Hill Restaurant in Media is now open with full bar and limited food menu

Penncrest Envirothon Takes 2nd Place in the Nation

Penncrest Envirothon takes 2nd place in the Nation!

Media in Two Minutes

Being an exceptionally busy news week in Media, I took a few minutes to watch the sunrise and get back to writing Media in Two minutes.  I've been preoccupied this summer, so M2M has taken a back seat for the last few months.   So here it is, coming from  S/V Fulcrum on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Fire at Iron Hill Brewery
There was a pretty serious fire that took place on the rooftop of Media's Iron Hill Brewery last week.  As of today, the restaurant is still temporarily closed as announced on their website.

Robbery at Citizens Bank
Of all the 23 or so banks in Media, thieves seem to like Citizens Bank on Baltimore Ave the most. Last Monday marked the second time in a year this bank has been robbed.

Bryn Mawr Running moves to Old Bill Battey's Location.
Not only a great move, but a great recommitment to Media and the many runners we have in the community.  No date yet on when the new store will be opened, but I'm looking forward to checking it out.

Missing Picasso FOUND
Well, details are still sketchy on how it was recovered, but the missing Picasso has been returned to the Media Police.  I was interested in seeing the footage from the security cameras, but that never materialized for the public and I'm not sure why.

Delco Lager coming to Delco!
There's only two kinds of beer I drink: Guinness and free.  However, I may give the "All Weather" beer brewed by 2SP Brewing Company a try.  You'll be able to order it at select restaurant locations in the next few weeks.  As for picking up a case, you'll have to wait unti 2016.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Media's Bryn Mawr Running store will be relocating to the former Front Street Fountain Building.

Bryn Mawr Running will moving from State Street and occupying the lower half
of the former Front Street Fountain Building.
It was once the location of Media's most iconic sporting goods store, Bill Battey's.  It was then extensively remodeled, and for a brief time, became Benjamin's Family Market back in 2010.  After the market closed within a year, it became a well known family restaurant called Front Street Fountain that lasted until 2015.

Today marks a new era with Bryn Mawr Running Co moving into this location from their current store located on State Street.  This is a great company with exceptional experience on everything related to running and jogging.

A special thanks to Bryn Mawr Running for their re-commitment to Media borough and the growing community of joggers we have here in town.

What is soon to be the "former" Bryn Mawr Running Media location on State St.

Small Fire Breaks Out on Roof of Iron Hill Brewery

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


The Great Media Art Heist!

I don't normally get to write about art heists and who knows if I ever will again, but what comes to mind, in a unique situation like this, is Inspector Clouseau and the hilarious calamity he always brought to the crime scene.  So here's my chance.

Here in Media, we recently experienced a dastardly act that entailed the theft of a well known Picasso painting.  Okay, so it was a replica on loan from the Philadelpha Art Museum; but still, it's a Picasso, a theft and an intriguing crime scene that just might even be worthy of Inspector Clouseau.

How could anyone think they could walk away scot-free with a painting while sitting underneath a surveillance camera?  Perhaps the addition of alcohol allowed for the courage to make this heist seem possible?  Either way, for the sake of nice gestures by the Philadelphia Art Museum, lets hope it's returned soon.

Monday, July 27, 2015

An End of an Era for the Old State Tavern - Good Luck, Andy!

A special Thanks to Andy for providing so many fond memories throughout the years at the Old State Tavern.  We wish him well and look forward to what the new management will have in store.

This brings up an interesting question though:  With Andy retiring, and Jerry from the Towne House doing the same a few weeks ago, who now holds the longest tenure as a Media area bartender?  We'll have to find's a impressive achievement.

Andy's last night at the Old State(crate) Tavern.

Outside Picasso Replica Stolen from Media, PA

Friday, July 24, 2015

Jefferson Square at the corner of Jefferson and Edgemont Streets is beginning to take shape.

Jefferson Square at the corner of Jefferson and Edgemont Streets is beginning to take shape.

Media's PA State Rep, Tom Killion sets the record straight!

Media's State Rep. Tom Killion (168th district) sets the record straight on the misleading mailers Gov. Tom Wolf has been sending to residents.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Media Borough Businesses do well in Main Line Today's "Best Of" 2015

Media Borough businesses gained quite a bit of recognition and awards through this year's Main Line Today's "Best Of" contest. Tonight at the Drexelbrook the winners will be featured. Here's a booth from Sorella displaying their award: "Best Prom Dresses on the Main Line". Nice Job!