Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Daughter of State Senate Candidate John Kane Calls Him a Liar

In a hotly contested state senate race that affects the borough of Media, Daughter of State Senate Candidate John Kane Calls Him a Liar

John Kane's Daughter, Stella Holgerson released the following statement via
DELCO Friends & Family: In November you're going to have to vote for a person for State Senate seat. One of these men is not who he says he is. He claims to be a family man, launching his campaign with a commercial with all of his children in it. Well, that commercial is missing someone. Me. 
As some of you already know, I never had a relationship with my father. I knew his name at a young age and around 20 I met him for the first and last time. After our meeting, despite telling me I could call him at any time, he changed his number and I haven't heard from him since. 
I outed myself on [Facebook] to his two eldest children 5 years ago, both of whom never knew I existed and were flabbergasted that their father had a child out of wedlock. They told several cousins and I've been lucky enough to have them as my [Facebook] friends and get to see what their lives are like despite my father, grandmother, and his siblings wanting no parts of me.
Unfortunately though, my father, John Kane, who pops up on my suggested friends list quite often, has never reached out to me. He's never acknowledged that I told his two eldest children about me, and he had not made mention to having a child in his early twenties on his webpage, although he's made mention to being a recovering alcoholic and having money issues. 
So, friends and family of Delaware Co., before you decide to vote for this man, remember that he's not REALLY a family man because if he were, not only would I be a part of his life but so would his grandson. 
I hope everyone understands that this post wasn't any easy decision. I've struggled with it for quite some time now because of the possible backlash I may receive, but I feel that people need to know who they are voting for. He isn't who he says he is and he should be responsible for his actions. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

What Time is Halloween in Media Borough?

There's been some confusion on what time Halloween starts and ends for trick-or-treaters on Oct 31st.  Some municipalities do designate a specific time like West Chester Borough who announced Halloween from time 6 to 8pm.

Here in Media there isn't an "official" time, though historically family and kids are out from sundown to about 8:30pm.  Two years ago there was discussion on moving Halloween trick and treating to a different evening to allow clean up from Hurricane Sandy. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Media in Two Minutes

In Media Today!
Despite the Eagles being off this week, there are two big events going on today.  First up, is the benefit for Fran Dunn at the Plumstead Inn this afternoon at 1pm.  Secondly, there is the Media VFW Crab Feast which has become a local favorite and goes from 3pm - 6pm.  Check out there FB page for more information.

Media looking to Borrow......for what?
Oct 16, 2014 Agenda Item
Interesting line item in this month's Borough Council agenda showing the consultant services of PFM Group.  It's not clear why this company was hired, but they do specialize in financial borrowing for municipalities.  What is Media looking to borrow and for what?  Are taxes about to go up?!?!?!

Condolences for the loss of Chili Dane
R.I.P Chili
Very sad news to hear the passing of Chili Dane, Media's most famous four-legged ambassador of State Street.  Chili was the deaf Great Dane that was often seen at the Plum Street mall with his owner Hank.  My deepest sympathy and condolences.

Edgemont and Jefferson lot.
People have noticed the heavy equipment onsite which looks to be getting ready for excavation. Well, it is.  It appears the plan is to move ahead with the "vertical townhomes" I mentioned way back when in this article.  Not a whole lot of information yet, but the fact they are beginning is a major milestone for this location.

Water Towers Painted
The Media water towers up on N. Monroe have finally been painted and look quite good.  In the grand scheme of things, that may not be big news, but I did report a few weeks ago that there were questions as to why they stopped.

Campaign Sign Season
So far, we haven't seen the bumper crop of campaign signs we normally see at this time of year.  I'm sure that'll change in the next few weeks, but at least it's not as bad as what goes on in Delaware and Maryland.  Down there, especially around Annapolis, they've had campaign signs out for weeks with sign sizes as big as 4'x8' in people's yards.

Santa's Parade this November 30th
I was invited down to take a look at the preparations for Media's First Annual Christmas Parade/Fun Run and I can tell you I was quite impressed.  Not only by the contributions from a host of sponsors, but also by how well this is organized.  The town is going to be pretty amazed by the acts alone, but the whole day should be quite special for Media.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Media Struggles to Staff Election Polls

From my own experience setting up voting machines at the Western Precinct at 6am;  Media has barely been able to staff the election polls year-to-year.  If you have time, Media would greatly appreciate any volunteers.  Even a few hours makes a difference for those who are there all day from 7am to 8pm.  Some of these positions are paid and training is provided by Delaware County. 

You can reach out to for further information or contact the county election office below.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Did the Sun set on Media’s Solar Projects?

A few years back, thanks to former Media council president  Pete Alyankian, Media was known for its vision and commitment towards installing solar panels on as many as 8 public buildings.  Media was also a big advocate for renewable energy that included programs to sign up for clean wind energy through PECO.  

These days, the only time I hear about solar power in Media, is when someone tells me one of the buildings is offline because no one is actively checking or reporting on it. 

Anyone use this?
Tesla Motors Knows Marketing!
As for grants and financing for these solar  projects ; I’ve not heard of one dollar being raised or applied for in years.  Has the Sun really set on Media’s Solar initiatives?  I hope not, but not much is being done to make me think otherwise.  Just this week I saw a Tesla S, which I now see routinely in Media; sitting literally feet from Media’s electric car charging station, which continues to be poorly advertised and woefully underutilized.  I’m quite sure the Tesla driver wasn’t even aware there was one that close.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, Media has an electric vehicle charging station behind the firehouse that’s connected into the solar panels on top of the building. 
Is Media Borough Really Advancing Solar?

If you follow what’s going on in these types of technologies, especially electric cars, you’ll know the name Elon Musk.  He didn’t invent the electric vehicle, but he sure has given it the panache that it’s been lacking.  Just last week, his company Tesla unveiled a model “D” that  is now one of the fastest production 4 doors on the planet.  It’s not just the technology that makes this special, but it’s also the presentation, enthusiasm and commitment to making it work.  In contrast, Media PA of all places could learn from that success.  Instead of having a recharging station in an obscure location; move it to the Olive St Parking garage and showcase the importance and commitment to these initiatives.  I imagine it’ll increase use 10 fold from where it's at now.  These kind of charging stations are routinely advertised for hotels in major cities, why not Media?  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Garden Cafe announces New Breakfast and Lunch Menus!

Garden Cafe located on Jackson Street announces their new Breakfast and Lunch menus.  
 Make sure to like them on Facebook to get the latest updates and news!  
Great food at great prices is a win-win for Media!

Sprint $50 unlimited plan. Good Coverage, Decent Deal, but does have limitations in Media

Currently Sprint is running a special that includes unlimited data, texting and voice for $50 a month.  Plus they'll give you an Iphone 6/Plus for signing up.  That to me was an eye-opener which I had to check out first hand a few weeks ago.  I saw the TV ads, maybe you did too.

Now, I know Sprint network is subpar compared to AT&T and Verizon, but to cut my cellular bill in half, I'd be willing to take a chance.  I'd also be willing to trade in my Iphone 5s for a 6, since I'm ineligible to do so currently with AT&T.  I liked AT&T and even praised their coverage and network quality, but this is easy math, savings and a new Iphone!

Here's the real story!
Okay, so here's what really happened!  Customer service was great and they set me up after about an hour.  However, as I expected, the fees add up quickly to the "$50" claim.  First off, I elected to get the Iphone 6, which includes a $20 monthly lease fee.  In addition, I elected for the insurance which runs another $11.  That said, the deal for me is actually $81 dollars a month.  That's about $25 less than what I paid for AT&T's service. What made the deal much better was that they gave me $361 for my Iphone 5s and applied it to my bill. Essentially,  I don't have a cell bill for the rest of the year.
Sprint Network not as good as AT&T's in Media, PA

You may be thinking, "Well, that doesn't sound so bad," but wait, there's more.  The coverage and the performance of the Sprint network, compared to AT&T and I suspect Verizon, is noticeably inferior. Coverage in Media is fair at best, but when you do get full connectivity via Sprint's LTE network, it's awesome!  As for Sprint's LTE It's just not as often as I'd like which adds up to less than 50% of the time.  Sprint does provide decent 3G coverage in Media, which is well, 3G.

I've been using Sprint now for a few weeks and have come to accept the limitations. Overall, it's not bad, but it's not great either.  In the end It's good enough that I don't regret leaving AT&T.

Important Medicine Drop Locations Throughout Delaware County.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

State Senate Candidate Tom McGarrigle received law enforcement endorsements today in Media, PA

Tom McGarrigle was in Media today for a press conference announcing endorsements from county law enforcement groups.  

·         Jack Whelan, Delaware County District Attorney
·         Mary McFall Hopper, Delaware County Sheriff
·         Joe Fitzgerald, President of Delaware County Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 27