Monday, March 27, 2017

We're not sure what prompted the judge to order a property re-assessment across the county, but KYW News Bureau Chief, Jim Melwert is working on the story.

UPDATE 3/27/17 3:15pm EST:

We're not sure what prompted the judge to order a property re-assessment across the county, but KYW News Bureau Chief, Jim Melwert is working on the story.

The 2017 Media Film Festival Trailer!

Enough vs too Much?

Similar questions are being asked in the suburbs too!

"The flood of units, many of them in newer luxury buildings, has been a product of — and in turn, has helped drive — Philadelphia’s increasing attractiveness as a place to live. But with so much new supply and more to come in the near future, regional observers have begun to ask a big question: Can all these Philadelphia apartments actually be filled?"

Friday, March 24, 2017

Congratulations to Kristen Connell, Media Elementary School who was selected as one of the recipients.

Congratulations to Kristen Connell, Media Elementary School who was selected as one of the recipients.
Posted by on Friday, March 24, 2017

Media/Elwyn Line Weekend Shuttle Bus Substitution - Saturday, March 25 & Sunday, March 26, 2017

Media/Elwyn Line Weekend Shuttle Bus Substitution

Saturday, March 25 & Sunday, March 26, 2017
Between Elwyn & University City Stations

Due to planned structural repairs on the Cobbs Creek Viaduct, Express and Local buses will replace ALL trains Saturday, March 25th and Sunday, March 26th between Elwyn and University City Stations.

Customers should read the information and check the timetables below as shuttle bus times are different from regularly scheduled train times.

Philadelphia Flower Show: Please note, trains will operate as regularly scheduled during the Flower Show (March 11-19, 2017)

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ahh, yes! Nothing like a 2016 Pinot Gris from Grace Winery.

Penncrest High School Presents -Shrek The Musical - March 24/25 2017

The show is Shrek the Musical and it is March 24-26th. Friday and Saturday night at 7:00pm and Saturday and Sunday at 2:00. Tickets are 12.00 adult, 10.00 student and 8.00 for seniors and kids under 8. We will be selling Shrek ears while supplies last and there will be a concession stand as well. The kids have worked for weeks and community members have all pitched in to do sets and costumes etc. It is going to be a great, family friendly show with a great message!

Dylan Protesto tied a @NCAA_Lax record Wednesday for fastest goal to start a game 3 SECONDS!!

Patrick Killian, Director of the Delaware County Commerce Center, was named 2016 “Economic Developer of the Year”

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Check out Media's Newest Restaurant - Yia's It's all Greek to Me! Welcome to Media!

No thanks to Media Borough Council. Measurable results have taken place since the passing of Act 89

No thanks to Media Borough council who actually had to take a vote on this to determine when a letter should be sent; measurable results have taken place since the passing of Act 89, thankfully.

Three and a half years later, Media is still plagued by the same disorganized, clueless politicians.

Sept. 2013

Hall moved for authorization to send such a letter, but Councilman Paul Robinson said he thought it was premature. Robinson’s impression was that Mayor Bob McMahon may have already been in contact with the legislators on the “seriousness” of the issue.

“(Council) can move on it later. I think it is jumping the gun,” said Robinson.

Council persons Monica Simpson and Eric Stein said they believed such action was appropriate since the legislature will be in budget talks upon reconvening. The 5-1 vote, with Robinson opposed, was to forward a letter which will be signed by Hall and McMahon, but likely not include all name of council members.

Delco Times

Encouraging news for potentially a lot of jobs in Delaware County.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mediterranean Cuisine Never Looked So Good in Delaware County's Wine Country

If you ever travel the beautiful roads of Delaware County's wine country (aka Thornbury) there's one place you might want to check out.  Byrsa Bistro!

I've heard about this place for a few months now, but didn't think is was much more than a regular "Cafe" attached to the recently opened Orvis store in Glen Mills, PA.  While riding by a few weeks ago, I was intrigued enough to stop by.  While circling the parking lot I had second thoughts as I didn't want to get off my bike, take off my helmet and stop what was a great ride that day.  I'm glad I chose to stay and check it out.

Walking up the brick walkway I could tell this wasn't just a place for cheap coffee and $2 danishes, it was a whole lot more. A lot more than what I expected.  That's for sure.

Entering the patio area I could tell there had been some serious attention to detail creating the setting. Even more so when entering the main room.  It immediately reminded me of a Mediterranean-esque inn, which is what the Byrsa is trying to pull off, and does so authentically.

I sat down at the coffee bar and took in how elegantly laid out the place was.  With sectioned dining rooms and outdoor seating, it's much more than a cafe.  In fact, they serve brunch and are very well known for their dinners.  Being a BYOB, with plenty of parking and a fancy menu; it's definitely worth a try even for breakfast, lunch or brunch.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Media Borough Council complain Mayor McMahon is haphazard towards public safety discussions

It's evident by the Media Borough Council meetings viewable on Youtube, that Mayor Bob McMahon isn't respecting the position he holds or even able to get the job done.  Here's another video where he's unprepared.   In the January meeting he was again reprimanded over lack of communication and even called "Haphazard" regarding pubic safety discussions.

Speaking of which, it's almost been a year since residents from 5th and 6th streets signed petitions wanting enforcement of speeding and stop sign roll-throughs.  I attended the meeting first hand to see what would be accomplished.  Outside of a radar display sign the borough didn't know how to use, not one thing has been done towards these requests.  The mayor and Media Borough don't even discuss it anymore.

New Italian Restaurant Coming to Upper Providence?

UPDATE: 3/21/17 -Dominic's restaurant makes announcement today that they are leaving their Media location on State Road. A new location and menu will be forthcoming. Thanks for being a part of Media.

Changes are happening at Dominics Roast Beef in Upper Providence which has been open for service since 2014.  With reportedly new ownership taking over, the plan that we're hearing, is to make this into an Italian restaurant.  Specifics are still being worked out, but expect more news in the coming weeks.