Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Slideshow of Houtman Park Improvements

Here's a slideshow of the improvements going on at Houtman Park in Media/Upper Providence.

Media Borough Comments on Surviellance Cameras at September's (2014) meeting.

Surveillance Cameras on State Street Poorly explained.
Here's video of last week's borough council meeting about the proposed surveillance cameras to be installed on State Street.  It appears a protocol of procedures on how these cameras would work was passed around among borough council, but I've not found anywhere (i.e. where these are publicly viewable.  Not even a FAQ that further explains what, when, who, how long, etc,

If Borough Council is concerned, then why aren't they comprehensively outlining and presenting this information to the public.  When will the results of the Public Safety meeting be released and what were the questions discussed?

Lastly, the cost of this project was not discussed, which is another big, unexplained issue.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Media in Two Minutes


VFW Monthly Breakfast Today!
It's the last Sunday of the month which means it's the VFW's Sunday breakfast.  Check out the best deal in town with all you can eat buffet including made to order omelets.   Adult $8, Kids $4 under 2 eat free.  11 Hilltop Road, Media PA  (8 to 11am)

Tiny Homes
Because people like clever ideas and affordable housing,  I include a few stories on a popular movement called "Tiny Homes"  They are also known as "backyard offices", but both combine ways to use space/housing efficiently.   Here's a home that even Oscar the Grouch would find impressive.  It's the world's tiniest home in a 6x6 dumpster.  

Penncrest Football Loses to Haverford
Recovering an on-sides kick in the fourth quarter was a start for a comeback, but there just wasn't enough time for the Lions football team to pull off a win last Friday night.  Penncrest went on to lose 24-14 against the Haverford Fords on Friday.

One neat feature with Penncrest games, is the ability to watch them live via a free service called High school Cube.  They broadcast most Penncrest games, not just football, in HD (720).  With announcers and different camera angles, it's a great service.

Dominic's Opens in Upper Providence
Dominic's Restaurant
If you're looking for hot roast beef sandwiches, and by that I mean something like Nick's roast beef, well, you have a new place to try.  Dominic's Roast Beef is open for business.  I haven't yet had a chance to try it, but the place looks nice.

A couple things:  1) Yes, this was the Dominic's that vacated the Granite Run Mall location and moved to Upper Providence.  2) This place is currently located where the former Upper Providence Grill was, and perhaps more importantly, where the original Casa Mano's restaurant was that was well liked by the community.

Was Houtman Park a Dump?
Interesting artifacts at Houtman Park
I swung down to see how the renovations were going for the Houtman park project and it looks like things are well underway.  What was interesting thought was a excavated ditch that had a number of glass bottle artifacts lying around its perimeter.  I also found dug up, what looked like a automobile steering assembly and a very old industrial tank.  

I'm not sure what the history is of Houtman park and why there may have been so many bottles and artifacts, but the heavy equipment on site is making progress.

Media Borough's 2014 Leaf Pick-up Schedule
Here are the dates for Media's leaf pick-up.  For those new to towm, you can leave leaf piles curbside and the borough's highway department will pick up free of charge.  Check the schedule to see when they come by your area.

It won't be long now until SLIGO of Media opens their second restaurant out at the Concordville Town Center.  Opening date is expected sometime in October and will include a much bigger facility than what's currently in Media.  Congrats to owner, Ed Lawlor and the Sligo team with their latest creation.  Sligo in Media is one of my favorites.  I look forward to seeing the new place.

Media Borough Council Mis-handles Surveillance Cameras
What is Media Borough Council doing?  They are certainly not paying attention to the community and the hundreds of comments scattered across many websites debating the proposed surveillance cameras.  Not until it was reported by the delcotimes did any of them step up and address, communicate or discuss this situation.  

I was told yesterday by a few people that the Public Safety commission has already begun to back pedal on the issue stating something to the affect "We don't make policy we just make recommendations."  Okay, so that translates to: Media Borough's already made up their mind, so expect surveillance cameras.

Apparently there is a public safety meeting tomorrow (Mon 9/29) to discuss the issue, but there's no information on  What's going on?

As for Mayor McMahon, he's not doing his job.  Here's mayor Tom Micozzie from Upper Darby using Facebook routinely to keep his community informed on important matters.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Missing Dog Alert

UPDATE: 9/26/14 7:00am EST: Phil the dog has been found.  Thanks for everyone's concern.

Nether Providence Sobriety Check Point - Don't Drink and Drive, Take Uber

Nether Providence Sobriety Check Point - Don't Drink and Drive, Take Uber

Big Party in Media This Saturday to Celebrate Delaware County's 225th Birthday

Get ready for a BIG party planned this Saturday at the courthouse to celebrate Delaware County's 225th Birthday.  Here's a video from NBC and County Chairman, Tom McGarrigle about the event.

If you liked the Media 5 Miler, You'll Really Like This!

A lot more details to come, but save the date for the next biggest race in Media - The Santa Fun Run and Walk!
Also stayed tuned for a Santa Parade
 on State Street this November.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

For those who want to be in good hands, this is worth a try!
There's nothing like a massage, but don't take my word for it - take Janine's.   Janine recently opened Comfort Zone Massage that's located on 211 West State Street, Suite 201.  She's been practicing since 2003 and specializes in a host of services: Swedish (relaxing), Deep Tissue (release more Toxins), Reflexology (hands and feet trigger points), Therapeutic (Focus on specific pain area), and many more techniques.  

For convenience you can schedule online and follow updates and specials via their webpage and Facebook sites.   There's no reason not to stop in an welcome Janine to Media.  In fact, with a September special for new clients $45 for 60 minutes, it might be the best visit you make.  They are also running an unbeatable groupon special too.

Welcome to Media!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Media in Two Minutes


I have a huge backlog of stuff to work on this month, so those who have reached out, I'll get to you as soon as I can.  There are some new businesses in town that I think are really useful and I want to make sure people know about them.

I'd also like to recognize at least one person on Media borough council who stepped up an questioned the surveillance cameras proposed for State Street.  It's a serious topic that should at least be fully vetted as many in this town seem to agree.  Looks like the issue has been tabled for further review.  Keep up the good work.

Tiny Homes with a Small Experience:
I liked the idea of tiny homes and the design that went into building these clever structures with minimalist confines.  Affordable housing in Media is almost non-existent, so some people where intrigued by the possibilities of maybe having one in their back yard as a guest house of small office.  However, everyone needs 'space' which looks to be the drawback when it's you an someone else living in one of these.  Here's a good story on what it was like when two family members lived in one.

Here's the same concept but build as tiny house on the water.  I don't think you'll see these on the docks of Essington anytime soon, but these would be pretty neat on Lake Travis, Austin TX.

Fortune 500 hundred company interested in Franklin Mint
We will see where this goes, but the Franklin Mint site is under a lot of pressure from the recent news by the Granite Run Mall's owners and their plans for a full-fledged town center.  You can't put two town centers right next to each other, so look for an update on this in the coming weeks.

Water Towers painted, almost
I was asked why they stopped painting the two large water towers located behind the Media Youth Center.  I don't know.  It looks like they completed one and not the other.  Once I get an answer, or you know what happened, please share.  

Media 5 Miler Questions
I actually had a sponsor of this race reach out to me and ask what was going with the finance and management of the Media 5 Miler.  That led in part to my post last week along with residents questioning the same thing.

So, someone posted a tax return they found online from 5 years ago, which only led to more questions.   Those who read it weren't so sure the numbers were adding up.

Innovation is more than just Super Sunday
Media needs to do a much better job at improving its vision and innovation for the residents and businesses of this town.  Especially as being the county seat for an area so close to a major metropolitan corridor.  With so many new technology ideas, smart communities and collaborative business efforts taking place, why can't we host a State Street event to showcase these new ideas for living, working and communicating? 

I'd love to have companies come in a do a electric car demonstration along with e-motorcycles and e-scooters.  How about a presentation on solar and how your home thermostats and fire alarms can be setup to your smartphone?  Biking and public transportation would be a great topic on their own.  Here's a neat design for a bike.

RTM almost ready for CNG School Buses
Looks like with the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fueling station completed next to the bus depot at Penncrest, it won't be long until the full system is on line.  From what I understand two buses are in the process of being converted to this fuel and will be in service shortly.

A special thanks to the RTM School Board and State Representative, Tom Killion for their efforts and vision to make this happen.

Delaware County turns 225!
A  big event planned for next weekend as the county celebrates its 225th birthday.