Friday, June 14, 2019

Someone wanted to get there point across on State Street.

The former Quincy's store on State Street has been bored up for remodeling.  
Unfortunately, it proved to be an irresistible muse for someone.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Great to see people getting involved with the ideas they have for the community. Borough Council Candidate, Michael Straw recommends proclamation for Pride Month at last night's boro meeting.

At yesterday night's Council meeting Mr. Straw, a Republican candidate for Borough Council requested that Media Borough celebrate pride month in 2019 by including a proclamation in its June agenda. Straw, who is openly gay, said that he thought it would be nice to recognize the LGBTQ community and Pride Month in 2019

Chester, PA Fire Commissioner, and Penncrest Alumni, Bill Rigby (Class of 1987) gives update on hazmat situation in Chester.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Litigate over legislate?

Congressional Rep. Scanlon balks at Trump Impeachment. "I wouldn't right now. I think we have a lot of work to do to get there. It's not something you jump into. There's so many important avenues of investigation that we're not finished with.”

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Expect travel delays starting May 6th as Aqua installs new water main between N. Olive St and Kirk Lane on Providence Rd.

UPDATE 5/719: 

Work between  N. Olive St and Kirk Lane on Providence Rd. will now be done at night to limit interruptions to school, emergency services and businesses

Kate Smith last seen in Chester on a flatbed truck. Chester Matters Blog has the details

A new parking garage in Media? A conversation worth having but borough council failed to even raise it and voted unanimously to spend another approximate $1,000,000 to repair Olive St garage.

After spending ~$900,000 in 2014 to repair Olive Street Garage, Borough Council voted last week (unanimously) to spend another $960,000 to repair the same structure.  It wasn't even asked by any member of council as to why we are again paying for repairs,  let alone any discussion on the replacement cost of the structure.  Why? 

What repairs are being done in 2019 that wasn't done in 2014?  Are they the same repairs and who is signing off on the completed work?  "Apparent lack of maintenance" as reported by Structure Care?  Why hasn't there been an explanation for this?

Olive St. Garage is over 50 years old and only holds spaces for about 250 cars.  That
amount may have been realistic back in the 60's, but there are literally 3 times as many more cars on the road today with a new restaurant of some type opening in Media every other month.   One of which the New Towne House will bring a noticeable bump in visitors.   The need for more parking is definitely worth the discussion.  

If we're to assume almost a $1,000,000 is needed every five years for repairs, at what point does a replacement cost come into play? Like, now?  Even if a new garage is $8-10 million, the borough would have had a good chunk of it just in the last five years based money saved on repair costs.