Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Friday, January 18, 2019

SEPTA has advised the Township that they will request of PennDOT a total weekend closure of Route 1 for removal of the rail bridge adjacent to Chester Creek located in Middletown Township from February 8-10.

Media Borough Council rescinds highly controversial MERC Zoning. Federal litigation dropped by BLCC

Last night during the monthly meeting, Media Borough Council rescinded their highly controversial MERC zoning decision returning the BLCC property back to R2 status.  This, in turn, ended the Federal litigation brought about by BLCC.  

Much to the dismay of the Friends of the Glen Providence Park leaders and Councilwoman Lisa Johnson, the highly contentious meeting gave way to a shouting match.  At one point the meeting was stopped and an executive session called in order to work out the issue.

The short of it: the planning of the work to repair the bridge has resumed.  Nothing is really expected to happen until 2020.  Then again, Media Borough Council has been anything but truthful with their handling of the matter.  As far as anyone knows, they are still in Contempt of Court over their lack of progress. At one point, a former member of council was even caught providing a website for an opposition group who was actively lobbying council against repairing of Third Street Bridge.  The reasons why this project hasn't be completed are plain to see - personal agendas over the good of the community. 

With every inch of land being developed in and around Media, it's probably not long before developers serious look at what can be done with the property.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Coffee Coming Soon to State Street

The new coffee shop coming to State Street looks like it'll be on schedule to open sometime in the expected February timeframe.  Ocean City Coffee Company will be a great addition to the town. 

Liquor Application

The site of the former Towne House restaurant has posted a new liquor application.  Back in February 2016, an application was posted but the name of the applicant was different.    Transfers like this happen, so it's not unusual.

Based on the demolition that's been going on for the last few weeks, things are really moving fast.  Part of the roof from the original structure has been removed while the interior has been totally gutted.

Removal of the back of the original Towne House Restaurant structure.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Veterans Square Garden Completed

Here's what the new Veterans Garden off of State Street looks like.  What was mostly just a slab concrete walkway along the Verizon CO building,  has been transformed into a much more inviting, practical and useful area. 

Monday, December 17, 2018

"Wawa Effect" felt by Swiss Farms. Closes Rose Tree Location after 50 years.

The new Super Wawa opened in Media last year was definitely a challenge for the Swiss Farms in Rose Tree, but by being flanked by a second Wawa that opened in Upper Providence appears to have been too much.

After 50 years, the Swiss Farms in Rose Tree is officially closing down as shown by their signage out front.  Sadly, this was a great asset to the Media area and one that will be surely missed.