Sunday, March 18, 2018

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Another Storefront on State Street

With the recent closure of the Turning Point Gallery and efforts underway to clean out the storefront, this looks to be another desirable location on State Street.  No word yet on what may occupy the space.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Brush up on your Deutsche, the Biergartens are coming to State Street

Rumored to be closing soon.

Two beer gardens, or beer halls, are expected to open on State Street in the coming weeks/months. One of which will become what was the interior patio attached to Spasso's Restaurant, which I believe will also include modifications to the Veterans Wall to open up the space a bit.  Not yet sure what will happen to the Veteran's plaque honoring those who served in foreign wars, but it could possibly be moved to the Veteran's Museum which is located under Trader Joe's.

As for the second one, well, that's a little more involved.  Apparently, the rumor going around is that Joclyn's will be closing this month.  With my experience with business closures, three things usually happen:  1) The closing is downplayed or flat-out denied. 2) I'm told I have no idea what I'm talking about. 3) Sales for said business go on a meteoric rise with nostalgic folks getting in their last visit and goodbye.

Joclyn's served its time and did it very well for decades, but gosh does this bar show every one of those hard-drinking years.  In the 90's it was right there with"most popular bar to go to" along world-famous Packy's Pub (now Sligo) just down the stairs.  If fact, there were so many people in both places at its height,  it was often easier to go downstairs to use the bathrooms in Packy's than Jocylyn's (It might still).  Everyone who went has a "remember that night at Joclyn's?" story and I'd be willing to bet they through more people out of the place than all the other bars in Media combined.  People did like the large deck that offered a unique experience for Media and was no doubt the original DUTS "drinking under the stars."

I don't always get these things right, but I'm pretty sure this is in the works.  To that end, what is expected to replace Joclyn's is Jasper Hall (named after Jasper St. (behind State St.), or something like that.  Food for the beer hall will be provided by the Lariele Pizza which is owned by the same owner.  Nice, synergy there, or can I say vertical market, literally.

Either way, great ideas for Media and looking forward to them, even though my two favorite beers are Guinness and "free." Maybe I'll make an exception for Spaten!

Former Quincy's storefront about to hit the market.

A desirable storefront on State Street getting ready to hit the market soon.  Details will be available in the coming week.

Jes Made Bakery in Lenni to close

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Tempers flare outside of Trader Joe's as political party solicits signatures for petitions

Things became a bit tense on Saturday on the sidewalk outside of Trader Joe's as signatures were being solicited for political candidates.  I received complaints that the size and position of the solicitors were making passage on the walkway challenging, along with blocking the entrance to the Veteran's Museum.  After a pedestrian requesting the group to move, which led to the threat of police assistance and a complaint from the Veteran's Museum, one of the volunteers angrily called the pedestrian "scum of the earth."

Don't politicize Media's Trader Joe's!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Save the date (Sat. May 19th) for a Media Tradition - Craft Brewfest 2018

For event information, participating breweries and purchasing tickets, click here!  Proceeds go to the Media Youth Center.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

New American Flags Needed in Media, Borough

Media needs to replace the American flags with new ones.  
By Trader Joe's, Spasso's and at the Borough Hall.


The flag has been replaced and it looks like the one by the Veteran's Wall (Spasso's) was replaced too.


The flag has since been removed from Trader Joes, so something is happening.  We'll keep you posted on developments.  Thanks for your support and comments on the matter.

As of 3/13, the tattered flag has been removed.

Media Youth Center Hall of Fame Dinner - March 24, 2018

Lynda McLaughlin
Paul Robinson
Mary Hefferan-Everlof
Betsy Morris-Walters
Appetizers/Gathering @ 6pm
Dinner @ 7pm

Please join us on March 24, 2018 at our Hall of Fame Dinner
Location: Media Youth Center
Time: Appetizers/Gathering @ 6pm with Dinner @ 7pm
**Players who are nominated as a FINALIST for an award receive one free child's ticket**  Please send an email to RSVP for Finalist Award Nominees to

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Media Borough fails to act on crucial state grant needed for Third Street bridge they received in 2011. Will need to re-apply

Back in 2011, Media Borough received a state grant from then, State Senator Dominic Pileggi in the amount of $650,000 towards completing the Third Street Bridge project.  This allowed the project to clear a financial hurdle that at the time was crucial.

At the February 2018 meeting,  Media Borough Council showed just how badly the project and financing have been handled.   Due to these grants expiring, Media Borough had to re-apply for the grant due to no plan in place to proceed with the repair.  The DEP is still waiting for Media to submit a permit.   Having to re-apply for a grant towards a major infrastructure improvement for the borough shows a total lack of fiduciary responsibility and legislative direction.

The big question now is: will the money still be available or has it been repurposed?

Media has its own Oscar award and it's pretty cool

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Design plans are moving along for the 5th Street pocket park, but why hasn't anything been done on Third Street Bridge?

From the conceptual drawings, things are moving along for the 5th Street pocket park that's been driven by its own specific committee.  What's unclear is why Media Borough hasn't had the same focus on the Third Street Bridge project, which would provide an important access to and from Media.

Based on the information I've seen from the DEP, they are still waiting for the borough to submit their application before they can even begin their review and implementation process.  After being found in contempt of court and having a former councilperson pay for an undisclosed website that was used to lobby against the bridge; it may be another strategy of obstruction to slow roll the process.