Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Middletown Township undergoing big changes.

I couldn't believe the vastness of the former Franklin Mint site until I drove by it a few weeks ago. Development is happening as far as the eye can see.  WOW!  

I hope to get up there in the coming weeks to photograph and write about the unprecedented changes.  Looks like the Septa R3 line out to Wawa is coming along too. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

2019 Turkey Drive in Media, PA

One week to go and the list keeps growing. Media Food Bank, St Marks Food Center, Nativity Pantry, Mother’s Home, The Well Full Gospel Baptist Church, Black Jack Kehoe Div 4 Delco AOH. If your planning on helping out I would suggest to shop soon as stores locally will sell out. Frozen turkey/breasts and all the trimmings for thanksgiving. Please share share share.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Beer and wine coming to Media's Acme.

Much like what was done at the Granite Run Mall Acme back in 2015, Media's store is setting up to sell beer too.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

New bar coming to State Street in Media, PA

Villa of Colors nail bar is coming to State Street.  This business will occupy the former site of Quincy's Market at the corner of State and Jackson St.

Monday, October 28, 2019

PENNDOT waiting on action from Media Borough and Delaware County regarding advancement of the Media 3rd St. Project.

A reader submitted this email response from PennDot updating them on the status of the Third St. Bridge repair.  Contrary to updates given by Media Borough Council, PennDot is clearly waiting on action from Media Borough and Delaware County in order to organize project.

This e-mail is in response to your 10/7/2019 correspondence concerning the project to improve the 3rd Street crossing of Broomall’s Run adjacent to the Broomall’s Lake County Club (BLCC) and Delaware County’s Glen Providence Park. 

Please be advised that this project is a “local” project and that Media Borough (not PennDOT) is leading the development of the project.  It is our understanding that Media Borough is doing so in consultation and cooperation with BLCC and Delaware County in accordance with a stipulation agreement. 

Concerning the project development status it is my understanding that the formalization of the detailed O&M arrangements for the proposed dam have yet to be memorialized and that Delaware County has yet to respond concerning the Borough’s correspondence (attached) related to the applicability of the Section 2002 No Adverse Use Finding. 

Should the local parties continue to desire the advancement of the project, I would urge the parties to formalize the detailed dam O&M arrangements as soon as possible.  The absence of the same precludes the completion of the ROW Plans and the finalization of the Act 120 Environmental Documentation.  The second attached document indicates the status of the project development activities and identifies remaining activities that will need to be completed for advancement of the project.

Should you have any further questions related to the Department’s involvement in the project, please feel free to reach out to Design Portfolio Manager Tim Stevenson at 610.205.6820 or via e-mail at tstevenson@pa.gov.


Kenneth M. McClain | District Executive
PA Department of Transportation | Engineering District 6-0
7000 Geerdes Boulevard | King of Prussia, PA 19406-1525
Phone: 610-205-6661 | Fax: 610-205-6915

Saturday, October 26, 2019

BIG INFLUENCE trying to buy Delco's District Attorney's Seat

George Soros has been funding state races in PA for years, especially for state senate.  Now the Inquire uncovers money being funneled to Delco's District Attorney candidate Jack Stollsteimer.

Based on recently released campaign finance reports, Stollsteimer and the Delaware County Democrats have benefitted from Soros’ money with polling and research, as well as campaign mailers.  As of the date of the filing, Soros has made $130,000 in donations backing Stollsteimer and the Delco Democrats.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Let's see how good county councilman Brian Zidek is at fighting corruption.

Let's see how good county councilman Brian Zidek is at fighting corruption in Delco.  

Brian Zidek standing next to Dr. Carolyn Collins Chairwoman of Women's Democratic Club of Delaware County and the First Vice Chair of the Pennsylvania Federation of Democratic Women. Dr. Collins was arrested and charged in an embezzlement scheme that involved stealing over one million dollars from over 100 victims.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

New Mexican Restaurant Coming to Media. A work stoppage at Towne House? Gangster Vegan closes?

Pancheros is coming to the Media Shopping Center (next to new Starbucks).  You can check them out on Facebook.  No word yet on an opening date.

Speaking of an opening date, what's up with what seems like a work stoppage at the new Towne House Restaurant?  No work has been done in the last few weeks.

Gangster Vegan closed? Wow.

Lastly, looks like a nail salon is coming to the former site of Quincy's.