Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Olive Street Garage: This is not only unacceptable, it's dangerous

Today 2/19/19, this shot was taken raising even more questions about Olive Street Garage.  Is this garage acceptable, safe or even legal?

Since supposedly being repaired at the cost of ~$900,000 in 2014 the list grows supporting the position that Olive Street Garage never really was.  Not only that, there was never any explanation or recourse pursued by Media Borough Council to recoup the money spent for the repair.

With many businesses in dire need of parking, having something like this mismanaged is unacceptable.  Not just mismanaged, but multiple times.

August 2018

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Penncrest Alumni William Rigby promoted to Commissioner of the City of Chester Fire Department

Candidate for Media Borough Council understands quick growth, importance of 3rd Street Bridge and parking frustrations

Media, PA - Michael Straw of Media, declared his candidacy for Borough Council today. Mr. Straw has been endorsed by the Media Borough Republican Committee.

"I have a passion for public service and helping government work for everyone. I have spent the last few years helping other candidates in their own efforts to serve, which has been a rewarding experience. I feel now, however, that I have been presented an opportunity to make a difference in my own right in Media Borough."

"In my candidacy, I will seek to bring a fresh perspective to Media's Borough Council. One that will help us solve the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities that our small town will face in the future."

"One of the primary goals for the Borough Council for the next few years will be to get the 3rd Street Bridge rebuilt and work to rebuild a working relationship with the BLCC. We must work with all of the individuals in the Borough to get the 3rd Street Bridge back to reality and not an entity of the past."

"Secondly, we need to look to the severe parking constraints we are seeing in the Borough and look into different solutions, such as a new parking garage, parking lot, or renovations to current structures, to accommodate an increase in parking demand that we have seen in Media."

"Finally, we need someone who understands what quick growth can do to a community. Having lived in communities that have grown at incredible rates, I know what is necessary to ensure that if this level of growth is sustained, and that we plan ahead and expand our utilities accordingly."

"I believe Media Borough has everything that a thriving community needs to sustain itself; a wonderful arts community, a nightlife that is welcoming to all, recreational opportunities, and a great education system. I want to continue all of what makes our small town great! I also believe that we will be able to enhance and modernize some of the Borough's facilities which will make our community even stronger."

"I look forward to an exciting campaign and to meeting all of the residents of Media Borough."

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Factory Donuts "Coming Soon"

Factory Donuts still has their soon to open Media location as "Coming Soon" but I don't have a time frame of when that will be.  This is a much-anticipated opening for Media judging by the daily questions I get about it.

Public Opinion on Third Street Bridge forces Media Borough's hand, but there's a hefty political price to pay.

Media Borough Council turned on the faction who not only lead the infamous CAC (Chaired by Paul Robinson) and public opinion campaigns but ran candidates Lisa Johnson and Amy Johnson who many believe were solely put forth to scuttle the plans for the Third Street Bridge.  Both Lisa and Amy defeated the endorsed candidates of the Media Democrats, which no doubt shook the local party. 

Campaign Literature of Media Democrats 2011. 
It's nice of them to think of the FROGS over taxpayers and businesses

Why all of the sudden is Media Borough Council now playing nice with BLCC and “rescinding”  spot zoning against BLCC and coming to an agreement?  Especially after council dodged a federal lawsuit leveled by BLCC? Pure and simple, Public Opinion! They now realize it could (and should) cost them their jobs if there is no bridge.  Problem is, they've wasted decades and millions of dollars playing politics over a bridge that ultimately found them in contempt of court.

When you have local news teams covering the lack of progress on the issue and planes flying over with banners, it’s hard to justify stalling any longer, even over politics.  It’s even more so now that congestion in and around Media is A LOT more noticeable than what it was even five years ago. 

Lastly, I'd like to welcome back Borough Manager Jeff Smith who tendered his resignation a few weeks back.  I understand his reasons for wanting to move on and don't blame him.   Luckily, the borough was able to get him back.  In my opinion and writing over 3,000 articles related to Media, PA, NO ONE has had more of an impact on Media's success than Jeff and his team.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Monday, February 4, 2019

Bad Flag Management

For a county seat, it's a shame that Media doesn't understand the rules for flying flags at half staff.  On December 2,  the president directed flags be flown at half-staff for 30 days to honor the memory of former President George H. Bush.

It's now February 4, 2019 and the flags are still being flown at half-staff.  Just as bad, the flags are in poor shape and should be replaced.

Tattered flag over the Media Wall of Honor that should have been returned to full-staff over a month ago.

New Media Towne House expected to open in two phases.

The new Media Towne House is looking to capitalize on the success of Media's Dining Under the Stars by featuring a permanent outdoor courtyard space. The eatery is expected to open up in two phases based on a report by the Daily Times.   The first phase with bars, casual dining and patio is expected to be ready in May.  Fine dining will be located in a different part of the building and is set for sometime this fall.

It's important to note that construction and other delays are possible, so precise timing could change.  For up to date information, check out their Media Towne House Facebook Page.

Penncrest Alumni Jonah Jackson making headlines! #penncrestproud

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Video from Media Borough Council's Jan 2019 meeting.

Video from Media Borough Council's Jan 2019 meeting.  Full version can be view here.

This is a disturbing trend of Media's elected officials made up of entirely Democrats, not being prepared.  

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The video of last week's borough council meeting really tells the story of how bad things are on council.

Councilwoman Lisa Johnson fails to understand not only the lawsuit filed against Media Borough, but she also fails to understand/realize she was actually named in it with other council people.

After watching how badly these meetings go with people clearly unprepared, there should be no wonder why things like the Third Street Bridge aren't getting done.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Big changes announced for Elwyn Institute.

Elwyn notified Middletown Township that they will be making major changes to their care model.  Changes include selling some parts of the +500 acres they own in Middletown and Edgmont to fund the new strategy.