Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Ever Happened To Chadds Peak Ski Area? Check this out!

If you grew up in the area during the 70's and 80's and had any liking towards skiing, you probably remember a small, but fun little ski area located out in Chadds Ford.  It wasn't big and only took a couple of minutes (seconds) to leisurely ski down, but there was no other place you could go to ski in the morning and be back home for lunch.

A mere 20 minute ride from Media, PA., made Chadds Peak a popular outing for many.  The place was packed on the weekends especially after the holidays when everyone was eager to give their new equipment a test run.  For some, this slope was the first experience they had with skiing.  It was for me.  I was in first grade when I received lessons and what now looks tiny now, looked huge back then.  In fact, it was known as "Switzerland in your backyard!"

The place had a ski lodge and rentals with both a rope tow and poma lift on two separate runs.  A big pond sat to the left with snow making equipment placed around the slopes.  They had lights too, which made for a great time after school skiing for the Penncrest team.  Though it couldn't be compared to anything in the Pocono's, it did provide for a lot of fun afternoons and evenings growing up. A LOT OF FUN!

So whatever became of Chadds Peak?  It's still there, but hardly recognizable from the glory days.  The house and barn where the ski lodge was are still standing, but you can't tell that there was ever any ski slopes.  The woods on both sides have re-claimed the area on the hill with mature trees.  Both parking lots on ether side of the entrance are still there, but are now low-cut fields.  In fact, if you're not paying attention, finding the entrance can be challenging. 

From what I understand an Investment/Development company owns the property and aside from a erecting a few shed/barn structures, have left the land untouched.  There are some housing developments around the premeter, but not overbearing.

Aside from the pictures below, here are some great photos and comments from the former owner and people who cherished this small bump with snow on it.


  1. Now there is a step back in time! Thanks for the memories!

  2. Chadds Peak shaped my outlook on sking for life!

  3. 1966 5 th grade still skiing thanks Chads Peak

  4. I learned to ski there at the age of 21 way back in winter 1981.

  5. I learned to ski there at the age of 21 way back in winter 1981.

  6. I was 10 when I learned to ski there in '82