Friday, February 15, 2013

Political Games and Lack of Leadership taking a Toll on Media, PA

Media Boro Council - Creating more problems than solving
If you'd like to see how hard it is to raise funding for infrastructure projects across the country and especially in Pennsylvania, take look at last week's Wall Street Journal article "States Look to Pay Repair Tab."  With Pennsylvanian having some of the worst infrastructure woes, it's easy to see that a lot of bridges, roads and tunnels are going un-repaired due to lack of money.  

Media, PA is no different as the town has its own infrastructure challenge, but AMAZINGLY we don't have the problem that virtually everyone else does when it comes to funding.  We have a problem with Media Borough Council who after 17 years and receiving a fully funded bridge from a prior council, still can't get the job done!  Inability and political games are blocking this bridge, not financing.

Trust? Mayor Bob McMahon Campaign Literature
Mayor Bob McMahon and Media Borough council would like the public to think this whole project is one complicated matter, but it isn't.  It's been 17 years! In fact they made it one in order to align the outcome to the desires of a small group (~ five people) that call themselves the Friends of the Glen Providence Park. They campaigned for this group, defended this group and even signed their petitions, while neglecting the rest of the community.   A group that shamelessly used a county park to inflate their issues under the sensitivity of environmental concerns.  There are also many people in the county who call themselves "Friends of Glen Providence Park," but yet they want a two-way roadway.  Trouble is, if you're not part of this self serving club, then you are apparently less of a friend when it comes to politics.

In addition to a community petition for a two-way roadway that hundreds of people have signed, the RTM School Board, Upper Providence, Middletown Township and Emergency Services support this design too.

Here's what we know:
  • Media Borough Council "Stacked the Deck"
    A year ago a CAC was created to make recommendations on what should be done with the Thrid Street Project.  After a few meetings, it was found to be lopsided with representatives of the FROGS, who were appointed by Borough Council.  So much so, the Co-chair of the committee wrote a letter of resignation to Borough Council stating such.  Not only was this not presented to the public, Borough Council denied the letter even existed and refused to explain the resignation.

  • Created Misleading "Push" Survey
    The CAC then went on to create a "push" survey listing options for the Third Street Bridge.  Having not included options with appropriated consequence (lawsuits, settlements, court orders) and financial considerations (paid for bridge, as opposed to costiler greenway), the survey mislead the public into thinking all options were equal.  They weren't!

  • Emergency Services Not Allowed to Give Public Input
    Safety should come first, but not in the eyes of Borough Council.  ALL Emergency Services endorsed opening the bridge to two-way traffic, yet this critical piece of information was never openly and formally shared with the residents.
  • Behind the Scenes Manipulation - Strong Arm Tactics
    Input was allegedly encouraged, but when the RTM School Board approved an agenda item to discuss the benefits of a repaired bridge,  the CAC, Council Chairman angrily called a school board member and protested their involvement.  As it happens to be, RTM School District supports a two-way roadway which is in contrast to Media Borough Council.  Again, this incident was never openly addressed or explained by Media Borough Council.
  • Conflict of Interest and Unprincipled Conduct by Council
    Probably the most concerning, was that Councilman Kent Davidson was found to be providing an undisclosed website and services to the Friends of the Glen Providence Park group who are directly lobbying him on a multi-million dollar project.  Mr. Davidson lives 50 feet from the proposed bridge and refuses to recognize the blatant conflict of interest and unprincipled conduct.

Democrats, Republicans and Independents have to put a stop to this out of control conduct going on in Media Borough.


  1. Since when is the RTM board a political body. Why don't they clean up their own house before they start telling others what to do. example Disrespectful treatment of their teachers, delays and suspect decisions with Media Elementary.

  2. Well, today is Feb 15th and we all have to put faith in the wisdom of Judge Proud at this point. I hope it does not take 30 more days for him to render a decision on the briefs he is receiving today. PLEASE, Your Honor, if by any stretch you read this, save us taxpayers from RTM the egregious waste of transportation dollars being thrown down the drain by not having a 2 way access to this thoroughfare!

  3. Bad things happen when good people don't speak up. Way to go on taking the lead on this Tedman!

    1. ps Thank you too Anonymous 2/15 @ 9:12am

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    3. Sorry previous comment should've appeared second ~ Thank you Tedman and Thank you Bruce ~ Anyone who has listened to my rants knows I could not agree w/you more! 2 (TWO) way 2 (TWO) lane!! As it was it and as it should be. My mantra once again, if this road NEVER closed I would not be typing this message and you, therefore, would not be reading it because it would be as it was for OVER 100 years prior to its closure - YES 2 way 2 lane!