Sunday, February 14, 2010

Complaints about Media Borough Snow Removal

I heard a lot of complaints (FB, Twitter, walking State St.) this week about Media's lack of snow removal.  Talking to a few people, it appears that five boro. employees were tasked with removing all the snow in town.  Additionally, from what I've heard, no outside help was brought in.  Make your own judgements.  If you have something to add, please do.

Historically, the yearly budgeted amount for snow/ice removal for the Borough is: $22,000

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  1. I agree...however, I want to know why West St was completely free of snow in front of a certain prior council president's house, yet front street and around the courthouse (and every other street in Media) was covered in snow. Is West street an important street? I think around the courthouse would be more important as people work there. And this was on Friday that I noted this as I battled my way through the borough.