Friday, March 12, 2010

Media Borough's Budget for 2010 -

With all the recent news on borough budgets, I wanted to post the 2010 budget for Media. Snow removal for the community is $22,000 per year.  This amount, with all the snow we had, will only cover the overtime for this year, let alone the additional costs. 

Media Library receives $90,200 per year.  The loss of yearly rental income from the vacancy Old Borough Hall (Broduer's) comes to $70,000.  Let alone the approximately $30k in uncollected rent from the former tenant.  An eye-opening comparison for a library that claws for each dollar.

Of note, Police Protection is now budgeted for over $3,000,000 dollars.  44% of the TOTAL BUDGET.  In addition, it's a 2% increase over 2009, even after two full time dispatchers were outsourced to the county in an attempt to reduce costs.

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  1. I was curious about my own city so I found out that "public safety" costs run 37% of Santa Monica's budget so maybe that's not so far above normal.