Monday, March 22, 2010

Media 3rd Street Bridge........Evidently, A Bridge Too Far...

 As you can see from the written in 'magic marker' date, 
this has been going on for awhile.

The Third Street bridge here in Media continues to be a mystery.  It's been 11 years since it has been shut down with still no clear direction on what,  if anything will be done.  Unfortunately, the only time this issue gets any attention is during election time....go figure.

There's been much rumor and conjecture over grants, law suits and ownership which make understanding the issue that much harder, let alone defining a solution with measurable outcome.  Borough Council has not done a very good job at explaining this.  In fact, I'd recommend they be a lot more proactive and report on this on a bi-monthly basis.  If I can find out that a grant is being discussed with Congressman Sestak over money to repair the bridge, then Council should be able to provide that information too!

Additionally, based on last December's meeting minutes the borough allocated $1,200 dollars towards a charge related to the bridge.  Reading the meeting minutes, it's not clear what this bill was for, but yet another example of why Borough Council needs to provide better direction and explanation.  We'll look at the 2010 meeting minutes once they are posted.

Transparency and accountability aren't just political "buzz" words, they're a mark of good leadership.

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  1. This is crazy. This has been held up by one of the council members for years for the sole reason that he does not want the traffic in front of his house. It is not too hard to figure out who has kept this from being completed.
    Unfortunately the residents who use 3rd street are the ones to suffer.