Thursday, March 18, 2010

Media Borough Council Meeting: $20k grant for recycling, Council still undecided on Old Borough Hall

Congratulations to Media Borough Councilman, Pete Alyankian and State Rep. Tom Killion, for securing a grant for over $20,000 that will go towards purchasing BigBelly solar trash compactors.  The recycling bins, which may be as may as six, will be distributed throughout the borough on State Street and Plumstead Mall.

OLD BOROUGH HALL (aka Broduer's):
Borough Council tonight indicated that they are actively seeking both purchase and lease options for Old Borough Hall.  With regard to the latter, I'm not sure what has changed since last month's meeting that would make Borough Council think a lease option is feasible.  First off, the two failed attempts in the last five years to lease the building is exactly why the community is in the situation it is in now.  Borough Council has a fiduciary responsibility to the community, as for a third attempt at leasing.......that seems like a BAD idea!

In addition, the Borough Council is considering marketing the property on a national basis (i.e.internet, newspaper ads).  What's not clear is why hasn't this been pursued on a local level.  Two local real estate companies have not only expressed interest in listing the property, but know the market well and could at least secure bids in a timely manner.  In fact, motivated parties have expressed interest in the propery.  At $6,000 per month in lost rent, every month matters.

As for the $30,000 dollars in rent owed by the former tenant to Media Borough; no update was given by Borough Council.

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