Friday, April 23, 2010


Phil Heron, editor of the Daily Times sent this to having received it from a Media resident.


For the last several months, the Media-Upper Darby trolley has been off State Street in Media, due to major track repair along the line.  What a pleasure.

The biggest problem in Media is not parking, as has long been cited by our public officials.  It is the trolley, hogging the main artery of our traffic-clogged downtown.

Septa buses now service the area beautifully.  And more safely for everyone.  Try negotiating between an unmovable trolley and parallel parked vehicles and a Fed-Ex truck on a regular weekday, and you might decide to head for the mall.

The stores and restaurants are the main attractions in Media.  Like the horse-and-buggy, the trolley had it's day--and may still be a great, clean means of transportation, but just not on State Street in Media.

Michael Jordan
620 N Monroe Street
Media, Pa  19063


  1. Really Michael?? I LOVE THE TROLLEY!! I have driven up & down State St. for over 30 years and have not had a problem. Sure there are times when cars & trucks are stopped to make a delivery or pick-up, but hey, life is too short to sweat the little stuff. I pause in my car & look around at the character of State Street & smile! That's why when I run as an I for Council, I'll work on protecting the character of the community I love.

  2. Love the trolley, it's part of media...I hate seeing the septa buses! I agree, the character of Media needs to be protected!

  3. If it's one specific situation, i.e. when the trolley is parked at the end of the rail, that is causing the issue there is not enough justification for this kind of response. I'm fairly new to media, only a few years under my belt, but I miss seeing the trolley going up and down the street. I much prefer any sort of rail system to the buses. Respectful driving has never been Philly's strong suit so I'd rather stick with the trolley.

  4. The trolley can be an inconvenience at times, but its an inconvenience that I'd rather live with than without; this statement comes from someone who lost one his side mirrors to the 101 a few years ago! For me, the trolley is a throwback to a lost age; the unique combination of our golden past with the potential for a green future (ridership on the trolley DOES reduce emissions).

    If I were to change anything when it comes to the trolley, I'd love to see SEPTA commission a couple Retro Trolleys similar to the ones found on Girard Ave that run to the zoo. Either that or commission new trolleys that take our community back to similar schemes of the multiple lines that ran through Media.

  5. I'd like to see SEPTA invest some $ in the Media Train Station. Who do we talk with about that?????? Which Media/UPT/NPT committee can work on this??? I'd volunteer for this.