Thursday, June 3, 2010

Delaware County Council Helping to Perserve the Environment BIG TIME!!!!!!

You don't know what you have until it's gone, especially when it comes to land and open space.  Based on County Council's approval of Resolution 2010-7, the swath of land (mineral hill) in the amount of 40+ acres between Media and the Granite Run Mall on Baltimore Pike, won't be going anywhere.  The resolution allows for Middletown Township to purchase the land from Elwyn Institute in order to retain it for passive use.  Elwyn deserves a lot of credit for their generosity in offering a price that was way below market value.

I hear a few fields may be put in, but overall, it'll remain much like it is today.  Thanks to Elwyn, Middletown and County Council for making this happen.   Media and the surrounding townships just wouldn't have been the same if this land was developed into box stores, pharmacies and tract housing.


  1. Hooray, score one for the good guys. We need it these days!

  2. We could be that much closer to bridging Glen Providence and Ridley Creek. A trail between the two would be amazing.