Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Media Boro. in the Shadows of Proposed Franklin Mint Development

After what seems to have been a lengthy lull in the discussion of the fate of the Franklin Mint property, it appears things are picking up in Middletown based on last  week's planning commission meeting.  The issue at hand is whether current property owners/developers of the Old Franklin Mint and adjacent properties can facilitate a zoning change in order to proceed with the development of a “walkable community” of places to live, work, shop, eat and play.  Think of  a commercialized, less charming and much less authentic "Media Borough" built within Middletown Township at the site of the proposed development.  Okay, that might be a stretch, but you get the point.  Add on to the fact that traffic challenges currently experienced now would only be exponentially worse.  I've seen the conceptual drawings of the development, but have yet to hear solutions regarding traffic planning.

Critics will be quick to point out that something has to be done with the site and a scaled down proposal of what was presented at the planning commission is better than nothing.  However, a lot of residents think otherwise based on their vocal comments and attendance at the meeting.  It's not a bad plan, but does it work shoehorned into this area at the expensive of open space, traffic congestion and quality of life?  That's for the residents of Middletown to decide, but I wouldn't support it even as a Media resident.  Sleighton Farms had a similar predicament, but that was later left as open space.

At this point, it may be years before anything gets decided, let alone built. For more information, the developer has created a website at:

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  1. Visit and find out why this isn't a good idea for anyone other than the developers.

  2. Media Borough better spruce up and get some new
    ideas going. Otherwise, Media is going to be
    a ghost town--and won't be able to compete with
    a new town center costing hundreds of millions.

    Lifetime Media resident.

  3. There is an Open House on Wednesday, June 30 at the Franklin Mint. Please come out to view plans, talk to the development team and have your questions answered. The Open House is from 5:30 to 8:30. No formal presentation. Come when your schedule permits. If you can't make it, visit Please email your questions and comments.