Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Media: Solar Powered Recycling Bins And Maybe New Parking Meters Too!

Based on comments made at last week's Boro. Council meeting, it looks like the grant from State Rep. Tom Killion's office is finally going through with delivery of the five Big Belly solar bins expected in July.  Per Councilman Alyanakian, the placement will include Barrall Field, the courthouse, Plum St. Mall and perhaps the Media Elementary School.

Another interesting concept brought up at the meeting regarded the removal of the parking meters that line State St. and replacing them with kiosks.  This has become popular in urban areas and lessens the clutter on streets.  The current meters were upgraded a few years ago, but could be resold to cover a portion of the costs.

It was also reported at the meeting that a rash of car burglaries have been reported to police.  Items have been taken from cars that were unlocked.  It wasn't clear what section of Media these thefts occurred, though I'll look into it.

For more information check out Media Town Talk News online


  1. what does the solar bins do?

  2. BigBelly Solar is a compacting litter receptacle. Using 100% solar energy, it compacts trash, resulting in 5x greater capacity per receptacle. Where these units replace the traditional ones, Public Works will need to empty them 5x less frequently.
    There is a link in the post to the BigBelly website which has some great videos explaining the technology and the benefits.

  3. If the city really wants to do the right thing in regards to parking meters...they should listen to these ideas...Parking kiosks should be able to accept cash, debit, credit...and be solar powered. Also, they should be removable so that when the winter storm hits, they can be removed, stored, and the sidewalks can be easily cleared of snow...just an idea!