Monday, June 7, 2010

Media's Old Borough Hall fails to receive any bids for purchase or lease

I'm not sure if it was the appraisal price ($900K), the marketing (unknown website) or the crippling economy that has affected so many......perhaps it's a factor or all three.  Either way, there was not one single bid received for Old Borough Hall on State St. since it's debut on the market in February 2010.

This may not only take a long time, but could get expensive at a monthly loss of $6,000 dollars in lost rent.  Additionally, the legal fees needed to recovered the unpaid rent from the last tenant are quickly adding up to the amount the borough was trying to recover in the first place.  

The Daily Times also reported on this story:



  1. Where were you, when you took this pic? From the apt., above Media hardware?

  2. I took this back in 2006 during the Fall. It was a top the roof next to Margaret Quo's.