Thursday, July 22, 2010

Media Boro. Councilman Jim Cunningham on local zoning and how it relates to the Boro.

It's great to see issues discussed by Borough Council outside of formal meetings. Councilman, Jim Cunningham took the time to explain Media zoning concerns and what it means to the Borough.

Recent developments at meetings of Media Borough Council can only give residents and property owners serious concerns about the future of residential protection and commercial development in Everybody's Home town.

It used to be that our zoning laws gave us a necessary "wall of protection" against the encroachment of incompatible and inappropriate development that would downgrade our quality of life and the residential environment of our lowest density and loveliest residential zones.
Now, as recently as last week, we witness the third case in five years of the allowable uses in our lowest density residential district, R-1, being modified by approval of a "change in use variance," permitting uses in that zone that the zoning code does not authorize or allow. This is being done by the unelected Zoning Hearing Board with the tacit approval of Media Borough Council and the planning more at Media Town Talk online.


  1. I wonder if he means my townhouses on Valley Place at the end of Broomall Street on North Orange Street? Or does he mean Astor Square?

    I am just trying to determine if I should feel guilty for ruining Media or not! :)

  2. Residents near Astor Square met with Media Borough Officials at least twice regarding this development. They voted to support approval of the site central tract of 5 townhouses vs 8 large single family houses on that property which is part of the original Penn's land and preserved more open space and less impact on that property, storm water and esthetics. Get your facts straight please.

  3. The townhouses on Orange & 4th are an eyesore and will only add appeal to this town when they're torn down. They're the stuff of quality that belongs in Yardley, not Media.