Thursday, July 1, 2010

Media reviews event policy...can't make hoc committee created

I find it ridiculous that Borough Council has to create an ad hoc committee to determine whether events should or shouldn't be extended by one block (West of Orange St.), but yet totally disregard their own health department recommendations when evaluating the farmer's market location and operation. 

Secondly, it's concerning that council seems so indecisive on an issue like this.  It almost seems like there are committees for committees!   It's a prime example of bureaucracy and a lack of communication towards getting things done.
However, there was a clear difference in understanding between Stein and Councilwoman Dawn Roe, chair of that committee.  “This (discussion) goes on every time,” Roe said of the mass gathering applications, “and I want it to stop.” Per

How long would it have taken to get recycling bins down at Barrall field?  Months?  Thanks to a concerned resident; Councilman, JIm Cunningham and Borough Manager, Jeff Smith bins were setup within 7 days of being requested.  Again, it goes towards illustrating a point of being proactive vs. reactive.

I agree with Councilman Pete Alyanakian, it should be handled by the Borough administrative office.

Come to think about it, back in April I submitted an email to borough council during their Thursday meeting regarding a budget question. Well, it's been three months and still no reply.


  1. In fairness, the council meeting minutes for May 20th were release today answering my question I referred to in this post.

    "Councilwoman Roe explained that although dispatchers were transferred to the 911 Center, two (2) dispatchers were hired as Public Information Officers. Councilwoman Roe further explained that all police personnel received at 3.5 salary increase in 2010, insurance premiums have increased significantly and animal control cost have increased significantly as well"

    So, if two dispatchers were transferred to the 911 center to cut costs, then why were two dispatchers then hired as Public Information Officers? What is a public information officer?

  2. As a forty year resident my family has never felt safer! We lived here when crime was rampant. I say they hire more cops and give them a raise. God Bless our Officers.

  3. From the cheif all the way down Media has in my mind the best police in the county. give them all more perks they keep the town under control and we the residents safe. keep up the good and sometimes dangerous work.