Monday, September 5, 2011

Pete Alyanakian Makes Solar Power Happen in Media

Many people don't know this, but Media has more solar panel installations on its buildings than many of the surrounding municipalities/counties.  To date, Media has nine functioning, solar generating sites: Media Youth Center, Media Borough Hall, Sweney Bldg./Courthouse, Highway Dept. Garage, Media Upper Providence Library, Media Firehouse, Media Elementary, Veteran's Museum/Trader Joe's and Media Theatre.

In fact, back in 2006 Media was awarded the Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence for having the first four buildings up and running on clean energy.  The initiative was conceived by Councilman Pete Alyanakian, who at the time, lead Media's Environmental Advisory Committee since its inception in 2004.

Pete was also instrumental in securing $20,000 in grant money last year for the four Big Belly Solar trash compactors installed throughout the borough.  Forward thinking, initiative and proven performance are what Media needs.

 State St. in front of Media Elementary School
The intiative is an ongoing process to create a micro solar grid which would be capable of providing emergency electricity during a time of crisis.  It's just the beginning of what could be not only a great source of renewable energy, but also a show case for other towns looking to make a difference in their own energy needs.

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  1. Great to see elected officials doing something.