Monday, August 23, 2010

Retraction of my last post

I've retracted my last post.  To potentiallly esclate what would be considered a very sensitive political change with the nomination of a new Borough Council President, would not be in the best interest of this town and what is trying to be accomplished for the good of everyone.

Recognizing that, It's the right thing to do to move on and work together.  That's the focus I want to promote and think everyone should too.

Tedman O'Hara


  1. Aw, come on, Tedman, vigorous debate is what makes a democracy work!

    I personally was dissatisfied with the amount of substance to the questions asked last Thursday.

  2. I read it before you took it down, and realize you think that people may be making a mountain out of a mole hill. People vote for council members to be a proxy for them to deal with local issues, and may put it out of sight and out of mind until some sort controversy occurs.

    This negative attention is a probably a good thing for Media. People like myself that were always just going along thinking everything is fine and great in Media have now begun to pay a little more attention and get more involved.

    Kudos to all the people that attended that meeting in droves. Whether they went into the meeting with an understanding of the issue or just wanted clarification, it is their town, not the councils.

  3. To be clear: I personally was dissatisfied with the ANSWERS to the questions asked last Thursday.

  4. I have to admit that I was surprised that the public who spoke on Thursday night seemed to have indicated that they wanted Monika/Dawn to vote strictly all things Democrat. For years I've observed 6-1 and 5-2 votes going straight down the party line with the occasional "blue moon"-like votes where council people break from ranks. Over the years, I have found that both sides make great points in deliberations in different issues concerning the borough, so much so that my opinion on how I would vote (if given the option) varies between the two sides, yet contested issues always go straight down party lines resulting in the regular, expected 5-2 tradition. I find this process to be stagnant - a refusal to consider opinions other than one's own party, a virtual waste of making arguments on behalf or against said issue as all already know what the turnout will be; no one thinking on their own and voting of their own free will, rather, vote with one’s party. Council meetings and votes seemed to become a malignancy on this town's government.

    That’s why the breakout of Monika and Dawn came to me as unexpected, and, for an independent like myself, I find it exciting. I hope I can assume that these two can be considered Independents when it comes to future council meetings. And, in not being tied to either party, I am hoping that this means they vote based on their unbiased judgments. Having two free thinkers on the borough’s council is an exciting prospect, hopefully this leads to positive changes in the future.

  5. Who told you to take it down?

  6. Thanks for the constructive, well thought out comments. Typically, the comments provide more value than the article themselves. People getting involved is what can and will make a difference.

    In fact, when I ran for Council I campaigned with the exact same idea in mind. Create a tool/forum where someone who was elected could share what they were working on, express where they stood and have an interactive mechanism (i.e. comments)to understand what people thought. How many people really know what's going on aside from monthly meeting minutes and a 2 hour council meeting every 30 days? How many people really know or talk to their council people on a regular basis? It's about being accessible to the people you represent. Sure, you could send an email, but what do others think and how is that shared with everyone? It's like solving a 20 year old problem, with 20 year old technology....when there's a much better way with the advancements we have today. It also takes commitment and enthusiasm which is needed in order to sit town and communicate. It doesn't solve everything, but it's a start. I'm fascinated by the amount of people that visit this site on a daily basis. That's one of the reasons I continue to do this.

    Kent D: I did think your first comment was funny....I don't think there's any lack of wholesome debate. It'll present itself either here, on the street or beyond. Rest Assured!

    Going forward I want to set some ground rules: I allow people to post here anonymously in order to express themselves without personal judgment. I have no problem with that. However, if you ask me a question as "anonymous," I won't reply.

    Thanks for reading.


  7. By not answering you answered my question! Independent view point hmmmm?


  9. "Why can't we all get along" Rodney King

  10. Tedman, can you post video from council meeting of Aug 19th? I think your readers would be interested in the public comments?

  11. how about some real issues? like, when is the Media Inn coming down? and the brodeurs site...and ariana's? when in the world is that opening?