Saturday, September 11, 2010

Does Media have a pigeon problem?

Municipal Garage - Amber St.
Lately, there's been more and more talk about a pigeon problem in Media. It's concentrated mostly towards the West end of town; specifically by the municipal parking garage bordered by Citron and Amber St. I haven't noticed them too much on State St., or in other areas of Media, but there is no doubt a lot of pigeons roosting on and by the parking garage. In fact, at last week's Borough Council Workshop Meeting, this same issue was brought up by a local resident. 
I know there are others concerned about this also, as they've also contacted me.
It's unclear how this all came about, and maybe they've been there all along, but it is suspected that someone may be feeding the birds, which in turn adds to the nuisance and displeasure of neighbors who live in that area and have to deal with the cleanup.

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