Thursday, October 21, 2010

BREAKING NEWS - MEDIA BORO RECEIVES $75K for Design Work on 3rd St. Bridge


Say what you will about the NEW Media, Bi-Partisan coalition, but at tonight's Media Borough Council Meeting, after 11 years and $240, 000 in expenses; Media Borough received a net positive of $75k from the Delaware County council towards the design fees for the 3rd St. Bridge.

In a mere 90 days, the new bi-partisan leadership, led by Council President, Pete Alyanakian (Rep) and Vice President, Monika Rehoric (Dem), has achieved tangible results that the former leadership couldn't do over the entire eleven year old history of the bridge.  We've gone from lack of direction and losing money year after year, to strategy that's being executed on and cooperation that has allowed for REAL money to be given towards the bridge.

This is not only a step in the right direction, but proof that when people cooperate and work together, regardless of what party, great things can happen.

 After $240,000 in expenses, the 3rd. St. Bridge receives $75K in money towards design fees!
Congratulations Media residents, this is something that has been long over due and an achievement everyone can be proud of.  

In addition, discussions have been initiated with Pa. State Senator, Dominic Pileggi on plans to further research funding that could be used for the actual repair of the bridge.


  1. $75K for design fees? What a bargain ;)

  2. Is this connected to the shameful destruction of the forest right down the road?

  3. No. These are two separate, unrelated issues. The 50 new custom homes are part of Upper Providence.

  4. As for the shameful destruction of the forest "right down the road" that land was for sale to time put your money where your mouth is before you complain and buy the land if you don't want it developed.

  5. To quote Peter Williamson at the meeting last night:

    “Something that Pete Alyanakian and, actually, I started working on in the beginning of the year ... and that is the county council has agreed to fund $75,000 towards the cost of the design work for the 3rd Street Dam.”

    So, don't believe the hype.

  6. I can't wait...Alyanakian, Cunningham and O'Hara. What a team. Maybe Jim Cunningham will finally get Sarah Palin day approved for Media.

  7. @Kent D-
    Please, save your negative, half-truth, Citizen Kane journalism for your own blog. People are tired of your whining.

  8. Media Borough Council won’t be intimidated
    Published: Tuesday, September 21, 2010

    To the Times:

    The Times recently published what was purported to be “a matter of public interest” letter from David Palmer of Media about our last borough council meeting. In actuality, it was nothing more than a thinly disguised and scurrilous personal attack unbecoming of sensible public discourse. The foolish letter asked for a reply, which I do not intend to dignify by wasting my time and breath on.

    However, I do have a message for him and his ideologically driven partisan friends and supporters. The new bipartisan reform majority on council does not intend to be intimidated and pushed around by a loud group of political bullies of which he appears willing to be the self-appointed spokesman. Rather, we intend to continue to represent the needs and wishes of the concerned and fair-minded citizens who elected each of us. We also will perform our duties with fidelity despite the ideologically motivated and driven show of feinted hysteria and irrationality pushed by a vocal minority desperately seeking to maintain their control of the people and community life of Media at any cost. We will not be demonized or silenced by such individuals, even those who are appointees of the borough government itself who supposedly should be representing, on a non-partisan basis, the interests of the people of Media. We will not be marginalized by those who wrap themselves in constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and expression while cynically denying them to others who disagree with them. They are the ones out of touch with the realities of today’s changing political environment. The old days of self-interested political agendas are over. As Bob Dylan once sang, “The times they are a changing!” for the better and no town deserves it more than our beloved Media.


    Media Borough Council

  9. I hope with the county "Republicans" finally giving the Borough the $75,000, they don't try to stick us with ownership of the bridge. Wouldn't that be nice.

  10. I hope with the "COUNTY REPUBLICANS" finally giving the Borough of Media the $75,000 for engineer fees, don't give us the shaft and make us take ownership of the bridge.

  11. I believe the hype. Seeing the joke that has been borough council for years and how nothing positive gets accomplished (you know, below water real estate deals, etc), I believe it.

  12. I wish Swarthmore had a site like this. Thanks Tedman

  13. Best blog in Media!
    Tedman, I applaud you for being as bipartisan and honest as possible in your blog. You never shamefully attack anyone, twist their words, or flat out lie. You do not express opinions and label them as "news". There are no half-truths in your blog, an no one gets ripped apart. I wish another certain Media blogger could follow your example and stop the cyber-bullying he calls NEWS.

  14. @Anonymous October 22, 2010 2:33 PM
    @Anonymous October 24, 2010 9:43 AM

    Ad-homenim attacks do not constitute a compelling argument in support of your positions. Consequently, your claims that Kent is only telling "half-truths" may be disregarded as lacking credibility.

  15. Daly's Missing MoustacheOctober 25, 2010 at 8:36 AM

    Naah, Kent's doing the opposite, playing down general incompetence. You should see his post about how over $200K wasted on the dam is next to nothing.

  16. Ted thanks for letting me know that Upper Providence is responsible for the forest. For the Blogger who says buy it or shut up I say this. The character of Media and its surrounding neighborhood is based on the "feel" of the place. People love the feel so they gravitate towards it. More services are required more opportunities to make $$$. In time the character or "feel" is destroyed. It's human nature really. One day you or others will look around and not "feel" the place anymore and that is the true shame, you have destroyed what you cared about for the love of an artificial concept called wealth or progress. The one thing I do like about Media is it's community. To bad narrow minded people will always get in the way.

  17. Narrow minded people get in the way? how about morons living in a fake fantasy left leaning wanna be utopia. go home light up, channel obama and pine for government control and hand outs. because they be tearing down paradise to put up more parking lots or in this case mcmansions.