Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Media needs to fix road problems, not create natural speed bumps.

When the bridge was first a problem 11 years ago, it was  substantially less to fix than it is now. Unfortunately, the neglect and indecision, which cost taxpayers $240,000, has made for a challenging and expensive resolve.   It's now estimated to cost over $5,000,000 to fix the bridge that just a few years ago was ~$3,500,000.

Street repair is no different. A few people, think leaving the indented recess at the cross walk of Jackson and State Streets is nothing more than a mere "natural speed bump" and believe is should be left as so. WHAT? 

State Street and Jackson Street
So as it continues to degrade; at what point does it go from being a "natural speed bump" to an actual hazard? If residents, visitors and borough police/fire equipment are bottoming out while driving at the posted legal speed limit, and borough management officials have made requests to have it fixed; it should then be fixed.  

Maintaining and keeping a town operating at a safe and cost effective level is the responsibility of Media's elected officials and borough management.  Making problems seem like they're not problems is not how to run a town...or anything for that mater. (i.e. 3rd St. Bridge)

At last week's borough council meeting, Councilman Cunningham and the bi-partisan effort addressed this issue and are moving forward to have it resolved before the holiday season. 


  1. Thanks, Tedman, and taking citizen suggestions and turning it into policy spin.

    I just hope it's your street that they decide to postpone paving. Pete A. suggested taking the money to fix this out of the 3rd Street Dam project, and Jim Cunningham wanted to spend the money outside of existing budget because apparently we have plenty of money outside of the budget.

    Have $30 grand to spare to fix this?

  2. I was wondering when your stalker would appear.

  3. Tedman, I thought all council members voted YES to the repair of intersection. The finances are to come from the street paving budget.