Saturday, January 22, 2011

Delaware County Council has Focus on Open Space

Thanks to County Councilwoman, Christine Fizzano Cannon, Media and surrounding municipalities in Delco can all breath easier knowing that open space is a major priority to county government.  
As Media Town Talk writes... Delco’s ‘green’ go-to person: Christine Fizzano Cannon
Last year, on behalf of County Council, Fizzano Cannon brought to completion a three-year project she spearheaded to preserve the 46.2 acre Mineral Hill site off Baltimore Pike in Middletown. This historically, geographically and environmentally significant property will become Delaware County’s twelfth park, adding to its 616 acres of open space. No tax dollars were used in purchasing the property. It was funded by state and federal grants and money from Middletown paid by local developers and through open space fundraising efforts.


  1. I enjoy parks as much as the next person, but it seems that turning currently natural land into a park is more of a step back for "open space" than progess. How many trees will be cut down and land paved over to make parking and paths?

  2. A lot less than what would have been cut down by box stores and commercial development.