Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New SEPTA Silverliner V Trains Seen at Media Station

Silverliner V at Media Station
 It's been almost 40 years since new trains rolled down the Media/Elwyn R3 line;  but today that changed and the new SEPTA Sliverliner V's were seen sitting idle at the Media Station. 

The first thing you'll notice is that the seating layout is different with better accomodations for wheel chairs and bicycles.  Secondly, the electronic displays, both internal and external,  are a welcomed feature showing route, location and time.

Entrance doors are located a quarter of the way in providing quick entry/exit and shorter pickup/drop off times.  Sorry, still no beverage car, but the Media/Elwyn line is proposed to be extend out to the Wawa area in the coming years.  In fact, work has already begun and can be seen in the Lenni and Middletown sections.


  1. Thanks for keeping me informed about what's going on in my hometown of Media!

  2. I sure hope the handicapped seating for wheelchairs is better. I took the train once in my wheelchair & it was a nightmare getting on & off. No room to get through the train enterence.