Saturday, March 19, 2011 collaborating with surrounding communities to make an impact on local reporting

I'm sitting here at the Edgmont County Club partaking in the blogging and social media event.  With me are many local area bloggers from Ken Knickerbocker who covers Parkesburg, PA ( to well known and popular blogger, Stefan Roots who reports on Chester, PA (  There are many others here too like Mary Ann Fiebert covering delco's top 10 list, to citizen advocate Know Joe. Politics, food, reviews, lists, hobbies,'s all here.

In addition, Nicole Brewer spoke on the challenges and dynamics of social reporting from a news reporter perspective who's covers this medium for CBS Channel 3 News.  It's all great stuff in an industry that grows leaps and bounds each month.  After doing this for over 16 months, I've created over 380 posts showing Media in some way, shape or form......others here are doing the same things for their own towns.

Thanks to Daily Times Editor, Phil Heron for putting this together.  Over a year ago, myself, Stefan, Phil and a few others were in a Daily Times conference room discussing what could we really do with this medium.  We knew it was evolving, but no one had any idea of how vast and far it could go.  With the enthusiastic crowd that's assembled today, it's fair to say this is just getting started.

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