Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pride in Media Bi-Partisanship - Thanks for the Support


I want to thank everyone that came out to the Media Repubican event last night for the kick-off of my campaign for Media Borough Council.  I was happy to see both Republicans and Democrats there in attendance. 

During the event I was wearing a pin that said "Pride in Media Republicans."  Someone approached me an said I would like to see that say "Pride in Media Bi-partisanship."  I not only agreed, but thought it was a great idea.  The pins have been ordered.

If you'd like to be a part of my campaign, find out what's going on or just have a general interest in the process whether your a Republican or Democrat, please check out my site: on Facebook.  


Tedman O'Hara


  1. Sorry I missed Sligo's last night... sounded like it was great :-)

  2. You got my vote for Media Borough Council, Tedman. And my families. But make sure you personally campaign at 6th and Monroe Streets and above. Even though we are a half mile from State Street, we are still part of the borough. Some politicans in the past have ignored us, at their peril. We still like the face to face contact with our elected officials. Not all those mailings.

  3. @Becky, yes a stellar evening. They'll be others. Thanks!

    @Michael, Thanks for the support. Regardless of elections, campaigns or outcomes, you will have a voice in this town. I look forward to discussing the issues......