Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tedman For Media Borough Council....and here's why!

I started this blog well over a year ago to better communicate with the residents and businesses of Media what I thought was important and helpful information. It fact, it was an idea I had while running for borough council two years ago.  My thought was to fill a need that wasn't being delivered on by Media Borough council, elected officials, or for that matter, anyone really!  At the time, there wasn’t any hyperlocal reporting sites in Media. Now, there are many with some done very well (Media Patch visitmediapa) in building awareness in and for this town.  

After 380 posts, syndication from, CNN, and other news outlets, this site has not only been visited by many repeat viewers, but has served as a resource that’s searched daily for information, pictures and video.Before this blog, people generally didn't know who their local elected officials were or the issues at hand, and that bothered me.  There was no forum for communicating or interacting with the real issues.  The 3rd St. Bridge, hotel and 1 West State St. property were mere campaign slogans mentioned every 2 years. Other than council meeting minutes, and one news reporter, residents had no idea how these issues were progressing (i.e $240k in fees towards up keep on 3rd St. Bridge).

 I strived to do something different and I'm confident I made that impact.  I commented on council meetings and promoted community events, I wrote about environmental issues I though were interesting and also covered the items people didn't want to discuss (i.e. Media Theatre, Politics), I reported on local crime issues with the help of residents, faster than ever done before in Media.  I even, covered last November's election in REAL TIME

I want Media residents, businesses and my opponents to know that there is a real opportunity to build upon the success and cooperation that the recent bi-partisan coalition has created.  It's a break through that brought both Republicans and Democrats together to work on issues that have been neglected for years. The results speak for themselves;  there's been more done by the bi-partisan coalition in the last 9 months towards the 3rd St. Bridge than the prior 12 years!

I've enjoyed doing this tremendously and have been fascinated by it’s growth.  The gratitude I've received from people has been both inspiring and motivating.  That's great, and appreciated, but that's not enough.  As a nominee of the Media Republican Party, I'm happy to announce that I'll be running for Media Borough Council this year along with Pete Alyanakian and Toni Cavanagh DiMonte.  Much like myself, they are both life long residents of the area who grew up and went to school here.

I ran twice for this same position campaigning on forward thinking, action, execution, fiscal responsibility and transparency.  I didn’t win, but through this site and my interaction with the community, I’ve never stopped pushing those ideas.

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Much more to come.......


  1. Keep up the fight Tedman. You have been and will continue to be a positive force in Media. I know i will vote for you and i hope other residents follow. Best of luck