Friday, April 1, 2011 comes to Media

Media has a new website, Fig Media.

From their "About Fig" page, here's what they are all about.

What is Fig?
Fig is a communications package offering both voice and vision for great small cities. Our carefully cultivated audience appreciates authenticity and distinction. A symbol of unity and prosperity, the subtleties of figs and their importance in historic cultures make ‘Fig’ a fitting name to showcase a distinctive small city lifestyle. Sophisticated and not too sweet, Fig celebrates the understated elements and beauty that weave themselves into thriving cities.
Like a mirror, Fig reflects the soul of a community.  Fig creates a destination through imagery and language that gives both locals and visitors alike a picture of community. An unabashedly positive resource, Fig cultivates conversation about the core attributes and joys of life in a small city.  We believe in the power of a unified destination. We are proud and honored to bring Fig to Media, Pennsylvania. Enjoy.

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