Thursday, April 7, 2011

Media Theatre Bringing Back the Garage Band Festival this Summer

It's great to see Media Theatre bringing back the Garage Band Festival this Summer.  Last year was a hit with the bands having a great time and the attendees even more so.   I caught the Broozers one night, but missed the R3 gig.  Hopefully, both bands play again with more local groups too.

For more information and to submit your group for consideration, please contact via email:  Roger Ricker.  Like myself, Roger is also a candidate for Media Borough Council but on the Democratic ticket.

Poster from last year 2010


  1. This is exactly the type of event that the Theater should be showcasing. the musicals are great, but their appeal is so limited. More music! More music! More music!

  2. Funny how the theatre is now starting to book alternate acts aside from musicals.

    Can everyone say election season.

    Roger i for one hope these non musical events don't stop after the election.
    musicals are fine but severly limit the resource the theatre could be.