Thursday, May 19, 2011

Media's bipartisan coalition resolves 3rd St. Bridge lawsuits.....Media is closer to getting a Bridge

Borough Council May 2011

Kudos to Pete Alyanakian and Media Boro council for resolving the 3rd St. Bridge lawsuits that have held up the repair of the bridge for 11years. Leadership matters.  More has been done towards fixing the bridge in the last 9 months, than the last 11 years!  

The bridge could now be opened by 2013.....more to come.


  1. Brian Hall and Paul Robertson both served on Borough Council, why couldn't they get the bridge fixed? I'll believe it when I see, but nice job Pete!

  2. County and Broomall's own it. We fix it any pay for it? Color me confused. Sounds like a raw deal for Media residents.

  3. do you really think that state and or federal money would be given to BLCC? Media owns the roadway and dam till they fix it, the county and the pool will assume all expenses after it is fixed. Thank joan hagan and frank daily for assuming ownership. Look up the article in the archives of the daily times. Media boro assumes ownership of third street, written by sue serbin.

  4. Yeah, but Joan and Frank didn't get closure on 3rd St. Bridge now, did they?

    The fees for litigation cost this town 10's of thousands of dollars.

  5. My guess is that Joan and Frank would agree with Paul R in that it would have been 'shortsighted' to gain resolution on the bridge. Another ten years to allow for Sandee Walton Donations out of over $200K in 'bridge engineering' fees would have sufficed in lieu of action.