Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Unofficial primary results for Media Boro

Hall, 275
Davidson, 261
Ricker, 95 114

Alyanakiam 176
Cavanagh 165
O'Hara 148


  1. Hall and Davidson? Yeah, this town's f***ed.

  2. Hey Ted,
    County Council site states I actually had 114 votes...so at least I got over the century mark!
    Hope the Republicans can WIN in November so we have a brighter future.
    Perhaps I will switch parties now...Makes more sense, don't you think?

  3. Roger, maybe you should try being more involved with the borough committies. That might be a good start to see if you do have the time that is expected of borough council. It has come to my attention that after you were appointed to the MBA board you made 1 meeting out of 12. Please correct if I'm wrong.

  4. Yes, Anon, clearly Roger was missing qualifications such as 'volunteer for Democratic causes' , 'alternate on EAC' , or the Pièce de résistance: 'Litter Task Force'. Fail, fail and fail.

  5. Wow, to "Anon" (who does not have the guts to state who he or she is)...1) I went to more than one meeting of the MBA Board during my term.
    2) I stopped going after the first year due to the Borough Council's liason to the MBA at the time (Monica Simpson) being difficult to deal with and...
    3) I had no respect for the Executive Director of the MBA
    4) The Board, at the time, had several members who were hostile and interrogating even going so far as to...
    5) Questioning me on 'why the Media Theatre does musicals' during my 90 minute interview to find out if I had the qualifications--deemed by them---to sit on their Board.
    It was clear at each meeting that I was sitting at a table with several people who would rather I not even been in the room.
    I thought that MBA stood for Mostly Bad Attitudes so, after weeks of dealing with the tension and gaining no foothold in the 'club', I decided to exit quietly.
    I did attend workshop meetings for PR/ Marketing, etc., for a time but even then was accused of 'only wanting to assist the theatre'.
    It was the most unkind and unwelcoming group of people---at the time---I had ever been involved with. Simpson did nothing to create a kind environment.
    SO point the fingers at me all you want---perhaps the Media Borough should take a look at the demeanor of the MBA President at the time I was on the Board and ask him why he was so blatantly rude. But, no one wants to do that, do they? No....it's easier to point fingers at the person who isn't like the rest of you. Right?
    What glass towers there are in Media! And in so small a borough, too. Unbelievable.