Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's Best in Media: A Media Local's point of view 2011

Our 2010 pick for best sushi - Margret Quo's
We had a lot of fun with this post last year in which we went through and picked our favorites entities from a Media's local point of view.  In the last year things have changed.  Restaurants have come and gone, but we still have plenty to choose from here in good old Media, PA.  

There were quite a few who were outspoken about the selections we recommended, so perhaps we'll do some sort of poll.   In the meantime, let us know where you think the best pizza, wings, beer or general all around good time place you would recommend to locals.....and friends.

This list for 2011 will be posted shortly.........


  1. Ariano's for sure. Best pizza in town.

  2. How about the best cater in Media and all around the general area,check Joseph's Catering in Media, the official cater for the Penn State Brandywine Campus for the last 5 years!