Friday, July 22, 2011

107 degrees in Media....Hot enough to Fry an Egg.......Almost

Plum Mall next to the Plumstead Inn
You like it hot?  How about a side of eggs and bacon with that?  Well, the Plumstead Inn on State Street conducted an experiment today to see if it really was hot enough to fry an egg (sunny side up), bacon and a hot dog.  It was called the Solar Special, price not listed, but the Plumstead is always known for their reasonably priced food.

It's reading 107
Well, based on the pictures, there weren't a lot of takers for the Solar Special, but people did see some simmering going on, so for the hottest day of the year, we'll take it.  After a few hours and with the sun setting, it looks like the eggs never got passed the runny stage.  For that matter, probably only cooked a few degrees passed raw.  The bacon looked okay and the hotdog, well, that was probably the most edible, but far from well done.

Neat experiment!

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