Saturday, July 16, 2011

Best of Media, PA 2011

Ariano's Brick Oven Pizza

Okay, so here it is. The 2011 review of what's best in Media from a local's point of view. We've had a few changes since last year. Most notable is the "Pizza" category which Ariano's has run away with by replacing Apollo's.  

ATM doesn't currently accept advertising, so we compiled this list as objectively as possible. But, of course, we will always entertain recommendations for other selections.


  • Best Burger: Picasso's, no one's even close on that one. (two years in a row)
  • Sushi: I prefer Margret Quo's, but this is a toss up.  Azie is equally as good and provides a stellar, sophisticated atmosphere.  Temaki is decent, but is among fierce competition.
  • Wings: Sligo (I hope this doesn’t change with a rumored new menu)
  • Cheesesteak:  This may come as a surprise, but it's the Plumstead Inn. Maybe it’s the toasted roll, but still a 2011 favorite.
  • Ice Cream: O'Malley's, no surprise there.
  • Beer selection: Pinochio’s beer garden and take-out and  Quotations
  • Wine Bar and ambiance: Picasso/La Belle Epoque, Azie
  • Mexican: Dos Gringos (try the huevos rancheros, shrimp Burrito is excellent)
  • Breakfast: You'll see me most often at Koffee Korner, but I like Courthouse Diner, Mrs. Marty and Fast and Fancy
  • Hoagie: Planet Hoagie (Rocco w/ sweet peppers)
  • Chicken Cheesesteak: On a Roll
  • Entertaining a group: Azie ,Townhouse, Picasso’s
  • Coffee: 7 Stones Cafe
  • Live Music: With a new stage, Picasso’s.
  • Karaoke: I hear John's Grille or Joclyn's
  • Sports Bar: Plumstead, Quotations, Joclyn's (in that order)
  • Salad: Lotus and Salad Stop
  • Night Life and dancing: Stephen's
  • Cigars: Rose's
  • Pizza: Ariano’s
  • Brew Pub: Iron Hill
  • Best old place that’s new again: Old State Tavern
  • Brunch: Azie and Generations
  • Bars that allow smoking: Jack’s on State Rd, Joclyn’s
New to the list this year:
  • Hosting Small Parties: Upstairs Sligo
  • Hosting Small Parites for Kids: Front Street Fountain
  • Place most likely to know someone: Plumstead
  • Best Bar Food: Quotations (grouper sandwich)
  • Best Shot and Beer place: Johns Grill.  Plumstead, second.
  • Cafe atmosphere: 7 Stones on Plum Mall
  • Best Caterer: By our reader response: Joseph's Catering in Media
  • Reasonable auto repair: Otto’s on State Rd.

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  1. shouldn't a best of only have one winner in each category? Media is full of great places, but if you are going to do a "best of" have one winner for each.