Saturday, July 9, 2011

Candidate for Borough Council Mocks Media Taxpayers

Kent Davidson, democratic candidate for Media Borough, wrote on his blog the other day that I was allegedly behind the decision on Thursday night’s vote to accepted the higher bid from a restaurant owner. The sole basis of his questioning rests on a timestamp typo of the article I posted Thursday night.  

So here’s what happened: I updated a previous article with Thursday night’s events a few minutes before 9pm. The previous article had a timestamp from an earlier time: 6:57pm.  It’s a convenient way to post to a blog when you’re doing if from a phone.    

When you can’t bring honest debate, good ideas or rationale reasoning to the issues that affect Media, the next best thing candidate Davidson does is resort to name calling, insinuations and bullying.  Whether it’s me, Pete Alyanakian (Sneaky Pete), Jim Cunningham, Dawn Roe, Monika Rehoric, or a primary election campaign worker for another candidate, the pattern is the same.  

Media, this isn’t a story about timestamps and blog posts.  It’s about character, integrity and good judgement. The names mentioned in the above paragraph are both democrats and republicans working together for the benefit of everyone in Media, not writing articles mocking tax payers on how much projects cost them in beer.  

I know too many people out of work who are on the verge of losing their homes, some are here in Media. Every dollar matters to these people and it's unfortunate that someone running for borough council would make humor of it. Kent Davidson may not take your tax money seriously, but I do.
Per Kent's website:
Wow. Let’s think about this for a second.
$240,000 sounds like a rather big number doesn’t it? I feel like it’s an awful lot.
But let’s break it down:
$240,000 spent over 11 years is around $22,000 a year.
Media has (on average) 6000 residents, then it has cost Media residents:
(drumroll, please)
About $3.60 a year!So, about the cost of a beer in town, per resident.
Again, congratulations on the acceptance of the bid that will bring a great restaurant to Media. The news was big and was the featured "Spotlight" article on the website.


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