Monday, July 25, 2011

Owner of Fellini's and Ariano's Welcomes New Restaurant at 1 West State St

Ariano's Restaurant
At least week's Borough Council Meeting, the owner of Fellini's and Ariano's restaurants, Anthony Bellapigna gave a ringing endorsement of the upcoming restaurant that is slated for 1 West State Street.  Earlier this month, borough council accepted the bid from Claudio Sandolo, owner of Spasso's in Old City, Philadelphia.

Anthony went on to say it's one of his top three favorite Italian restaurants, which coming from Anthony, is quite a compliment.  Mr. Bellapigna was also the driving force for initially bringing Dining Under the Stars to Media, which over the last four year, has been a huge success.


  1. Actually, Dan Brodeur was the driving force behind Dining Under the Stars.

  2. I thought he was the driving force for midnight escapes...

  3. I thought he was the driving force behind bad management and business failure. Oh, and let's not forget, front of the house managers under arrest.