Monday, August 1, 2011

Media Republicans Preserving Media's Neighborhoods

Preserving Media's neighborhoods is  what truly distinguishes this town from all the others.  

We have taken the initiative in enacting legislation to preserve and protect our residential base by requiring a 50 foot landscaped green buffer between residential and non-residential zoning districts, eliminating multi-family home conversions in the R-1 and R-2 Districts, enabling residents to add and expand porches and decks on their homes without going through the expensive zoning hearing board process, and created an historical resources overlay district to help protect historic structures not already in historic districts.
We fought to make the proposed Hampton Inn motel on Providence Road and the office-retail complex at Baltimore Pike and Franklin Street more compatible with surrounding residential neighborhoods, established special police intersection patrols in residential areas, upgraded street crosswalks and repaved long neglected residential streets, added more shade trees and greatly increased tree trimming, assisted residents in repairing street tree damaged sidewalks, installed more efficient and effective sodium vapor street lights across town and appointed pro-resident members to both the planning commission and the out of touch zoning hearing board.
As a candidate for Media Borough Council, I'm committed to maintaining Media's preservation, while working to ensure residents come first, not development.


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