Sunday, August 21, 2011

Media Signage to get Lighting and Sponsorship

Earlier in the month I reported on the new signage that was displayed on the corner of Baltimore Pike and Olive St.  There were concerns over the lighting of the sign.  I've come to learn there will be lighting setup soon, as well, as a smaller sign below that will allow for sponsorship and announcement of special events.

Current Sign at corner of Balt. Pike and Olive St.

Rendering of sponsorship sign

example of how the sign would look driving South on Baltimore Pike


  1. The concept of the sign is great, but the execution is a little lacking. It looks like real estate signage. I drove by it yesterday and thought "meh"

  2. The new signing looks great! Thanks Media!

  3. To keep with the small town look, they should be wooden. The metal looks cheap