Saturday, August 6, 2011

Media's "Guess the Date" Contest....expands

Media Pizza and Grill - State St.
Thanks to everyone who participated in last week's "Guess the Date" contest.  I didn't think it would get that popular that fast, but it did.  In fact a few local businesses want to be featured as contributors for gift certificates   A special thanks to Media Pizza and Grill, who will provide our next gift certificate.  That's great and much appreciated. Besides, with many choices in Media for pizza, they still have the best shrimp pizza I've ever had.  Check out their Facebook site, they offer great coupon deals.

Another great business who not only does a lot for the community, but also has some very cool stuff you want find just anywhere, is Blueberry Bog.  Check out their store on 18 N. Orange St.  They'll be providing a gift certificate to their store too.

Next "Guess the Date" contest will be later this week.....

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