Monday, August 8, 2011

Richie Ashburn: Why The Hall Not? Proceeds Benefit Media's Youth Center

One evening while wandering through the TV channels, I happened upon Comcast's Sportsnet.  Truthfully, I don't pay much attention to sports outside of football season, but I recognized the person being interviewed discussing in detail his motivation for his book about Richie Ashburn.  I knew of him, but didn't personally know him.  What I did know was that he worked at Bryn Mawr Trust Bank on State St.  As a great community bank, I've dealt with him many times.

Last weekend I stopped in for some routine banking and asked, "Hey, I saw you on Comcast Sportsnet."  "Yes, indeed you did," Jim Donahue said.  In fact, he went on to say he was there to promote his  new book "Richie Ashburn....Why the Hall Not?"

For a local guy here in Media trying to do great things, how could I not buy one.  For $20 I got Jim's book autographed, the history of his inspiration and as an added kicker, a indirect contribution to Media's youth.

So as Jim says, "Buy a Book, Help Some Kids......"  He'll be doing a book signing this Wednesday (8/10) 5pm during Media's Dining Under the Star.  A portion of the proceeds that evening will go towards the Media Youth Center.

So if you're a sports fan, or even if you're not, pick up the book.  You can get it on or check out Jim this Wednesday for a signed copy.

Nice work Jim!  And thanks for thinking about Media!

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