Friday, September 2, 2011

Strong Leadership is needed to Preserve Media Elementary School

Through the leadership of Council President, Pete Alyanakian and Jim Cunningham, more issues have been resolved (Third St. Bridge, Funding,1 West State St., Cronyism, Hampton Inn, CMAQ) in the last year for Media Borough, than in the last decade!  In these ever changing  economic conditions, strong leadership with a proven recorded is needed now more than ever in our town.

Here's an important fact: Years back, Media Elementary School faced serious issues and budgetary challenges that could have led to its closure.  It was through the efforts of the Media Republicans who put forth strong schoolboard candidates that allowed the school to remain open and develop into the great educational experience it is today.  Media is currently represented by one RTM schoolboard representative, Veronica Barbado.  She has worked tirelessly to make sure our school systems in  Rose Tree Media are the best that they can be for the district and Media.

As a candidate for Borough Council and a life long product of the Rose Tree Media School District,  I am proud of what Media Elementary has achieved and will work to preserve/improve its importance in this community.  However,  I am also aware of the majority who don't have children in school, but still must share the tax burden.  These are both important issues that I'm committed towards working on with the community and our elected schoolboard officials.
The Home Team that grew up in the Media area and went to RTM Schools

Pete Alyanakian, Toni Cavanagh Dimonte, Tedman O’Hara

Quality education is dependent on the voice of the community and the action needed to make it happen.  With our Candidates: Pete Alyanakian and Toni Cavanagh-Dimonte, we're doing that now.


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  1. why won't media elementary bus to the rocky run ymca? I am a working parent who would like to enroll my kid in the swim team at the rocky run ymca- however because media won't bus to middletown, I have two church programs to choose from (neither are terrific) if i work....