Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sweet Potato Cafe on State St. Closes

Sad to hear the Sweet Potato Cafe on State St. has closed.  It was here for a few years having taken over from Cold Stone Creamery who vacated the premises prior.  Wow, time flies.
I can't say I visited the cafe much, but I do know they had great baked goods and supplied a lot of the area with their products.  As someone pointed out, with the departure of Sweet Potato, Media is now left without a bakery.

What's next for this store front?  My sources tell me a lease is in the works for a 320Cafe.  This group has a shop in Swarthmore PA and from what I hear, well worth the trip.  They specialize in gourmet cheeses, home made pasta, and other culinary delights not found in local super markets.

Here's a few pictures from their blog:


  1. 320 Market has awesome stuff, some of it difficult to find elsewhere.

  2. It's sad to see Sweet Potato Cafe go. Their pies always made our holidays a little sweeter. Not sure why they can't stay open but I suppose a better sit down service would have kept them around longer.

  3. I love 320. Sorry to hear about Sweet Potato. Sad to see a local business go under, but 320 will be an asset to the area. Bring on the Pico and chips.