Friday, October 28, 2011

Making a Difference for the Residents in the Southern Precinct

I've been spending a lot of time with residents in the southern precinct. Whether it's the concern with speed bumps on Jefferson, the gravel at Olive and Jefferson, the abandon house on Vernon, commercial trucks parked outside of people's homes, or the issues in our recent letter; the important thing is that we are our trying to make a difference. How? By listening to what people have to say.

Thanks for the feedback and continued support.


Dear Southern Precinct Residents,

It has been an honor to serve and work directly with you. We have worked on your behalf on a number of issues that have directly impacted your neighborhood.  It is our obligation to represent your interests and ensure that your voice be heard.  We are committed to protecting your rights by opposing developments that are out of character with our town and by exposing governmental mismanagement that impacts your neighborhood. For the last 10 years we have led the fight to protect your neighborhood from over development. Here are several things we have done to protect your neighborhood.

Our Attention to Development in your Neighborhood:

  • Hampton Inn Project:  From the Hampton Inn proposal to the empty lot at Manchester and Baltimore Pike, Media Republicans have worked to defend your neighborhood from overdevelopment.  Led by committeewoman, Kristi Dick, the fight to ensure the protection of your rights from overzealous developers ensued.  Tedman O'Hara sums it up best, " It is our duty to protect you from harmful development that negatively impacts the scope, feel, and nature of our town." Many people feel a hotel is needed in Media. And, although the Hampton Inn was approved, the model proposed to be built will be of  lesser impact to the community than the original proposal.  
  • 200 E State Street: We continuously work with the developer to reduce the size and scale of this projected apartment complex and are attempting to keep the impact on the residential neighborhood to a minimum. 
  • 200 Baltimore Pike: Negotiated with the developer to pull the parking garage away from the residential area softening the impact to the neighborhood. We also recommended abandoning the street to alleviate a costly expense to the Borough, thereby, transferring that cost on to the developer. 
  • Manchester One Way Street: Borough council studied this issue for over a year before Pete Alyanakian fought to have this voted on. 

Costly Traffic Mismanagement:

  • CMAQ- Congestion Mitigation Air Quality
Borough council has not been kind to the southern precinct over the CMAQ grant we were awarded in 1997! The democratic majority has put their interests above yours by awarding a no bid contract to a political crony to redesign the traffic lights along Baltimore Pike.  The objective of the grant was to make traffic flow better through timed signals.  Unfortunately, this incomplete redesign has taken over 13 years and has exceeded $200,000 of your money. This inexcusable situation is constantly monitored by Pete Alyanakian and our candidates in order to hold the people accountable for this disaster.  The CMAQ project is causing people to cut through your neighborhoods to escape the traffic jams on Baltimore Pike, which directly affects your quality of life.  We have been voting to oppose paying the Borough engineer for his work on this project.  FYI... Springfield Township redesigned traffic lights from Springfield Mall to Bishop Avenue and completed the project in 2 years.  

Your Hometown Team:
Pete Alyanakian, Toni Cavanagh DiMonte, Tedman O'Hara



  1. The democrats candidate have not been saying nice things about you Tedman. Which only makes me think they're scared. Win or lose, thanks for doing what you do.

  2. they have to, they bring nothing to the table.

  3. Truth be told, the Dems really think they have the borough in the pocket. I like what they have done in the past (overall), butI don't like that attitude that it's a done deal. Likewise, I don't like the agressive push Republican candidates make these days. A little less rethoric (...and claiming 'only we did all the good things') and a little more bipartisan behavior, please. You guys are competitors for the same thing, not enemies.

  4. Brendan O'RiordanOctober 30, 2011 at 8:50 AM

    200 East State Street...Is this the empty lot at State and Radnor Streets that used to have an old Victorian twin and a early 20th century detached house? If they build apartments there hopefully they will be small scale and have their own garage or covered surface parking. That should be a fun time in the morning with people battling for space on State Street, and trying to figure out how to get past the trolley (many a three point turn or trolley/car standoff in the future).

  5. The property is 300 E. State St. and 300 Baltimore Pike.