Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rain, Sleet, Snow and The Eastern Precinct

Campaigning for office and the position of Council to me isn't a part time job.......... and not even a full time job, it's an ALL THE TIME JOB.  Today we covered a lot of ground in the Eastern Precinct despite the windy, slippery conditions at hand.    I wear running shoes door to door which neither repel water or provide adequate traction on snow covered porches.  When you knock on a lot of doors in a 34 degree rain, you begin to appreciate the small things in life, like a working doorbell.

Either way, after residents got over the initial surprise of seeing someone at their front doors in the middle of blustery, wet and snowy conditions; they were quite talkative.  One concern I was invited in to a home to discuss, was an issue a family had with Media's Code Enforcement.  They are relatively new residents who felt they weren't getting proper responses from the Borough on an issue they had with their sidewalk.  They also felt the situation wasn't being assessed properly and therefore would require repair on their part.  As I've mentioned before, these issues don't get resolved overnight, but the appreciation of someone coming to their home asking what concerns they had is really what public service is about.  I've met a lot of people and following up has been time consuming, but I haven't missed one person yet.

If you know me and I've come to your door, you know I don't push agendas or talk down opponents.  Unfortunately, I've also been told by residents that this courtesy hasn't be reciprocated by my democratic opponents.  In fact, I received a complaint about it today.  A lady told me a democratic candidate came to her door stating the republicans won't be knocking on doors, her reply to him was to the extend of, "they were already here, I met them."  To me those kind of statements just create division that doesn't do anyone good.

Truthfully, that stuff is not important to me, but what is, is doing a good job, taking the time to listen to people and getting the job done.  I don't walk with a list, there's nothing strategic or calculating about; I go to each and every house regardless of what party they subscribe to.

I hope you enjoy the day-to-day campaigning updates, feedback and what's really on the minds of residents in this town.  There are a lot of people who drop by this site daily, but I appreciate those I met today who say they enjoy reading this blog. Thanks!

If we haven't knocked on your door yet,  we will!  
Check us out in next week's Town Talk!

VOTE Tuesday, November 8th

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  1. A guy knocks on my door at 10 am, says how can I help, I say I got Tedman's vote.

    I would tell Media to do the same thing.