Sunday, October 16, 2011

Speed bumps, the Hampton Inn and Media's Southern precinct

Going door-to-door on a Sunday with the Eagles playing doesn't produce a whole lot of lively conversation, but today sure was different.  I was able to spend a few hours with the residents in the southern precinct to see what was on their minds and what can be done to make that side of town better.

To this day, there is still displeasure towards the coming of the Hampton Inn.  In fact, being down by Jefferson and Providence Road, you get a good perspective of what a hotel will mean for the aesthetics and traffic change for that section of town.  On paper it may have not been much, but dropping this from six stories to four is a major improvement and one I'm glad we took the time to fight for.  I completely understand the concern of the people whose homes will be in the shadow of this new facility.

The recent condo development slated for Edgmont and Jefferson is another issue on people's mind.  "Why is the borough bringing these condo's in?" was a statement I heard more than once and yet another important  issue worth addressing this year.  Much like the Hampton Inn, it's the obligation of borough council and the candidates to represent the residents FIRST!

I went on to ask them what they thought of the speed bumps, but came to learn that most residents don't think they work at all and would rather have them paved over once the new Aqua street work is done.  One resident had me observe that vehicles don't even slow down when they go over them. They were right! I was happy to report that CMAQ will finally be finished after a decade long delay.  It won't resolve the issues on Jefferson St., but it should help with traffic that spills over from Baltimore Pike.

I don't knock on just specific doors, I knock on EVERY door.

Thanks for your time, feedback and inviting me in to your homes. I greatly appreciate the support.

Tedman O'Hara


  1. Living on Jefferson Street, I agree about the speed bumps. I hope something is done about the traffic.

  2. I do feel for anyone living on Jefferson Street who is experiencing overflow from vehicles bypassing busy Baltimore Pike. Gone are the days of a quick route in and out of town. Limiting development seems like a narrow view. Let’s encourage more people to use SEPTA, bikes and other modes of transportation when possible.

    1. I'd love to ride my bike to work except Baltimore Pike has no bike lane. Route 320 has no bike lane. Plush Mill Road has a narrow bridge that can barely accommodate 2 cars. It's ardeath trap for pedestrians and cyclists. We don't currently have safe infrastructure for local walking and biking. In fact, I know a lot of people here who will not bike at all because it's not safe: narrow roads, no shoulder, no bike lane, no rec paths.

  3. Why are condos being built in Media? Isn't this still a suburb? Or have we become an extension of center city Philadelphia?

  4. The speed bumps were put in at the REQUEST of residents!

  5. The condos are behind McDonalds, next to a school on one side and a Condo building on the other side, and across the street is an apartment building. Seems like the perfect place for a condo.

  6. condos are condos - in a suburb town, they're unnecessary. you want a condo? go back to the city. media is crowded enough, we don't need to be stuffed to the gills.

  7. Bunch of whining cry babys... you want a robust economy but not willing to comprimise to acheive it... it's not wonder our country is in the state it's in.. me me me me me!

  8. When I saw surveyors at that site, I hoped they were preparing to re-engineer the intersection of Jefferson, Providence, and Beatty, which we need.

    But what's the Hampton Inn for? Travelers on 476?

    I support speed bumps on Jefferson because I watch cars speed, fail to slow down or stop at the intersections, etc.