Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Congratulations to Media Borough Council Winners

Having been an unsuccessful candidate for this year's Media Borough Council, I wanted to congratulate yesterday's winners: Brian Hall, Paul Robinson and Kent Davidson.  I wish them the best of luck over the next four years.

Campaigning for any office is a tough business and I have the utmost respect for people who sacrifice their time and energy for Media.

I hope to see you around town.



  1. Tedman,

    Your graciousness is appreciated and I believe your efforts did not go unnoticed. Alignment with respected individuals will go a long way for any candidate. You, and many of your supporters may feel differently but I think you would have been better served with different associations. Best of luck in the future.

    -anonymous voter

  2. Tedman-

    Actually, you were in fact a very successful candidate...although your team didn't win; there's a distinction. We'll look forward to next time.... Hope to see you in some meetings.

    Best wishes to you, and thanks to all who serve.