Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Unofficial Results for Media Borough Council - Media Democrats Sweep

Brian Hall: 728
Paul Robinson: 714
Kent Davidson: 701
Pete Alyanakian: 377
Tedman O'Hara: 356
Toni Cavanagh-DiMonte: 336                                  


  1. Brendan O'RiordanNovember 8, 2011 at 10:20 PM


    How many eligible voters reside in Media Borough?

    The total above is 3,212 votes cast for council.

    According to 2010 census data I found online, there are 4,587 people aged 18 and over in Media Borough. It is not likely all of them are eligible to vote, but assuming they are, that means 70% of eligible voters cast votes.

    That's an impressive number.


  2. I wish the new council members the best. Maybe we can finally get a MayDay parade around here.

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  4. As a Media Borough Resident (and born and raised here), all I can say is we are blessed that this town has been turned around and created! Used to be a 5 and 10 and a Thriftway. I am truly blessed to live in a great town. Whomever the new leadership is, put us first...the folks in "your town Media"! Paulette

  5. Glad to see our friend Steve keeping it classy. I hope this is not representative of the sentiment coming from the Media Republican camp.

  6. Apparently it's not Everybody's Hometown after all. Keep pulling the 'D' lever and you'll chase the final 30% or less of the sane people out of town.

    It's too bad, I like Media and all it has to offer, but the people here are very backwards, and ironically, not very progressive. I am not looking forward to all the Obama yard signs that all the semi useful idiots plaster all over their lawns and think it is somehow a sign of intellect and compassion.

    I have only lived here several years, and Media is overrated and the people are a huge disappointment.

  7. Hi Anonymous just like the conservatives say you're free to leave America at any time, but you don't. Do us a favor and back up your words.

  8. Tedman: You lost to the Democrats in the election, but you are still an asset to the Borough of Media.

    Please, keep your blog going--I want to hear from you on all the issues going forward.

  9. Ted, you're a great guy. I am sorry to see such negativity being posted on your blog. I do have to say that the Republican campaign was not helpful to your cause. As someone who was not born and raised in Media, I did not need to be told that my opinions are not worth being represented on Council. I also found the lack of explanation for relevant criticisms of particular issues (such as the non-resolution of ownership of the 3rd St. Dam) problematic. Finally, regardless of the claim of bi-partisanship, the town simply did not like the way Pete wrestled himself into the President role on council. It's not just about party, it's about how you conduct yourself in office and how you treat the public in your campaign. Every year the Republican campaign saddens me - I want to be able to support more party diversity in Council, but I just haven't been able to because of the way the Republicans have presented themselves.

    Media IS a great town. And Ted, you help it to be. Good luck in whatever you do next in politics.

  10. Single party domination is not good at any level of government. To be blunt, yesterday's outcome is not good for Media. O'hara would have helped this town. We can now look forward to decisions based on protecting and expanding power rather than the good of media.

  11. To Brendan,

    I think the numbers need to be divided by 3 because each voter could vote for three candidates. Using the numbers above, there was about 1,070 votes cast or approximately 23% voter turnout. I suppose it's possible that some voters picked only one or two candidates instead of three. Maybe some voters omitted the borough election from their vote and focused their attention on the school board or county positions.

  12. Brendan O'RiordanNovember 10, 2011 at 5:25 PM

    You're absolutely right anonymous (9:36 AM). I completely overlooked the fact that people could vote for three candidates. Here I thought many people were engaged in the voting process. Instead of 70% turnout, a best case scenario is 23%. Sigh...