Thursday, December 22, 2011

Foul Smell on E. Baker Street

While walking to purchase stamps at the Media post office (Yes, people still buy stamps), I noticed a foul smell emanating at the corner of E. Baker and Monroe.  It was so bad I had to ask someone what was going on.

I swung over to County Beverage and asked someone standing outside.  He went on to tell me that every so often this problem occurs due to spillage from the Iron Hill trash bins.  From what I learned, Iron Hill usually cleans this up, but it's gotten to the point that the borough was recently notified to do something about it.  

Corner of E. Baker and Monroe St.

E. Baker St looking West

From the pictures you can see the leakage running down the Street, so you can just imagine the smell.  For businesses in close proximity, it's a big deal as they've not only complained about it, but have had to close windows and doors due to the problem.

Having eaten at Iron Hill many times and knowing their commitment to the community with the events they host; I'm sure they'll get this straightened out.


  1. Maybe someone should rub thier noses in are actually speculating that this will be taken care of becaue you believe they have a commitment to the community??? I have to laugh! I beleive communication and subsequent fines would work better.

  2. It's the runoff from their brewery... they should be fined for dumping into the sewers, (which is illegal). This has been going on for over 10 years now.

    Farmers also dump the hops right onto the back sidewalk, no containers or feed sacks... Nasty!

  3. Brewing doesn't create "runoff", sorry. This is a collection of loose juices and poor liquid disposal that turns nasty when oxidized and left to ferment. Occurs at all eateries, but they should definitely be better about keeping it in check. You say fines, but then you'd open the can of "fine every place that has a stinky garbage". A proper warning and new employee training would help them better sort this out in the future. The issue with employing that many people is that you'll always get the few that refuse to properly handle garbage.

  4. Bullshit this is brewery run off these morons clean the filters out on the back of baker street(not out front on state st ) or whatever else you call the by product of brewery run off --- all the yeast hops ect. then they try to pour bleach on it to fight the oder and it ALL goes down the sewer which feeds right into the ridley creek water shed. way to go iron hill great commitment to the boro.

  5. Morons. The only 'runoff' to brewing is gas, which is contained with an airlock. Keep trying, dopes!

  6. Then what are the filters they were hosing down on BAKER street yesterday? The IRON HILL EMPLOYEES said they were the filters from the fermenting process. So it may not be "runoff" but it sure is some foul smelling byproduct of brewing.
    This is nothing new i still wonder what is coming out of the pipe next to the down spout on the back of the building every once in a while some liquid flows out of it right into the gutter down baker street onto monroe and into the sewer. Check it out bottom of the left side of the back of the building facing state street hidden next to the down spout.