Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Septa's Media/Elwyn Line and Real Time alerts/schedules

Media.patch.com had a great story today on Septa's Media/Elwyn line (aka, the R3 Line).  What came out of that article entailed schedule changes for the Angora and 49th Street area which will now become flag stops.  Basically, you'll have to notify the conductor if you want to stop at either two locations.  In addition, if you'll need to signal the engineer to stop should you be awaiting the train.

What I also found newsworthy was Septa now provides updates via twitter.  Not just the whole Septa system, but for individual lines.  For the Media/Elwyn Line: @septa_elw  For the Media 101 Trolley: @septa_trl_101.
 If you take the train like I do, this may come in handy one day.  (I've also included this account on the twitter feed on the right side of this page). For those using other Septa lines, you can choose from a list on their site: http://www.septa.org/alert/twitter.html

Lastly, I've used this for years and it's one of the most useful apps/sites I know of.  It's an online Septa schedule made for smart phones.   It's called iSepta.org and works quite well.  Go to the site, select your beginning and ending destination, bookmark it, and your set.

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