Sunday, January 22, 2012

Media Boro Council Rewards Poor Performance: reappoints MBA Liason Eric Stein who missed half the meetings in 2011

Many people in town aren't very familiar with the Media Business Authority and what its purpose is. They know it's involved with the local businesses and events in town, but may not realize how vital it is to the vibrancy and economic well being of Media.

Media Business Authority Mission Statement:
"The mission of the Media Business Authority is to encourage economic growth, improve positive visual impact, sustain and nurture business development, and help increase Media business patronage through activities and programs that enhance the community quality of life, while maintaining an open line of communication with business owners, citizens, and local government."
Unfortunately, the MBA has had a revolving door of appointed volunteers who have diligently given a lot to this effort, and still do;  but continue to move on or resign.  Both observers and former members have been quite outspoken about the problems claiming the dysfunction and lack of cooperation have been the main reasons for their departures.

Media Borough Councilman, Eric Stein
Their issues seem to be substantiated.  Based on the 2011 meeting minutes,  Borough council liaison, Eric Stein only attended half of the meetings in 2011.  In addition, he was absent a quarter of the year by missing meetings in October, November and December.  Oddly, Council President Brian Hall and Borough Council thought this was acceptable and recently (Jan 2012) re-appointed Councilman Stein as liaison. With borough council made up of all democrats, these types of decisions will be made with impunity.

Last week Councilman, Kent Davidson stated he would not consider re-appointments to this committee based on prior poor attendance.   He was right and followed through by voting against a few reappointments, but what about Eric Stein who has an attendance record of 50%?

Under section 8 of the the committee's bylaws, missing 3 consecutive meetings would prompt the board to remove Board members. How is the Board held to a standard when the liaison is not?  Councilman Stein even stated last week that the MBA is not a trivial group and that attendance needs to be addressed?  Did he mean his?

As liaison, Eric Stein should help set the tone, expectation and direction for the MBA.  As an elected official, showing up half the time shows a total disregard for the people who are appointed to this committee.  If the dysfunction stems from the lack of commitment and leadership from the liaison, then it's not too hard to understand why there's such a high Board turnover.


  1. You won't find this kind of news over at "The People's Propaganda"!

  2. The MBA should be disbanded! If Eric Stein and Council don't care, why should anyone else? He's not very well prepared when he comes anyway. The problem being that this authority flounders year to year and chews up almost $80,000 annually.

    Seriously though, there have been many good intentioned people with the business acumen to make this group worthwhile and a lot more effective than it is. Unfortunately, they succumbed to the attrition of bureaucracy and political agendas. Ever been to a meeting? I'm told some businesses are purposely excluded. Could there possibly be anyone left in town who would consider the MBA?...they've all come and gone.

  3. Maybe Dr. Eric Stein is too smart for the Media Business Authority. Actually, he is so brilliant that I doubt there is anyone in the whole town of Media smarter Dr. Stein. We're all beneath him and lack the intelligence to even converse with the man.

  4. He's so smart, he's above the title of 'Councilman'.