Sunday, February 19, 2012

A growing interest in having a 5k race in Media.

There's no doubt that the Media 5 Miler draws a large amount of people to the borough to run in this race.  In fact, it sells out early.   There's also not doubt that this creates a great time not just for the runners but for the participants and party goers too.  In fact, the social aspect of the run may be bigger than the run itself.....they're both good things.

Should Media consider a 2nd race each year?
As the popularity of this run grows, so does the interest of having a second run in the borough.  Perhaps not as big as the Media 5 miler, but more along the lines of a 5k which are very popular in today's running world.   The other benefit of this idea is the fundraising ability it can provide.   The one that may be proposed by a Media resident is aimed at helping mental illness.  Details are still in the developmental stages, but this person has been formally trained in running these events and has ample enthusiasm towards making it a win-win for everyone.

Now, this hasn't been the first time a secondary race in Media has been proposed.  In fact, a year or two ago one was considered but I believe turned down by the borough.   One of the big concerns has always been the need to close down the streets to host this event.  Also, to a lesser extent, the cost for police, setup and clean-up have been concerns.

I think it's a good idea and with enough planning and support may be a welcomed addition to the Media 5 miler, especially if the race was held in the Fall.   I would expect more development on this later this year with a proposal submitted to the borough for a race sometime in 2013.


  1. I know 3 of us that would be in....

  2. I'm all for it and would sign up on day one. You could certainly shut down less of Media with a shorter race, and then have events on State Street afterward to support local businesses.

  3. $38,000 was donated from the 2011 Media 5 Mile Race to multiple local non-profit organizations that provide services to Media Borough and Media area residents. visit for facts on the race, support of businesses and thanks for community spirit.
    note: I use anonymous as I do not have google, aim or other account options listed in your list.