Friday, February 24, 2012

How do I get a job at Spasso's Restaurant?

Media Patch reports that Spasso's will be opening sometime this March. Based on the recent work being done to the building, it looks like they are finishing up the final details and will be on schedule for the grand opening.  Let's hope so, as people are tremendously excited to eat at this restaurant. 
Over the last few weeks I've been receiving a noticeable amount of traffic to this site looking for information on how to get a job with Spasso's.  It's not just this restaurant in particular, but whenever a new eatery is about to open, searches spike for employment to these establishments.

A couple things:  
  1. I'm not sure what the process of employment is a Spasso's.  I would suggest maybe knocking on their door during business hours to see if management is there.  If I hear something, I'll post it.  
  2. Speaking of employment, I did see a sign on the window of Picasso's looking for a bartender and wait staff.  This was a week ago, so I'm not sure if that's changed.  
  3. The Media Business Authority should take a more proactive roll in the needs of employers and employee's.  I'm not sure if they have a weekly/monthly listing of available jobs or positions employers are looking for, but they should.  I know the employers do it through their own means (website post, flyer, sign on door) but it may be helpful to the community to follow up on doing a job bank.  This would not only include jobs but maybe volunteer opportunities.  I know the Media Theatre often has volunteer positions residents might like to participate in.  A lot of these opportunities go unfilled because people just don't know about them.  Again, there may be a local job board for these typse of position, but I'd like to help with it.  Getting a job can mean the world to someone.

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  1. They told me to send them a resume to them at the Philly location & they'll be open "soon".